i wrote this poem untitled on may 1, 2017. three years later, amidst a pandemic, it has become relevant once again.

So much things are going on in her head.
So much stress in life.
So much heart ache, sorrow, fear;
So much deep inside.


She worries that she worries
Too much about herself,
And sometimes she worries
That she doesn't.


She worries what
The future holds.
She cries like she's forgotten.
And she's forgotten.


But at the light of day,
In the crystal sunrise at horizon.
Very far, yet very near,
A hope to cross the mind.


"Be brave, for you are not lost.
Be strong, for you are strengthened.
Take heart, for you are loved."
Thank God, for she remembers.

Submitted: May 01, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Reese Qu. All rights reserved.

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