The Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short story about someone's love describing how love changes you!


The sky is covered with clouds. The hill top is barely visible. Slowly, the rain drops start to fall from the sky. I start walking towards the balcony of my room and start gazing where your house is. You can barely see the green colored house. The house mostly made up of black glass, quite a symbolism and quite unique. In a sunny day, anyone would notice your house first.

This kind of weather has its own vibe, and its own stories. It starts as a drizzle, but after a short time, out of nowhere there is a heavy downpour for some moments and again it is just a drizzle and the cycle continues. I used to hate rainy days, ‘used to’, but nowadays, it makes me nostalgic and then I become happy. I want this to continue forever. The heavy downpour is a relief to some and a disaster for others. For me, it is a way, a path that leads to memories. Those wonderful memories it brings…

Remember the day we met? It was not raining but, it was really cloudy that day. The sky was all grey. You remembered me from our school. That was an awkward encounter. How could I forget you from school? Maybe, because you were my junior in school. The very first sight and how I slipped! Right into that smile! That was the most beautiful encounter, an encounter filled with so many hopes of happiness. Who knew it would also be the cause of hope that would turn to sadness!

‘Hope’, it is such a beautiful word, isn’t it? The hope we had, or maybe just I had! Remember how I was talking about having a cup of tea made by your beautiful hands while sitting outside looking at the rain, in such romantic weather! This weather makes me feel so good but I know that actually it is not good for me. It just makes me feel good. It is like a sweet poison the time and the weather are giving me, and I don’t have any hopes for any cure form this poison. Such a beautiful word, giving birth to such a sad sentence.

The first week is always the best. You always smile. You see everything so beautiful, so vibrant. You fly in cloud nine. And then slowly over time you start to lose interest or maybe you are too busy ‘living your busy life’ that you need to get some time beforehand to even talk with the people you love. Maybe that was where we ended our journey. Not after four month of talking and wanting to meet but just a couple of weeks after we started talking.

When I sit on my balcony looking towards your house, I start imagining what our life would be like if we were still talking. Then there is a feeling that starts giving rise to this energy, a positive energy, of starting to talk to you again. But suddenly, I get scared. When this energy comes inside me it just feels like I already know how it is going to end. Just like before. I do not text you for some days and then when I do, you won’t reply. We suddenly stop talking without any apparent reason. Isn’t it sad that some stories just ends like this?

Did you know when I actually lost hope of seeing you again? The day I called you, you picked up your phone and didn’t even talk to me. That was the moment. It was an eleven second phone call. The phone call that ended the story- a beautiful chapter in my book of life. The hope of seeing you one day in the bus stop and talking to you. It just disappeared. Some will call it sad, but I took it as an opportunity. The opportunity, where I could try new things and do something great. Whether I did it or not, now that is an entirely different premise.

The sky starts to clear again. The black clouds start dispersing. The sun starts shining. Now, the weather is not anymore like the day we met. It starts to clear. The faint sunlight brightens everything. Now there are people walking down in the streets with a happy face. Kids are in their own group, ready to go to the playground.

Beautiful! Most people really enjoy this type of weather, but the taste depends upon the one who is eating the dish. Maybe this is not what I really prefer. But then again, I remember and think you would also remember this if you ever came by here. 

Why does broken heart

feels so heavy?

All those memories are

Still inside may be!

And it hurts.

I feel the pain.

Packed with emotions.

Wrapped with memories.

And I feel the pain so bad,

It’s not painful anymore.

It’s just numb,

And, numbness feels like nothing.




Submitted: April 29, 2020

© Copyright 2021 OceanEl3v3n. All rights reserved.

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Sharief Hendricks

Beautiful story Ocean11

We have all been there....
You captured it perfectly....
Well done !!!


Thu, June 18th, 2020 5:31am


Thanks Sharief. I am glad you enjoyed the story.

Thu, June 18th, 2020 5:20am

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