The adventure starts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6 - The graveyard

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



It was a cold and silent night.

It felt like a different world, and, it was, and not only because the sky was dark green.

Not a living soul was there, or so it seemed from afar.

In the middle of the graveyard, Andrea Williams was kneeling on the ground in a long black dress with long sleeves, makeup, hat with a fake rose flower, gloves, and heels while holding a shovel.

Below her, the corpse of a blond woman in a dark purple dress and black heels was lying still, covered in dust and looked at with disdain, which wasn't undeserved.

Andrea's eyes turned red as her frown turned into a smirk that contained pure satisfaction because of everything the late woman has done.

"You will rot in hell for your sins", she whispered in a cold voice.

She stood up and walked over the corpse, holding the shovel tightly in her hands.

She bent and started digging as soon as possible, affected by a murder she committed like never before.

On the inside, she was happy - very, very happy, but, not completely, which her face and the movement of her body made even more clear.

She dug slowly but surely while her body was feeling cold, but not because of the cold wind that was blowing at her, and, she didn't see that coming.

She expected to feel awesome, especially because the late woman deserved it, but, something deep inside of her was telling her that she shouldn't have done this.

Her head was overwhelmed by the memories, and, it hurt.

It made her feel both satisfied and miserable, and, she didn't know how to feel about it.

It all happened last night.

She used her unicorn horn to teleport in front of the Bellerose mansion in the middle of the night, which the dark purple sky indicated, and not dark green, for the late woman lived in the Shadow State, a different state of this world, The Supernatural World, than she was buried in.

Her magic seldom failed her, and, she knew that it didn't fail her because she recognized the mansion at first glance, and, it didn't seem to have changed at all.

The garden was illuminated by the white light of the moon, which contrasted with the darkness of the black roses that were planted everywhere.

The mansion was tall and unwelcoming with its cold purple walls, high-security system, and the tall lanterns that weren't lit, for tonight was the first time someone visited this house in decades.

The black sliding gate was the only thing that was separating her from her destiny.

She reached out her both hands towards the gate and opened it almost immediately, causing it to make a loud creak that no one but herself and the blond woman, a light sleeper, could hear, for it was only them on the Bellerose territory.

The extremely loud alarms were heard and her face was illuminated by the red light for a few seconds by the sirens that weren't hidden anymore before they went off.

She started to walk towards the house stiffly with determination and confidence in every footstep that she made, feeling as if nothing in the universe could stop her.

Nothing was holding her back on her journey towards her revenge, and, it made her feel very alive while she was clutching her sword.

She looked at the mansion and the sky firmly, causing her to trip on a crack on the paved and straight white trail towards the mansion.

She started to stand up from the ground quickly and picked her sword up from the ground almost immediately, and, she kept walking as soon as possible, even though her knees started to bleed.

Everything would have gone as planned it the blond woman didn't glare at her with her gray eye, her right eye, her only open eye, her eye that was devoid of emotion, for the black one was permanently closed.

It caused Andrea to glare back at her while standing up.

She wiped the dust off her green dress that was made of silk and noticed that the blood from her wounds was eerily close to her black boots, and, some of it even feel on the paved trail.

She also noticed that the dust was very visible on her black gloves, the same gloves she was wearing at the moment she was remembering this, but, she didn't care, for she wanted to get to the point as soon as possible.

"It's a pleasure to see you, Melinda Bellerose", she said firmly.

Her sword was what made Melinda realize that it was someone that she used to know very well, but, she still couldn't remember who.

It was made of silver and its hilt was covered with a lot of rubies, and, even though swords aren't that uncommon, there was only one person that she remembered had such a sword, but, she couldn't remember who, and, the reason was legit.

She was in a coma since the year of 1916.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"My name's Andrea Williams, but, the last time you saw me was when I used to be Andrea Cole, the girl you always wanted to become evil."

"It's an incomplete explanation."

"Well, you have succeeded in your mission, Melinda."

"And what about that?"

She frowned at her and decided to keep her mouth shut for a while, hoping that it would prevent Melinda from asking her any more questions.

While she was focusing on remembering exactly she wanted to say, Melinda was staring at her, angry and focused, wondering what's going on in her head.

An eerie silence filled the Bellerose territory just before a raven flew above the roof of the mansion and cackled, it being the only thing that showed that there were signs of life there from afar.

It disappeared just before the things have continued being serious.

"You've ruined my life, and you'll pay for that", she hissed.

Melinda crossed her arms and gave her one more glare.

"Do your best", she said gravely.

Andrea pressed her fingers against her sword, and because the magic in her unicorn horn knew exactly what she wanted to do, the sword started to glow purple, causing Melinda's eyes to widen in horror.

"Where did you find "The Book of Souls"?", she asked in shock.

