The Last Poem

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The Last Poem

Every now and then
my mind never forgot to reminisce
enveloped with so much feelings
that no exact word can describe
Maybe a little sting?
A nightmare
but a beautiful one.

I always enjoyed
the time we'd spent
the midnight talks
from dusk to dawn
under the lucid night sky
and unceasingly mesmerized
with those tiny, little, sparkling stars
But I never knew 
that milky way would be that beautiful
and fascinating
not until I watched it with you.

It was such a bliss!
overlooking a starry night sea
the smooth breeze crawling over my body,
it's gentle nudge on my face,
a soft caress through my hair,
the sound of the waves, 
like a melody in my ears
and with you at my side
having no idea
how the clock lingered and fleet
at the same time.

We've seen different scenery
it may be the splendid night sky
the calmness of sea,
the rainbows and twilight
but those reveals
the sadness that you hide
it's where I've heard
the scream of you heart
the madness in your mind
and the pain that fastened in your eyes.
I badly wanted to be there.
I stayed
Until I can't anymore.

All we had was a bittersweet story
like a jigsaw puzzle
with a missing piece on it.
A rhythm without lyrics
that you can't call a song.
A voyage
without a destination.
It was genuine
but forbidden.
A serendipity that lacks of meaning
An almost
But never was.

I am damaged
by something that's not supposed
to broke me.
removed the wall
that I built to protect myself
yet tried once again.
and wholly place my heart in the line,
But that one more time
scarred me the most
harmed at it's finest
and left a subtle numbness inside.

and bruised
I've dauntlessly written the last poem
not meant to put the pen down
but write a new one.
To choose what is right
over what's our heart's desire
To unlearn that loving someone
means fighting for them
and learn that only an unconditional love
will be strong enough to let go.
and I could do this much
I Loved You.

Submitted: April 28, 2020

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