An Alliance to Happiness Part-2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ragini and Sweta work in the same MNC. They have a lesbian relationship that they don't want to give up at any cost. Suddenly, Sachin appears in the life of Ragini. They both develop a special relationship, sharing a bed as often as they can. Sweta doesn't have an objection to their special relationship. And they continue having an unusual alliance.

Ragini and Sweta continue their relationship that provides emotional wellbeing and happiness to both.

After a year or so, a debonair young man, named Sachin, joins as Manager Finance in the same MNC. From the beginning, Sachin and Ragini get on well with each other. They have to work together on main financial matters of the company. That is why they share the same office cabin.

As a large chunk of their office time is spent together, Sachin develops a liking for her. He is also well aware of the friendship of Ragini and Sweta, but he doesn’t know that their relationship is much more than friendship.

One day, he invites Ragini to a dinner on the forthcoming Sunday. She doesn’t jump at it at once but tells that she would let him know as she is busy on that day. Actually, she didn’t want to accept the invitation without the consent of Sweta. On their way back home, Ragini tells her that Sachin seems to have developed a special interest in her and, therefore, has invited her to a dinner.

Sweta tells her teasingly: “Sweetie, go ahead and accept the invitation.”

So next day, Ragini tells Sachin: Sir, we can go for the dinner on Sunday.”

When she gives her consent to invitation, Sachin’s happiness knows no bounds. He eagerly waits for the dinner on Sunday. He takes her to a nice restaurant and treats her to a lavish dinner. He notices that she eats frugally.

He asks: “What’s the matter, Ragini? Aren’t you enjoying? Don’t you like the food?”

She replies bashfully: “No, it’s nothing like that. I am a bit weight conscious. Since I became friends with Sweta, I have become careful about my weight. She is a fitness buff. She has also made me one. We do workout together in the morning. In the beginning, I wasn’t so careful but she has egged me on to be careful. So don’t mind my eating frugally.”

He asks: “Ragini, I am also a fitness enthusiast. I have a small home gym, where I do workout daily. We have something common at least. Do you take hard drinks?”

She answers: “I take occasionally but I won’t take any today.”

After the dinner, they leave and Sachin drops her at her place. She doesn’t forget to thank him for a wonderful dinner before entering the house.

Six months later, Sachin informs: “Ragini, I am going to attend an important meeting of our company in Cuba. I have proposed your name to the higher authorities to accompany me to Cuba. Since the meeting is mainly about financial matters, you will be of great help to me because you are well conversant with the financial matters of the company. I am sure your name will be approved.”

Ragini feels excited as this will be her first trip abroad. Of late, she has started liking Sachin. That’s why she thinks it would be an exciting trip. She looks forward to making the trip. Luckily, Sachin’s recommendation has been accepted by the superior authorities and they both will go together. She can’t wait to inform Sweta about it and rushes to her office to break the news. Sweta is also happy to learn about it.

When they reach home, first of all Ragini breaks the news to the mother. Ragini’s ebullience is visible throughout evening.

After dinner, both go to their room. They do some chitchatting. Ragini gets up and plays a blue movie in the CD player. They watch it for some time. Suddenly, Ragini plants a passionate kiss on the lips of Sweta.

They keep kissing for a long time. Then they remove their clothes, and begin tenderly caressing each other’s bodies. They are overtaken by sexual excitement and start touching their pussies. Their hands keep stroking them tenderly heightening the sexual tension. One by one they begin licking the pussies with tongues, bringing the other to a shattering orgasm. Thereafter, they fall into each other’s arms and hug enjoying the glow of pleasure. After a while, they drift off into a relaxing deep sleep, while hugging each other.

The lucky day comes when Sachin and Ragini has to leave for Havana. They take a flight to Havana. It’s a tiring journey. They have a halt at Havana for a day and next day take a flight to Santiago de Cuba, where they will have a round of meetings with the local counterparts.

They check in into a five-star hotel for stay. Ragini prefers to stay in a separate room but they take adjoining rooms for the sake of convenience. They go to their respective rooms to take rest as they are tired to the bone.

Ragini takes a long warm bath and afterwards lies down in bed. She doesn’t know when she drifts off into a deep sleep. They meet again to have dinner in the restaurant in the same hotel.

Ragini suggests: “Sachin, let’s have a little drink before dinner. I will prefer a brand of Bacardi, which is also manufactured by our company. I will go for Mojito with Bacardi rum. What will you like to have?”

Sachin tells: “I will prefer a little Bacardi Cocktail.”

