The Edge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story about possibilities and what may come from them. It is also about real-life coincidences that cannot be connected by just words. Some wonders are not measured by normal understandings.

Edgar is caught in a trap. He has been in this cabin in Louisiana for so long that Edgar cannot remember the day or the time of day anymore. He can sense something in the clearing when he can only looked out the window towards the figment that is coming from the fog that is lightening up on a gloomy day like every day that Edgar looks out the window. The shape of shadows in the room is so cold that they move when he is not looking at them. He only looks at the shape out the window when it came to him with a cassock over his entire body. There is no smell that is through the window when the cassock is pulled from the head of the person that is standing there, revealing his own face that is on the other side of the glass.

“What times we have on this side of the wall.” The thing that has his face smiled when he raised his coiled finger and wiggled it, telling him to come out.

“Why do you come out and play with the rest of us.” The thing that has its face pushed up a scythe that came out from nowhere.

“It will not hurt you to try.”

“No, I will not come out!” Edgar came away from the window, away from the bed that he has been sleeping for so long.

They played with his mind. They ate his mind to the point that the pictures on the walls had changed shape with the paints being off and the abstracts being different when the light sets out from this world and enters into the dawn of the next day. Edgar looked at the inside of the cabin when the door for the front was there one day and then not there the next day. The window is the same with it being there one day and not being there the next day. Edgar felt the intentions of his mind spurring like a coil that came alive from the bowels of some forgotten basement from the past where everything was richer, newer, and filled with the graces of love and life. Now Edgar is in limbo and he has no idea how he got here in the first place? Is he alive or is he dead? He did not know when he woke up in the middle of the night with no necessity to breathe. Why? What in the name of all that is holy is wrong with him?

He did wake up in the morning though when he looked at the painting on the wall with some evil incarnate looking at him. It is the shape of a man in an ice cream uniform that is sneering at him, holding out an ice cream stick with a happy face scratched on the chocolate coating of it. The look of the happy face is not happy at all but just plain madness. Edgar did not want to look at the painting on the wall anymore when he felt no nourishment of hunger in his stomach anymore for he had been here so long that he cannot remember.

The demons outside are still coming to the window when the shape came to it, being his mother with a cooing smile upon her expression that is not gentle and greeting at all. It is the face of a person that is about to be murdered.

“Hey honey, you remember the Griscols next door? I killed them with a tire iron that is hidden in the backseat of the van. I whacked them so much that they are unrecognizable and when the cops came I gave them the whole whack-a-roo as well; beat them to the grand slam hoorah! It was so much fun that I want to do it again and again and again.” She kissed the window, creating a bloody smear upon it when Edgar pulled the blind on the window and then looked at the wall with the painting that is not there anymore.

Thank god. He whispered this in the cold temperance in his mind. He came to the edge of the bed and sat there when he looked out towards the table with nothing upon it. He never had been so alone in his life before. That night when there is nothing that is happening out the window, the doctor greeted him with a new patient that came through the door.

“Evening, Edgar. I found a new friend that I want you to meet. I found him in a mental institution that is on the other side of this shit bog and I want you to say hello to him.”

Edgar knows who the doctor is when he looked at the cold, calculating eyes of Ted Bundy who was executed in 1989. He never showed any guilt for what he done. Edgar only greeted the individual that came with Ted Bundy, the so-called doctor of this world.

“We been working on this experiment for a long time now and I want to show this to you.” Ted Bundy smiled, looking at the patient that came with him like a beat up dog.

“So Ellis, what do you say when you are in a stressful situation?”

“I say, ‘that hurts my feelings’.”

“That is correct.” Ted Bundy smiled when he came to the table to open his bag, pulling out a pair of side cutters that is not medicinal at all. They are new and clean when he presented them to the patient and the patient took it with ease.

“What do you say when you do not get your desert at the dinner table?”

“I say, ‘There is always a silver lining at the end of all this misery for that the morning comes’.”

“Correct and indeed it is the right answer.” Doctor Ted Bundy confided with him when the patient takes the side cutters and placed the sheers on his pinky.

“Stop,” Edgar says this when the sheers cut and the finger hit the table like a small hammer hitting wood.

“What the fuck?” Edgar felt the blood hitting his body like a sprayer jet that went wild.

“What do you say when God leads you on for so long that the people had lied to you about His cheery ways, fornicated them to the point that the words of old are lied from mortal minds.”

“I say, ‘no absolute sanity exists’.” The patient, Ellis moved to the ring finger when the blood flew all over the side cutters that are not new anymore.

Edgar passed out when the world of the day moved towards its gloomy climax. It is always foggy outside when there is no trace of blood anywhere in the cabin or anyone in the cabin.

What is a nightmare? Edgar only felt like he has not slept in a very long time or slept a little too often when no one came to the cabin on this day. Edgar through the day started to feel a little weirder when he realized that he cannot breathe when he felt like his mind is in two places, one white and one black. He could not decipher the two when he only sat at the table and thought for a long time now. He only felt like he can eat but he cannot eat. He only felt a little lonelier now than ever before when he thought of Dracula and Jonathan Harker’s character being imprisoned in Dracula’s Castle when he knew that he was prisoner here. But where is here? He did not know. This cannot be some place that he can spy on as being hell when he thinks that this is another place that is broken in many places, like a window to see through to another void on the other side of it. Where is here; who the fuck knows when he only looked at the door, being afraid to wander through the other side of it.

