ocean and time shackle of the keeper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: YA Fantasy

ocean and time: shackle of the keeper:- blistering, searing new fantasy novel blurs lines between dreams, reality and evil

masterfully crafted by andrew sorensen, 'shackle of the keeper', volume one of the 'ocean and time' series, takes readers deep into the fantasy genre and into a world where dreams only exist as reality. the most powerful elements known to dream-kind, the jewel of the ocean, is about to either grant the world the paradise it craves or release the evil dead so wickedness can run rampant. it's time to join a band of fearless friends for the adventure...if anyone dares...

for immediate release
british columbia - while nobody will deny the fantasy genre's timeless appeal and popularity, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly-unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the same-old concepts. thankfully, canada's andrew sorensen is stepping up to the plate with gusto.
his 'ocean and time' series throws the literary rulebook out of the window. volume one 'shackle of the keeper', introduces readers to a world where dreaming is very much as real and a part of life as actually living. in fact, the lines between the two are about to become so blurred that dream-kind may be the only group of people with any hope in hell of saving humanity.
"i saw this is a very unique writing project," explains the author. "my goal from the outset was to retain all of the hallmarks of fantasy fiction that readers crave, while tossing the stagnant clichés and stereotypes away to replace them with bold and progressive new concepts that are totally unique in the marketplace. i suppose my plan is to create an entirely new chapter for fantasy fiction that, paradoxically, is close to the real world."

Table of Contents

In which they are Captured

Night Mares; the unholy breed of inhuman savages had returned to Theodoris. They had returned to pillage her villages, to ... Read Chapter

A Dream and a Quintop

Silverious packed a rucksack. The journey would be long and demanding. He needed to be sure they had ample provisions. Versillies wa... Read Chapter

Message from the Keeper

“We should have no more problems in these woods. Tyrodousts are extraordinarily loyal creatures; we spared its life, so it is fore... Read Chapter

The Protector and the Vamash

It took seven days to meander through the dense woods; seven days of non-stop nitpicking between Zural and the Great Prophet. ... Read Chapter

Once Upon a Memory

“She is rather cute, don’t you think?” the Great Prophet pondered as he cooked some eggs over the fire. Hootaka Village was be... Read Chapter

The Secret Alliance

It was not news to the upper-world that Cocomal, Flomoshia’s valiant defender, had gone senile. He had taken living as an emperor ... Read Chapter

The Rightful Queen

“Silverious, my brother, you have returned.” The Great Prophet hugged him like he’d never hugged anyone before. “G... Read Chapter

Dreams of the Jewel

Versillies was asleep in the glass castle. Zural and Levive were playfully sparring. Trané and the Great Prophet Alsalzar were holding h... Read Chapter

Theodore's Desire

“Levive, Zural, I could never ask you to follow me where I must go,” Silverious stated mournfully. “I will follow you to death,... Read Chapter

Battle for Sanity

  The war had begun. Silverious bombarded Hootaka with two hundred fighting men. The Mares were caught off guard, but... Read Chapter

Cocomal Returns

When Cocomal learned that Silverious had taken the Village of Hootaka, it barely affected him. When he learned that his two sons had... Read Chapter

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