He orders the same as preferred. They sip their drinks slowly relishing every sip. After a while, when they loosen up a bit, Sachin suddenly asks her permission to say something to which Ragini readily agrees.

He tells haltingly: “Ragini, I have fallen in love with you. I don’t know what your feelings for me are. Excuse my boldness for expressing emotions so quickly but I couldn’t help it.”

She muses for a while and tells: “Sachin, I like you very much. I don’t know if it’s love. I didn’t tell you that I had married a man well known to me who ditched me after six months of marriage, leaving me forever. This had shattered me emotionally. I had overcome it with difficulty. Since then I have become somewhat wary of close relationship with men. Whenever I will have special feeling for, you won’t hesitate to tell.”

Though the tension is palpable in the atmosphere, they enjoy their drinks. Sachin asks if she would like more drink. She agrees. They have couple of more drinks, which influences them. As a consequence, they can’t keep the count of the drinks under its influence. Finally, they get drunk and decide to leave, unsteadily going to the room.

Next morning, Ragini gets up with a splitting headache and tries to adjust to the surroundings. She finds herself in Sachin’s bed though both are fully dressed.

She loses temper and shouts: “Sachin, what the hell are you doing in my bed?”

He gets up, looking around and says: “Ragini, it’s my room. I don’t know how it’s happened that we are in the same room. Probably, we were badly drunk.”

Ragini calms down and leaves to go to her room. She asks: “What time do we have to go for the meeting.”

Sachin tells: “We will go at 11.00 AM. We will have breakfast at 10.00 AM in the restaurant and then leave for the meeting from there. So come prepared for it.”

After going to the room, she takes a pain killer and lies down in bed. About half-an-hour later, she gets up to go to the bath room. She takes a warm bath that removes her hangover. At 10 O’clock, she is at the breakfast table waiting for Sachin. He also arrives soon. They have nice breakfast and leave for the meeting. There is, in fact, a number of meeting one after the other.

At the sea beach -

They come back about 2.30 PM and have a lunch. At the lunch, they decide to go to a famous beach - Playa La Estella - around 5.00 PM. It is a tiny strand of brownish sand very close to El Morro Castle.

There is small crowd of locals and few foreigners. They keep walking slowly in the brown sand; the cool sea breeze touches them sensually. While walking, they hold each other’s hand. They keep holding as it gives them a kind of emotional joy. After some time, they sit on a bench with their bodies very close to each other. They keep holding the hands. The environment suffuses them with sensuality so much that they kiss on the lips. They are unable to control themselves; their kisses become lingering and passionate leading to necking. They continue for a long time savoring the wonderful pleasure. Abruptly, they disengage to leave for the hotel.

Both go to their rooms, promising to meet again for dinner. But they agree to have some drinks before it in the hotel bar. They reach the bar on time. They promise each other not to go over-board like last time.

After two drinks each, they decide to go for dinner. They eat frugally as it’s their habit. Afterwards, they go to Sachin’s room and fall down on the bed. They embrace and start kissing and necking with increasing intensity for a long time. Then they remove their clothes and see each other naked for the first time.

Sachin can’t resist commenting: “Ragini, what a great body you have! It will make even the sanest man go crazy for you.” Hugging her tightly, he keeps saying – I love you, Ragini……!

He begins kissing her all over and finally reaching between the legs, he licks her pussy tenderly bringing her to a crescendo of excitement. At the same time, she keeps stroking his cock. Then Sachin enters her, initially moving slowly and deliberately. But he gradually ups the movements increasing the crescendo of pleasure. They suddenly reach the orgasm together. It’s is a wonderful feeling that they can’t put into words. They lie in each other’s arms, savoring the indescribable pleasure.

They spend the whole night together savoring more sexual pleasure. They fall off to sleep early in the morning and wake up around 10.00 AM. They kiss a few times before leaving the bed. They decide to get ready for the breakfast. Ragini goes to her room to have a bath and a change of clothes to get ready.

They spend the morning and afternoon shopping for their near and dear ones since they have a flight back to India in the late evening.

On the flight back home, Ragini tells: “Dear Sachin, I really enjoyed having sex with you though I didn’t enjoy it with my ex-husband. My relationship with Sweta has a special value because it gives me happiness; I hope our special relationship will not affect my relationship with Sweta since I love her deeply. I am sure she would understand what has happened between us. As I don’t hide anything from her, I will tell her about us.”

Sachin asks with seriousness: “Ragini, what about our relationship since I love you very much?”

Ragini replies: “I am sure Sweta won’t object to our relationship.”

And the three lives keep moving with time in an unusual alliance.

Submitted: April 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dr. Pran Rangan. All rights reserved.

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