It is a place that he dares not to enter. This night is when his mother visits him, not by the window but a place that is coated in white. She looked at him like a man that is in the largest cradle that is built by man when she is crying to him that it is alright, that it is okay.

“Why am I here?” Edgar tried to speak but he cannot move when he can only look at the white that is all around his mother that is over his head in some plain of existence that he is there but not one hundred percent in embodied movement. He is in this cabin now when he looked at the window that was there and then not there anymore. What happened to the window this time when he touched the window and tapped only wood when he only got four hours of sleep – probably.

When he woke up there is woman sitting at the table with some type of Irish gown that is upon her body. She is drinking something from a cup that is not his. He does not have any cup from this place when he moved his head up as the woman does not sense him. He got up and walked to the room where the table is. That is when the woman sensed him when she turned her head.

“Morning, dear;” She greeted with a charming smile.

“Sit down for a spell. I made some tea.”

“Who are you?”

The woman turned her head with that same smile upon her face. She did not frown once at all.

“The name is not what you are going to be familiar with but you can call me Maddie.” She waved her hand towards the tea kettle that is on the table.

“It is getting cold.” Edgar sat down on the other side of the table with Maddie being on one end and her being on the other side of it.

“I did not invite you in.” Edgar looked at the cup that is in front of him when Maddie only scoffed with the cup in her hand.

“Sure but I am the one that invited you to the show that you are now seeing.” She smiled with the cup in her hand.

“Take if you will this cup that is in my hand. Am I drinking tea or am I drinking something atrocious than the tea that is in that kettle?”


Maddie smiled and then looked at her hands.

“I came here confused after the pain that life had suffered upon me. I created this place when I found this hole that I got sucked into like Alice; down the rabbit hole I go, where I stop this train, no one knows.”

“You’re the Pioneer that everyone talks about?”

“Yes, I am the Pioneer of this…fine community.” She looks around the room with only a carefree smile upon her face.

“I began my plans after I was bleeding out on the sidewalk where your existence started.”

Edgar did not say anything when the woman with the Irish gown moved the collar down, revealing the cut that is across her throat when she pushed the collar up to conceal the end of her old life.

“The person that cut me was your mother after I had fucked your father.”

Edgar came up from the chair, almost knocking it onto the floor.

“No.” That was all Edgar had said when the woman on the other side of the table only sipped on the drink that is within the cup.

“I know my mother is a little weird but she is not a killer.”

“Did I say I was murdered?” Maddie recalled not saying this when she finished the slop that is in the cup.

“I said that I found my land on the ass end of that sidewalk and it is a better land than the world where I left it.” She got up and looked at the painting that is upon the wall.

“We can create this madness or we can create something more than madness. Do you recall that God built his world in six days? I built it in two. I am not punishing you for any of this but it is the same place where you had your accident about – eight months ago.” She looked around the cabin when Edgar wanted to stay away from her.

“After you wake up I want you to look up the name Heather Princhall and see where the carrot lies in the garden. Your mother tried to kill me but my body was never found. She will deny this if you confront her but your parents know the truth and they will call you a liar and that is the end of that. They buried it in the dirt when I woke up here, not dead but a new and better than the life I left.” Maddie came closer when the window suddenly disappeared from the cabin. She came closer and closer toward him when Maddie touched her.

The Cabin disappeared when they are now standing in a field of white lilies and beautiful blue skies with not one cloud in the distance.

“This is my getaway spot for when it all gets heavy. This is only meant for me in my loneliness.” She looked at the land of beauty that is all around them.

“Have you ever heard of heaven and the eternal beauty that you will live in supreme happiness forever and ever?” Maddie looked at him when she smiled. Edgar only nodded his head, looking around at the flowers that are there in non-distorted whiteness.

“That is all bullshit. There is never happiness forever and ever. You will get bored with it in the everlasting forever. That is why I let the demons through to make everything interesting.”

“So is this a creation of your heaven and hell?” Edgar finally had the courage to speak.

Maddie turned and looked at him with some sly mind-reading semblance in her eyes.

“No, this is a creation of a new human intellect. It is like opening a book and reading all the creations that are printed on paper.” Maddie shrugged.

“I can change the story as I see fit.”

“Is that your interpretation of god?”

“God has intellect and if more people realize that then it will be really fucking scary to wrap your head around it.” Maddie looked down at the flower and caressed it in her hands.

“I am mortal and this is my existence to my world now of fiction and non-fiction that is coming alive. I will show you.” She snapped her fingers as now they are at the coliseum during the age of Roman rule.

