Arterial Word Drops

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of poems and thoughts about life, love, and what's next.

Table of Contents

my advice

It was during his winter and before his expiration When he bade me to come sit beside him. In between the sounds of a life, enfor... Read Chapter

I Want Magic

I taste coffee on your mouth And I like it,  But I'm looking for magic.  I hear your breath,  And feel it ... Read Chapter

paying the bill

Yesterday's music, tomorrow's hopes, While today I sit and pay bills.  Memories and responsibilities,  The rusting ... Read Chapter

When She Grows Up

Alone she will walk, when it's time,  Without my hand to guide her,  Without my name.  It's nothing special, y... Read Chapter

Running In Circles

This is not a love story.    Shadows lean on memories And offer a taste of a new future.  A different one.... Read Chapter

She's Not The One

Empty bed, No one home, Battery dead, All alone  Again.   Empty smile, Pasted on my face. So ma... Read Chapter

To Seek and to Lose

I miss her,  In the spirit of missing. I loved her,  In a way, But it was a love that I can't say Would las... Read Chapter

A Trilogy, Part Two

She awakened me, Then without looking back  She had forsaken me.  Even now, years later,  She's still brea... Read Chapter

No, Again

Canvas on the easel, half complete.  Surrendered ambition,  Restless indecision, A disorganized retreat. Brushe... Read Chapter

Should I?

If it goes from left to right Will it make me sleep better tonight? Or if it just goes away  I wonder, Will they say... Read Chapter

Present, Past, Future

I figured out a way  To pass through the tunnel and into the shade Where yesterday still pops with potential And where i... Read Chapter

Joy and Fate

Joy and fate.  The two don't always live  Together.  Love and anger.  There's always rain  A... Read Chapter


I built the cage around the bird, An error of category and not degree. I clipped its wings but called it free. A painful alle... Read Chapter


After the burn I learned it was mine to give, And with each turn I took, I became more convinced That if I wanted to live... Read Chapter

My Nightmare

I was younger when the nightmares started to come. It started with one. Hands grabbing, sounds banging, bells clanging, clothes s... Read Chapter

The Empty Chalice

A nickel plucked from the dollar tree, A penny begged from her hand. A thought of a future, her and me, That she'll never und... Read Chapter

I Was Rich

I looked into the looking glass Empty days  Empty nights I turned to look into the past Hope and dreams When the... Read Chapter


The sun and the moon had a son Into whom they poured all their love. Then one day the son declared he was one And that he did... Read Chapter

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