The Rescind

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about the life of a young ambitious woman Eunice who sees and secures things or maybe persons as she lives her life. But will she be able to lead her life this way?? Stay tuned to see what Eunice will go through and what actually ''The Rescind" is.

Place: Voyola Gardens

Time: 5:00 P.M


Eunice had an hectic day, things didn't go well in her workplace for the past 2 weeks.

The whole management team was involved for the mistake this time.

Nevertheless the team came up with an interesting and creative idea to make up for their mistake.

Eunice headed this team and she was both happy and sad about the happenings. 


Eunice, a 24 year old belonged to a family at Pennsylvania. Her Mom and Dad passed away in a car accident when she was 5.

Darlene Casis her grandmother brought her up. Darlene is a strong willed woman, she made Eunice to study and always taught her to follow her heart.

Eunice and her grandmother were living at the outskirts of Pentolia which is far away from her workplace.

Everyday Eunice had to travel two or three hours a day to reach her office. She was made the head of the management team of TESCO a month before.


"You better take care of yourself casis exclaimed"

I told you not to take up this job, but you were so excited and wanted it badly. Now see what it had brought you to.

It's OK darlene , I've always loved these problems and disappointments because they bring out the real potential in you to solve those mistakes.

You will never change but see to that you don't get caught in some mess next time.

Eunice hugged and kissed her grandma which brought a smile on her face and all her caring angry words melted away.

Darlene Casis always wanted Eunice to be in a protective environment where she can excel and reach heights.

Little did she know that inorder to progress and reach heights, one should take risks and persevere hard.

That day they had a simple dinner and Darlene closed her eyes with a sense of relief with Eunice by her side.


The next morning Eunice reached the Hamilton station by 6:30 in the morning.

The weather was nice that day. She sat near the window seat and started reading a book.

The breezy wind was a lullaby to her and she started to fall asleep. Never in the last one month she had slept like this.


She was awakened by a gentle pat on her shoulder. Her eyes being half closed and her hair strands tingling here and there.

To her surprise saw that she had reached the last station. With a frown on her face she turned to thank the person who woke her.


Time stood still, the noises around her were muted or maybe she also was.

Never had she experienced this as her eyes met his

She tried speaking but was not able to. It was as if she was dumfolded by the sight of him.


Hello!! Are you alright. You've reached the end. Only after hearing this , Eunice came to herself.

And she thanked him and watched him leave the door.

After sometime she carried her handbag and followed him hard at a distance.

Within a glimpse of 60 sec she noticed that he was tall, well-built, wearing a formal suit with spectacles on.

But when she was standing in the fifth lane, a bus crossed across her and she lost the sight of the man whom she was following.

Only after all these happenings she realized that she was late to her office by one hour.

Again she caught a train and landed at Voyola gardens. That whole day she dreamt herself with the man whom she saw in the train.

She didn't give any work to her subordinates that day.

  And everyone wondered about the strange behaviour of their head.

Way back home Eunice rewinded the moments she spent with that person. To her it was love at first sight.


She came home and narrated Casis the whole incident that had happened. Casis saw that Eunice was gleaming with joy as she told her the whole story.

Casis marveled how a strong-willed woman like Eunice who is independent and courageous can become weak and dependable when she is in LOVE.

Casis always wanted Eunice to have a good life.

She wanted Eunice to give all the joy that she wanted to receive from her parents when she was young to her children.



OCT 11, 2018, Thu


TESCO completed 25yrs in the business industry. And there was a promotion event along with a party.

All the business heads, renowned persons in various fields and few people from the film industry were invited.


Ms Eunice can we have you with us for a moment please.........

It was Eunice' best friend Flora Ross, who is currently working in CAPRET as an Assistant manager. Flora and Eunice were childhood friends.

Eunice smiled and hugged her friend, they had a few conversation and minutes later Flora introduced her husband Ross.

Ross was a mannered person and gentle. He discussed certain issues in the stock market with Eunice and after sometime he left.

Later the two besties spoke about all that had happened in their lives. Finally Flora asked Eunice "Are you seeing someone?"


This question was like a reminder to Eunice to think about the man whom she met in the train.

Eunice then told Flora the whole story.

So.........I had guessed it right. My beautiful princess is falling in Love. But how will you find him Eunice??

I don't know about that, but I have a feeling that I will meet him again. Flora also was sure that Eunice will meet him someday.

The dinner started at 8.30. The food was great. Eunice and her colleagues enjoyed the meal with Flora.

And they were giggling about all the funny events that took place in their school.


Later Eunice bid Adieu to her friend and started to leave. Just then the managing directors of TESCO handed her some work.

And she had to complete them for the conference the next day.

Without any resent she accepted the work and was busy completing it that she even forgot to see the time.

It was 10.0 pm


She then quickly collected her stuffs and walked down the alley. It was dense dark and she walked as fast as she can.

Eunice was always afraid of places where one could lose themselves and become another.

By the time she reached the bus stand it was 10.30 pm. She was standing alone there.

Eunice started distracting her fear by reading a magazine, drinking water, but often she looked at her watch. It was getting late and she started to tremble the more.

This syndrome occurred to her whenever she thought about her parents accident.

Someone narrated her that her parents passed away on a tuesday midnight while they were on their return to home.

So this was the reason she hated nights and darkness.


Her hands started to sweat and shake. Just then a Rover stopped and a voice echoed. Are you alright? want a lift?

This voice sounded familiar to her and without any delay and hesitation she got into the car.

She was so lost that she even forgot to greet and see the person who helped her.

Casis was the only person in her life who will rescue her everytime when she is taken by this syndrome. But this time it was someone else.


A beautiful melody was playing in the Rover, thinking about all this Eunice turned her head slowly and beheld the man who saved her.

Her eyes were fixed on him and welled in tears.



Everything good.......Are you OK?

Yaa better now, and thank you for the lift. That's kind of you.

No mention miss...........? By the way I'm Alex Gregs.

After few seconds, Eunice introduced herself.

He was an extrovert and she an introvert.

Opposite as it seems, but dude they attract.


Alex seemed to be an ingenious, from the way he talked. But he was also grounded. He kept on talking.

Eunice just gazed him, throughout the convo. But she was sure that he never knows or notices it. She was that a performer.


By the way, where do you live? can just drop me in the next junction.

'EUNICE' ........I didn't ask you for that. Where do you live actually? in Pentolia.

That's good, so its really far, from your workplace.


Eunice started to miss him already and this feeling started increasing with the junction drawing near.

It was 11.15, the junction passed, it was a love song this time. 'Damn' what's happening , surprised as she was in a cliched tone uttered 'The junction just passed'

So what...?

Those moments were precious, maybe there was poetry in it.......thought Eunice, she still can't believe the reality she was actually in.


She then.....asked him half heartedly ' It's fine you can drop me here'

But he refused and started talking about various things. 

And then they reached Pentolia.....Eunice got down from the car and walked a few steps with him.

She felt the urge to confess her feelings but......she was filled with a lot of  "What if's"

Then he said ' It was nice meeting you, Eunice......good night and take care'


Eunice waited for the car to leave and then she went home.

Then she woke up by a sudden pat on her shoulder.........It was casis.

Oh how she wished to have a life like that. RESCIND as it seems......everything is taken away but not her dreams.






































Submitted: May 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jassy-7. All rights reserved.

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