“You will see death up close and personal.” She nodded her head to the challenge matches that are in the ring. One Gladiator is fighting another Gladiator that is a true class veteran. The novice one is winning when he grasped the upper hand and gutted the veteran across the belly, spilling his guts all over the white sands that served the grounds of the arena. Edgar turned his head when he realized that he is in robes that he was not wearing moments before. Maddie is wearing robes around her body now.

“They say that all great entertainment starts with violence. That is what controls the masses to keep people from devoid towards anarchy.” She looked all around.

“They are all fruitful for the bliss that death cannot touch them.” She snapped her fingers when they are now at the event when the Challenger launched in 1986. They are standing next to the families that will witness the deaths of their sons and daughters that will explode in the skies when Edgar knows where he is. He has seen the footage countless times.

“Why are we here?” Edgar felt his voice rise over the sound of the rockets that are burning through the sky.

“We are here to examine history in question.” Maddie shrugged.

“We cannot change the sails once they are set on the ocean. We cannot change 1492 or 1938. We cannot change what happened in Jamestown or what happened in Waco, Texas. We can live in history now and history is better when you are there as a spectator.”

“This is morbid though.”

“Morbid complacency is how we learn, how we grow, and how we succumb.”

“What, to watch a bunch of people gasp in horror while the shuttle blows up in the sky. That is fucked up.”

“It is a start though.” Maddie clicked her fingers and they are back in the white lily garden again.

“In life there are losers and winners and it is a dog-eat-dog world that I left behind.” Maddie shrugged.

“Happiness is all about bad deeds to make you feel better.”

“I don’t believe you. I am only in a dream that I cannot wake up.” Edgar backed up in the white lily garden, looking around for a way out of this. She has the power and he knows of this. She has the power when he dared not to go back to the cabin again.

“This is not a dream but by truth of my own reality that I birthed.” Maddie came closer to him when her face changed into something that is not human at all. It is the face of something that comes from the depths of nightmares. It is the face of something that comes from the depths of madness of some insane person that cannot comprehend reality anymore.

“Do you see the truth of all? Do you see the belief of what we really are?”

“You only believe it, you twisted bitch!” Edgar turned and ran but he is running to where. He only found himself back in the cabin again, hitting the wall and knocking himself back onto the floor. He looked at the ceiling when there is no one in here but the sound of his breathing. The cabin looks the same as it once was before. There is no food in the place, there is not even one plate in the cabin when he looked up and found the window in the bedroom when he felt a little better. He put his head down and continued to look at the ceiling when he did not feel tired, not needing sleep for a long time now.

The glow from the windows came when he dared not to look through the window. He had the courage to do it when he got off the floor and came to the window to look at the torches through the glass. The faces through the glass are people that have murdered, killed, and did all sorts of experiments to victims. They are all dead now in the other life but not dead in this realm when they are looking at the cabin with evil intent in their eyes. It is the eyes of devils, madmen, and abortions from the normalcy of mankind.  They are waiting for orders from the one that gathered them here. Edgar knows who it is when she came from the center of it all, pointing a finger at the cabin when all is black and he followed it, waking up into the room of white when he can only see the snow that is falling through the window in another place in time. His body ached all over and his mouth is dry when he looked down at the controls that are within his grasp. He grabbed that and pushed the button when he waited, wondering if this is all a trick when he remembered what Maddie or possibly Heather Princhall was talking about.

There was a Heather Princhall that lived here but she had gone missing. Where did she go? Was it all something that is conceived in his dreams? It had to be, it just had to be. He only waited for someone to come when he kept remembering the name of Heather Princhall.  Heather Princhall. What did she look like? Edgar only looked out the window when the snow continued to fall from the skies in the size of quarters when he waited for someone to come. They did eventually, they always did.

Far away, Heather Princhall is sitting in her house off of a street named Maple, tending to the snow with the shovel held tight in her hands. The snow landed on the top of her head when she continued to work when the snow melted, hitting her scalp when somewhere she had some memory that she is in a field of white lilies for some reason when she looked at the sidewalk that looks like it is not touched in the hour after she shoveled it. This is no work for a woman that is almost sixty years old. This is the work for a much younger person when she continued to shovel the snow with this odd interest in her mind that came out of nowhere. What is this interest? She did not know when she shrugged and continued to shovel when the snow continued to fall, getting more and more plentiful on the ground when they canceled in-church services for this Wednesday evening. That is alright with her. It is like a snow day for adults when she finished shoveling the snow with her back aching to fit. She just remembered to get the mail when she did, finding nothing in the mailbox when there is one car that came down the road, passing by her house when she waived at it before going back inside to the warmth when she will make a cup of hot chocolate and sit in front of the television and watch Jeopardy.

It is going to be a fine night with hopes of having no dreams of the god awful cabin in the middle of nowhere. Why is she dreaming about a cabin? She did not know when she wanted to talk about it to the pastor the next time she sees him. That is going to be an interesting conversation when the gloom of the day outside turned over into night through the window that looks outside. That did not bother her. She had no care in the world with the exception of the dreams that bothered her. That can wait though when Jeopardy is over and the prime time slots came on when she only wanted to watch CSI: Miami. That is the fulfilling need for the evening when she sipped her hot chocolate with ease.

Submitted: June 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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