Chapter 2: Shifting Perspective

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Truth #1- The Lens of Truth



Are you beginning to wonder why people you once held high regard for are suddenly showing a much more ugly personality? On the flip-side, have you seen a spike in what can only be described as “wholesome behavior” and “random” acts of kindness? There is nothing random about it, as these acts are the result of vulnerability. When trouble pins our backs to the wall, our real personalities come out, for better or worse. The ability to see the true nature of things-that's the Lord's vision; a vision by which we see things through his eyes and see the true nature of not just people, but the world. The news, which has fed us distorted truths from its conception, is showing its true colors by spreading lies and leaving out information about survivors and focusing solely on mortality rates. Survival stories keep hope alive, so why exclude them? Jesus' story reached every hurting human being, and His was more than a survival story. It was a REVIVAL story. A story that clears our vision as we can take on a lens of truth. This metaphorical lens brings us to a place of truth and reality, but is receivable only but faith in Him.


There is something enticing about living in a world of your own creation. Psychologically speaking, our perception and the thoughts we have create our reality. If our thoughts are deluded, however, our lens are smudged and we cannot think clearly. How then do we see the truth? How do we rightfully define God's purpose for our lives? To be deluded is to be blinded by ones own mind, and once you get in a head-space like that, it is often hard to see the truth. Your soul may try to escape but your mind prefers to stay. The experience however makes us vulnerable, and its through our vulnerabilities that we can reach out to a God who knows what is true and can guide our hearts and minds back to the surface. For he says to us, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Now that we are more susceptible to weakness, will you accept his grace and don the Lens of Truth?



Truth #2 The Digital World



Society gave birth to a digital world the moment people began social distancing. This prospect was not a new phenomenon. As families grew apart or moved away, inventions were made to keep humanity connected. We are social beings which means no matter who we are, our makeup is integrated with social needs that must be met in order to survive. These inventions made social survival more digitized, thus slowly integrating society with a new need; a technological need met whenever those inventions were utilized. The nature of both focused on convenience. With all the distractions in our lives, we tend to forget about people at times. When we remember, we might not have time to go visit them. So we can conveniently turn to our devices and meed both needs. No doubt would people lose touch more without technology. However, communication isn't all we do on our devices, and it often takes away from its intended purpose.


Technology is multi-faceted, serving more purposes than just one. Take the popular Facebook app. Facebook's sole purpose was to be a means of keeping in touch over the internet, and it's still serving that role today. But the day Facebook allowed other applications onto their site, it got a lot easier to become distracted by games that not only isolated the user, but charged them to play as well. Also, the internet in general became a breeding ground for pornography, fake news, scams, and drug marketing. Technology was exploited, and, like society, started to become unstable. Kids had to have safety locks in order to use the internet, which only roused their curiosities, and society began preferring phone time over to face to face interaction. Why is it that our communication has changed this much while God's form of communication has never changed? This age-old question can be answered in Matthew 7:7. It reads, “Ask, and it shall be open to you, seek and you will find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Asking, seeking, and knocking are all actions relating to the ways we communicate with God. Asking refers to prayer, in which God promises faithfully respond to our needs at the time he knows we are most ready to receive it, hence being “open” to us. Seeking refers to studying the scripture in order to understand his Word, as His Word is the best way we communicate with Him. Sometimes our hearts aren't ready to receive Jesus. Knocking acknowledges His presence in every waking moment.

Just like the bible paves the way for open communication with a loving and just God, constructive human interaction too gets its roots from the Gospel. “Honor thy Father and Mother”. This simple teaching was passed down as part of the Ten Commandments, and was revered by all, even those who don't believe in God. That is why most parents teach their kids respect. This commandment was not just about teaching obedience to parental figures, but also taught about respecting others. How is it that so many have no communication with God? Like technology, we have free access to His gracious love and heavenly wisdom whenever we want. All one has to do to reach him is ask for forgiveness and seek Him in His Word. But we can easily see a separation based on how the two operate. Technology is instant access most of the time, getting us answers right away. But God reveals answers when he knows it is right time for us to receive it. The nature of our technology has integrated us with a instant gratification mindset. Slow and steady is not often seen as the preferred lifestyle of choice like it once was, and in order to trust in God we have to return to that mentality. When a seed is planted, only over time does it start to grow, just like faith. Trusting in God takes time, and God knows we struggle with instant gratification. He promises us to hold on to our faith. In the bible He says“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding.” Things that seem unconfortable to us may be God's way of challenging us to rise above instant gratification and find new hope in trusting Him.



Truth #3-Appearances are Deceiving



Have you ever peeled back an onion? If so, try counting how many layers are underneath the skin. Just like an onion, we too have layers upon layers beneath our skin. We hold secrets we don't want others to know about us. For an onion, layers protect it instead of covering it up. Its common to make mistakes because we all have character flaws. But it is when we choose not to move past those flaws to a place of renewal that we subconciously cover ourselves up in a facade of progress, masking our flaws instead of expressing our true selves; the people God designed us to be. My flaw, for example, is my trust issues. If it came down to it, I would constantly ask myself, “Can I really trust this person?”. But instead of learning discernment using God's lens of truth, I masked my flaws and biases by putting all of my trust in the world. That way, I'd eventually find something worth holding on to. Nobody knew how I would secretly judge them by their loyalty. More and more layers formed as I was abandoned by friends and forced into isolation. When we're depressed, we often put a smile on. But happy face is different than a positive attitude, and the only thing separating me from showing it was my mask. You see, we were naturally meant to live a joyful existance. Anything that detracts from that is a false reality.


I mentioned earlier about discernment but what exactly is it? According to the scripture, discernment of the truth starts with the Holy Spirit. Since it is defined as the ability to judge, it makes sense that the Spirit of God blesses us with this gift since God is judge over all mankind. How cool is it that God gives his people the ability to judge justly just like Him? When the Holy Spirit's wisdom fills us with discernment, we can be good stewards and change lives! This allows us to escape our own facades and false realities and be ourselves, shining as examples for what it means to live according to God. Those whose masks don't come off must be let go, or simply prayed for. This discernment only works if you are vulnerable, as distrust towards the Lord will only blind you.


When we choose to peel away our layers, we allow our minds to be transformed so God may reveal the truth in ourselves, our lives, and others. But some put masks on just so they can blend in with the rest of the world. After all, nobody wants to be the odd one out. But scripture says clearly in Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then, you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Submitted: May 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Joshua White. All rights reserved.


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