No reply.

"Melinda Josephine Bellerose, your sins you shall not say, for your crimes you shall pay, and for your whole wickedness you shall now scream in pain and decay!", Andrea chanted, causing Melinda's eyes to become bloodshot and Melinda herself to drop on the ground.

She smirked as Melinda started to roll over and scream in pain, looking completely helpless and useless, and, she wasn't planning on helping her.

She deserved it.

Melinda would've screamed more, but, after a few seconds, nothing but air started to come out of her mouth.

When she was in her most desperate state, she froze before facepalming.

But, to truly kill her, there was one more thing Andrea had to do.

She kneeled and stabbed her in the heart with no hesitation or mercy, giving her an emotionless look.

"It was about a time you got a taste of your own medicine", she said gravely.

Everything was silent before Melinda was forced to close her eyes for the last time and lose against the secrets of the afterlife.

It didn't seem as if it was going to be merciful to her.

No one was there to see her while teleporting away from the mansion with Melinda's corpse in her hands, but, because of how important they are in the Supernatural World, everyone was going to know anyway, especially because she was supposed to give them the information.

No one was there to see her during her biggest victory and greatest defeat.

No one was there while she was showering herself in joy and despair.

She didn't celebrate her successful revenge, and, it was for a good reason.

She became everything she hated the most.

She sighed in relief as she finished digging a grave for Melinda.

As she looked at what she had done, she still couldn't believe it, which her confused look said very well.

She started laughing happily like never before as her heart started to hurt, after which she pressed her right hand against it.

After she returned to her former position, she frowned at the corpse that she was supposed to bury and keep there forever, knowing very well that she couldn't stay here too long.

She took her unicorn horn out of a pocket on her dress and cast a spell on Melinda, thus dropping her in the hole as easily as she could.

From her another pocket, she took out her iPhone before returning the unicorn horn to where it formerly was, ready to activate the bomb.

She turned it on and turned the camera on without any hesitation, taking a selfie with Melinda's corpse with a wide smile spread across her face.

It didn't take her long to share it on all social media she had, causing her to smirk in satisfaction.

She didn't care if they were going to find out that she's back, for they probably did thanks to Lydia.

The only thing that mattered was them knowing that she murdered Melinda.

Just when she thought that she was going to leave the graveyard unnoticed, someone started to walk towards her. 

She turned around to face the person with a frown on her face, making it disappear as soon as she recognized the person.

"Hello, mistress", he said with a small bow.

"It's nice to see you, Declan, but what are you doing here?", she asked gravely.

"I was wondering where you are", he informed.

It made her feel even more satisfied.

"It's nice to have someone who's always there for me", she told him, and, she saw that it made him feel fluttered, but not too much.

"Thank you for saying that", he responded.

"You're welcome", she said in a high-pitched voice before continuing to prepare Melinda's grave, noticing just how he looked at her corpse.

He was not only surprised but shocked as well.

"Is that Melinda Bellerose lying down there?", he asked in disbelief.

"Yes, of course!", she yelled happily.

He didn't know what to think nor how to feel as she started to laugh hysterically while still burying Melinda.

He tried to look as if he was okay while laughing quietly, but, he looked and sounded as if he was walking on eggshells, which she couldn't ignore.

"What's the matter, Declan?", she asked sympathetically.

He frowned before replying.

"I know that something's wrong and that you won't tell me what", he replied firmly.

She paused burying Melinda and turned in his direction to give him a cold look.

"Listen, I know that you've done a lot for me, but, you should know that there are some things you're supposed to know and those you're not", she said coldly.

She ignored the fact that he wasn't willing to say anything after that and kept digging for a few more quiet and sad minutes.

The silence was all she needed at the beginning, but, very soon, it started to annoy her and mock her like nothing and no one else could do at that moment, turning itself disposable.

A frown appeared on her face as she was about to open her mouth.

"I became just like her, and, even though that deep down, there is a part of me that wants to be sad about it, I won't be weak, I won't be miserable, I won't be helpless, but a strong woman who will rise once again and show everyone who's truly in charge instead!", she shouted with determination in her voice.

"This is your call for help, and I know it, Andrea", he said with severe concern in his voice.

"Enough is enough", she said firmly.

She took out her unicorn horn, and, very soon, everything she wanted to do was done, and they went back to her castle.

Melinda's body was deep underground, and, just like her soul, that was in hell, it was just where it needed to be.

There was a bouquet of red roses on her grave, and, above them was a cold and stiff tombstone.

"Melinda J. Bellerose, the breaker of dreams, the ruiner of lives, the destroyer of hopes, and the mistress of the blasted", it wrote on it.

It was what people would look at and remember until the end of time.


© Copyright 2020 hopefuldreamer. All rights reserved.


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