Dead Walking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic



Miles considered himself lucky when a young doll like this became his client. Rita Walker spoke in that smoky-sweet tone he adored, and the way she fluttered those doe eyes up at him definitely got him all hot and bothered. She was a Missus Walker instead of a Miss...but he could work his way around that.


“...I am just so thankful that you were the one who volunteered to take my case. All that time you spent trying to find my husband, and chasing such a clever hunch too! I never would have guessed any of it.”


“Don’t worry about it, ma’am. Nobody else in the office did, either.” 


“The lengths you went to! Why, you could have been killed by those dreadful kidnappers!”


“All in a day’s work for Miles Cowan.” He tipped his hat, to which Mrs. Walker — Rita, he ought to start thinking of her — giggled. There were plenty of couples among the crowd bustling around the train station, and imagined the pair of them didn’t look any different. “Now, I don’t want to make you late for your train home, ma’am, but could I interest you in a New Year’s Eve party at my home? No better way to ring in nineteen-forty.”


More lash-fluttering. “Oh, my, Detective...without my husband?”


“Well, if you see fit to leave him home...”


Music, wine, friends willing to look the other way, and Miles would be ringing in the new year just As would Rita: the lady’s smile and eyes definitely knew the score.


“Yes...well, perhaps not home. I went to such pains to arrange his abduction, after all.”


So entranced was Miles by her voice that it took a good few seconds for her words to register. His smile froze on his face. “Wh...wha — ?”


He first thought that a man had punched his spine. Before he could react at all, Rita was throwing her arms around him, holding him still with a hug as she whispered into his ear: “You’re many vulgar things, but more than anything you’re a nuisance. Thanks to you, we had to resort to murder instead to get my husband out of the picture. You are too talented for your own good, I didn’t lie about that, but that just means we can’t have you on our tails.”


Miles’ head was turning hazy. Pressure was steadily intensifying in his back. We?! 


A lady’s shoes clacked up to their side. His eyes flicked over to see the lady they belonged to: honey-blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight, dark eyes gleaming with malice, and her bloodied knife gleaming silver as she slipped it into her purse. 


“Well done, Brigid dear.” Rita let him go and took her hand. “Goodbye, Detective.”


Miles swayed, then pitched, and crashed to the floor. Between the legs of panicked bystanders now rushing to help him, he saw the lovers vanish into a departure gate, as his vision swirled into darkness.


Submitted: April 29, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Shannon Brady. All rights reserved.

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