Talking with you is easy! But I've always found it difficult to be genuinely comfortable with others. So being open online, has been hideously painful and difficult. I've screwed up so much in our interactions recently.There isn't an excuse big enough, that justifies it. I'm sorry. But I honestly do love you!

Time lost.

(Let's not lose anymore)




To have put this all into words, 

May be, the hardest thing I've done.

As whilst it's easy to talk with you,

It won't just be read, by one.


I've got things backwards, Online yes that's true.

But I always also knew. It was still read by you.

And all the hints and cues that I got wrong, 

Not on point at times it seems,

It is because it takes a while, to make a reality, out of dreams.


To tie up loose ends, with work and the such,

But never have I ever, loved you so much.

To lessen my role, down grading the threat,

As in the past losing you, my lifes biggest regret.


Now this being done, when I changed my name.

To my own, I did make it, to show this wasn't a game.

So just ring me up and let me know where you are. 

I'll promise you this, I'll jump in the car.

And hold you forever, I'll never let go,

Just give me the chance,  please for me to show.


Priority one, you would always be.

Over time, speed and distance you are.

My life, my love you are to me.

Simply put, You're my guiding star!


So sit I will and wait for your call, the choice is up to you.

And together we'll be, to give it our all, our time will start anew. 

I'll put myself in quarantine and with you I will stay

And commitments made with work and such,

Can simply go away!!


You matter more than anyone else C!

You always have. X

Submitted: April 28, 2020

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And always will. Ny x

Tue, April 28th, 2020 9:32pm

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