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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this story when I was 10. It's a take off of the Lion King. I hope you enjoy!


All of the lions returned peacefully to Pride Rock. But a few days after Kiara and Kovu were married, a lioness named Layia had a dream. In her dream, Zira and Scar were angry and told her to lead a couple of other lions back into the Out Lands. Sadly, Kiara's words escaped Layia's head and she turned against the Pride Landers. She brought with her a lion named Kagai. Kiara and Kovu were heart broken. They thought that they had healed the wound between the two prides.

Layia and Kagai formed a new pride, and taught the lions about Scar and Zira. They taught them that Kiara and Kovu were the enemy. The lions believed her. Soon, Kiara and Kovu had enemies.


The first thing I remember is my birth ceremony. I remember being held close to the blue sky. I pawed at the wind. My mother, Kiara, and father, Kovu, gazed at me lovingly. They named me Ekon. This is my story.

I loved exploring and being mischevious. I guess I took after Kiara and her father, Simba. But Kiara had realized her mistake as a cub and tried to keep me from making her mistake. Even after lectures and restriction, I still couldn't stop.

On one of my adventures, I quietly snuck out of Pride Rock. I crossed the watering hole and tumbled down a hill. I found myself in a dark place. "The Out Lands!" I thought to myself excitedly. I decided to explore. I was conscious that other lions might be here. Even after Zira was killed, there were still some of her clan that lived here. 

As I recalled this, I heard a cackle behind me. I whirled around. "Ah, the little prince. All by himself," I heard a scratchy voice say. "Watch your language, he's a king," I heard a mocking female voice say.

Then, I saw them. There were about eleven lionesses, with about three males. Behind them was a young cub. She was no older than me. "Oh, leave him alone!" she pleaded. Her mother turned around and said sharply, "Stay out of this, Kali." Kali looked at me as if to say, "I tried." Her mother shouted, "Get him!" 

They all looked at me. Slowly, they advanced. "Follow me!" I heard the young cub, Kali, say. I followed her through a small crack in the walls. "Climb up. Hurry!" she said impatiently. I scrambed up a wall. Suddenly, I heard a roar. "Mom! Dad!" I cried. They saw me and hurried over. "Thank you," I said to Kali. She nodded and crept away.

"Why, Ekon?" Mom asked me sadly. "I only wanted to have some fun," I muttered. "Do you know how dangerous that was?" Dad roared. "I didn't mean to," I protested. "I fell down a hill, and that lioness found me," I explained. "She is not just a lioness, Ekon. Her name is Layia and she is Zira's daughter," Mom said quietly. "We don't want you to get hurt, Ekon. Promised to listen to us from now on," Dad said. "Yes, sir," I said quietly. "Let's go home," Mom said.

That night, I made up my mind to run away. As I quietly made my way down Pride Rock for the last time, I thought of Kali. She had saved my life. Layia would probably punish Kali horribly. Kali was brave. I wasn't.

When I got to the watering hole, I looked back at Pride Rock. "Good-bye, Mom. Good-bye, Dad," I whispered. I started running. As the sun peeked over the horizon, I stepped into the jungle where my grandfather Simba was raisedby Timon and Pumba.

Soon, I found a cave. It had plenty of space, a river, and food sources. I drank and soon fell fast asleep. 

I lived at the cave until I was a full-grown lion. My days were full of fun. Some days exploring, some swimming, and some hunting. 

One day, while exploring, I heard a beautiful voice singing. I paused and listened. I'd heard that song before. It was the exile song. The voice was sad and sweet. Suddenly, I accidently stepped on a twig. The song stopped. The next thing I knew, a young lioness jumped in front of me.

Snarling, we faced off. She attacked first. I dodged and swiped at her. She swiped back. She growled and pounced, pinning me. "Let go of me," I growled. Suddenly, I recognized the look in her eyes. I stopped growling. "Kali?" I asked. Instantly, she let me up. "Who are you?" she asked, trembling. "Kali, it's me, Ekon," I said. "You saved me when we were cubs. Remember?" I explained. Her eyes opened wide. "Is it really you?" she asked. I nodded.

