When this is a message never forgotten, I hope we must be thankful for everything. :)

There is a dream so loved by its survivors,

There is a home so close by its dreams,

There is a lover so made by its worth,

There is a message so great by its lessons,

There is a gift so promised by its commitments,

There is a universe so hopeful by its dwellers,


If God is our survivor who always exist everywhere,

If God remains in our dreams as the lover dreamed of,

If God inherited our heritage over those entrusted to you,

If God flocks even more diligent to make you call,

If God reminds I must be obedient on this order by the law from faith,

If God receive us in the Spirit that their work is above every name,


Some things God alone directs will have heaven wherever I am nothing and God is everything,

Some bliss I am no conscious eternally carve to experience whenever I will again meet him,

Some reveals I am always within God sweetened with faith I am alike the so-called good, bad and the sinful;

Some separation continues in all-pervading Truth I need a teacher in this wakeful state or dream by God’s infinite mercy in this form,

Some progress on the right path agrees with the ways of worldly people who see I am sinking when having an easier path to overcome it,

Some ending how I attach my nature on the difficult identity with God asks for communion with the devotion my work worship for peace in human birth endowed with hope in eternal happiness and on the unreal self that I may get real happiness,


When revelations aid our dream given on those who dwell on the living Earth for a true reality,

How long God judged these things I have anointed for the whole world in my writings?

If I don’t lie and whoever keeps God’s word for propitiation from the book of life for HIS survivors’ sake,

For we must not forget that within us for a transitory lifetime,

God shares something from the beginning as lifetime and ends abide as sacrifices for this living heaven on our Earth coming for our worthy contributions,  

How will you receive this dream? God asked my imputed soul,

Maybe I am unaware about the signs of circumcision who come upon that faith shall not impute in sins,

I feared how unworthy I scattered my mind send by the same thought upon us at these gifted beginnings,

Finally I send this news before a good man who is reading my notes for a faith to be healed,

And so it is said,

For the cure before us cannot depart God’s kindness,

Let me stay awake until HIS great work reveals by the light of the world,


If I feel the name of my God as reflections in a mirror,

If I discipline facing this wall as revelations in a transitory lifetime,

If I purify my mind through constant preparedness will be added unto my loved home,

If I come unconditionally for the aspiration that I will be given the eternal peace and happiness,

If I contribute the work par with time for the God inspires within that there shall not be any mistake,

If I remain as the instrument of the infinite faith within from the God who is the awesome beneficiary,


My living days alive may lead the answer to serve humanity,

If this cry finds the freedom entrusted be your message close to our near home,

I will ask you,

Which one will you prefer?

Either the eternal peace to realize God,

Or the bliss until you realize God,

If God still remains for this help,

Why not play your part now in the world around?

Submitted: May 01, 2020

© Copyright 2023 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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