Krystal and Meesha's reunion meeting the Monroes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Review Chain

Krystal and Meesha are finally reunioned after 700 years it has been a long wait

Table of Contents

Chapter 3

Little one being a pet does not go well.
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Chapter 6

A change of circumstances.
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Chapter 7

Convincing Vincent to leave
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Chapter 8

This Chapter is longer than the others. Saving Niah.
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Chapter 9

Spending time with Niah
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Chapter 12

  Chapter Twelve   Niah woke with a start she heard what sounded like a gunshot then the door banging closed and... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Vincent and Lorna arrive
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Chapter 15

      Chapter fifteen   Meesha stepped up to Brandon; he was the only one that she reall... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

      Chapter Sixteen “Noon says that is all he needs is Meesha as a mother in law.” Everyone... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

This is a short Chapter.
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Chapter 18

At Gaylords and Aimee's travel home
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Chapter 20

      Chapter 20   “Oh ok then.” Aimee stood heading to Tim’s surgery when she got th... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

      Chapter 21 Jemma went about cleaning all she could and packing what she could while Tim sor... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Gaylords parents up to their old tricks.
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Chapter 23

Arriving at Lorna's fathers place.
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Chapter 24

Brandon has a talk to Phil
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Chapter 25

Noons children come to see him.
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Chapter 26

Giving Phil a quiet house
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Chapter 27

Gaylord and family arrive
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Chapter 28

      Chapter 28   Krystal flew to where Tim was thankfully they hadn’t gone too fa... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

This Chapter is a longer than the others
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Chapter 30

What happened between Sam and Phil - until after Phil is turned
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Chapter 31

In Gaylords motor home.
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Chapter 32

This can't be happening.
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Chapter 33

Chapter 33   Gaylord and Krystal came around the side of the house Vincent seeing them said. Gaylord we need a tent... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

“Don’t take it to heart son, Tim’s going mad at you, because he's mad at himself for missing it.” Vincent told him. “But I was hiding it.” Jason told his father. “You don’t understand. Tim doesn’t
miss things like that, he taught himself not too,
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Chapter 35

This is a very short chapter Jemma arrives
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Chapter 36   A couple of days later Brandon was sitting in the lounge reading although he was better he had to be careful ... Read Chapter


Chapter 38   Late that night when they reached home Dougal had Vincent and Lorna shown to their room and the room that... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 She looked up at Brandon as she realised just what he was saying, she looked really frightened, she looked from o... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Alice arrives bringing bad news
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Chapter 42

        Chapter 42   Jason took the directions out of the cat's head when he got t... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

      Chapter 43 When they arrived at Zoë’s it was chaos wereleopards everywhere Tim rolled... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

      Chapter 44 As he was heading to the surgery he saw Krystal give one of the leopard somethin... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

      Chapter 45   Tim looked around for Jason when he found him he was still with the othe... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

      Chapter 46   Tim and Krystal headed back to Zoë’s while Krystal made a new mixture... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

        Chapter 47 By the time they got back to Zoë’s it was four in the morning, Tim... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

      Chapter 48   Then she got up and went down the hallway she saw Tim then Zane la... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Chapter 49 When Brandon and Krystal went upstairs it was to hear Lorna ask Vincent. “How’s your mother?” ... Read Chapter

chapter 50

Chapter 50   Tim examined Ruby and he could feel a lump on her head looking in her eyes. He saw that they didn’t loo... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 They nodded and followed Tim, when they got to where Ruby and Tom were Tim turned to them and said. “I ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

      Chapter 52 “Then I’ll let you go, Nurse a hand please, I need to put Lewis up on the be... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

      Chapter 53   The nurse came in then seeing that the cat was awake she went to his bed... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Going out of the room Krystal was there waiting for them not saying anything waiting until they were seated she ... Read Chapter

Chapter 55

    Chapter 55   As Tim turned from the room he heard Vanessa on the stairs he headed toward her as ... Read Chapter

Chapter 56

Chapter 56   When Dougal and his family got home, Vanessa asked. “Can they really do that, can they bring him back t... Read Chapter

Chapter 57

      Chapter 57   When the tonic was ready Krystal filled a syringe taking a bowl and filling... Read Chapter

Chapter 58

Chapter 58   Kara looked at Lorna and sighed, Lorna looked at her and smiled, she went over to her and said. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 59

Chapter 59   “That would be me.” Messina turned to Devin eyeing him she asked. “Why haven’t you and you... Read Chapter

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Dougal nodded and then told him. “Right, your father and brother will be there waiting for us, along with ot... Read Chapter

chapter 61

Chapter 61 Michelle was too sore to even think to say anything she just looked up at him sadly, it was almost his undoing ... Read Chapter

Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Krystal had turned back to make up some more tonic they would need a bit for all the animals she had just finis... Read Chapter

Chapter 63

Chapter 63 It was only about 8 hours later she reached New Zealand and another ten minutes she landed before uncloaki... Read Chapter

chapter 64

Chapter 64   Tim and Jemma came out of the kitchen arm in arm, Zane came in the door looking at Tim, he went over to h... Read Chapter

Chapter 65

Chapter 65 “The only ones outside this house that know the truth are of course Dougal and his family, and Krystal, and t... Read Chapter

Chapter 66

Chapter 66 When Zoë went in she saw quite a group of people, most she had never seen before, she was beginning to feel re... Read Chapter

Chapter 67

Chapter 67   They went into the kitchen and started making lunch when it was ready Zoë and Krystal and the others fed... Read Chapter

Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Zoë asked Sid if he would like to go, but he told her that he didn’t think that he should he still had his ... Read Chapter

Chapter 69

Chapter 69  Everything was quiet over the next few weeks the Leopards were getting stronger, Tim had returned to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 70

Chapter 70   Brandon and the others were at his parents place, they were having  a party everyone was there they wer... Read Chapter

Chapter 71

Chapter 71     Just then the door opened and Sid came in. Tim and Krystal left the room so that they could talk,... Read Chapter

Chapter 72

Chapter 72   A few days later Dougal Vanessa Brandon and Krystal were at home and they were discussing what had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 73

Chapter 73   Zoë headed in while the others said their goodbyes when she came out they were gone and Dougal and th... Read Chapter

Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Turning she saw Dougal heading toward her, one look at his face she saw that he was still worried about s... Read Chapter

Chapter 75

Chapter 75     “Dad I want Zoë to be my bridesmaid.” “Zoë who is Zoë?” “She’s the one that h... Read Chapter

Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Then Michelle appeared in the room, Zoë smiled. “Michelle what are you doing here?” Michelle went ... Read Chapter

Chapter 77

Chapter 77   Krystal helped Zoë into the dress once it was on she looked in the mirror as Krystal moved up to her ... Read Chapter


Epilogue   Silence fell over the crowd when the door opened again and one of the biggest Leopards came in he spoke ... Read Chapter

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Haha, I clicked on this story because I saw my name in the title and was wondering what it was about. I love this though, very interesting :D

Thu, May 7th, 2020 8:03pm


Lol ShadaStorm120 when I wrote this I don't think knew you, or at least I knew you as my daughters friend and not your name, Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you read more.

Fri, May 8th, 2020 3:27am

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