"You're the Prince, maybe the King," she said, confused. "How are you all the way back here? Exile?" she asked curiously. "No. I ran away the night you rescued me," I answered. I looked down. "They don't know where I am. My parents probably think that I am dead," I continued. "Oh," she said quietly. Now it was my turn to be confused. "How do you not know what's happening in Pride Rock?" I asked. She looked away, avioding my gaze. "Exile. When I was young," she replied quietly. "How?" I asked, surprised. "Layia exiled me because I helped you escape," she explained. "Oh," I said.

I took her back to my cave. We talked about our lives in the jungle. Kali was very easy to talk to. Her name was true. She was beautiful. Kali was also fun. 

If I wanted to go for a swim, she'd make it some type of a competition. If I wanted to wrestle, she'd make us stand off. If I wanted to explore, she'd make us play hide and seek.

Because of these reasons, I fell in love.

We lived at the cave for a few more months. And, as always, Kali made everything fun. One day, I got up the nerve to aske her how she came up with all the competitions. She answered, "When you've been in Exile, for a while, you daydream. When you daydream, your imagination grows." I was satisfied with that answer. 

I let Kali do the hunting. But one day, she didn't return. I waited anxiously for her. Finally, after two days, I decided to go and look for her.

I entered stealth mode. Then, I saw something. Pawprints. I followed them to a cave. Suddenly, I realized where I was. "Layia's cave!" I thought. "Do I really dare to risk my life for Kali?" I asked myself. "Of course I do. She risked hers to save me when we were cubs. I love her," I answered myself. 

Suddenly, my thoughts froze. I heard something coming. I ducked behind a rock formation. "Let go of me!" I heard a familiar voice say. "Kali!" I thought. "You know you could have come back, Kali," I heard Layia. Kali replied, "I didn't want to. I met up with one of my old friends. I decided to stay with them." "Ha! Old friend! Who is this old friend?" Layia asked. "I promise I wouldn't say," Kali said boldly. "You will tell, or your life isn't worth anything!" Layia threatened.

At that moment, I sprang. I had been waiting for the right moment. As Layia made her threat, I realized this was my chance. As Kali saw me enter, she cried, "Ekon! Help!" 

Even though Kali and I were the only ones fighting against fourteen lions, most of them were wounded. "Let's go, Kali!" I roared. She nodded and we ran out of the cave together.

Kali and I didn't stop running until we arrived at our cave. Suddenly, she stopped. She looked me deep in the eye. "Thank you, Ekon, for saving my life my life," she said. "Now, we are even," I replied. Kali smiled, and licked my face. "Come on," she said. 

As we entered the cave, I got to thinking about my family. They probably gave up on finding me. I asked myself why I ran away. After thinking about this, I  wondered if Kali would return to Pride Rock with me. "It's alright to ask," I thought.

I found myself saying, "I am the heir to the throne. I am going to return to Pride Rock. Will you come with me, Kali?" She looked at me. "Yes," she said quietly.

We left the next day. I was so anxious, I started running. "Walk, Ekon," Kali kept reminding me. When Pride Rock was finally in sight, I told Kali to keep behind me. Apparently, someone had seen or heard us because when we ascended, we saw several snarling lionesses and Kovu in the center.

When they saw me, they stopped growling. "Ekon?" Kovu asked. "Ekon?" Kiara repeated. I nodded. The next thing I knew, my parents were running towards me and nuzzling me.

After they recovered from their shock, they asked me about my story. When I finished, they were silent. "I guess we were a little too hard on you," Kiara said quietly. "And who is this lovely lioness behind you?" Kovu asked. Then, I remembered Kali.

"This is Kali. She rescued me that day in the Outlands. She is the one Layia exiled," I answered, gazing at Kali. "Nice to meet you, Your Majesties," she said softly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kali," Kovu and Kiara said together. 

Now, I think the reason my parents accepted Kali quickly is because they remembered their love. They probably didn't want us to suffer like they did.

The day of our marrige, Kali and I went back to our cave for the final. We said farewell to it and all the wonderful times we'd had. 

As we stood on Pride Rock together that evening, a feeling of peace came over me. I was home. Kali and I were the new rulers. We had a job to do.



Submitted: May 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 maryleedurham11. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

This really brought back fond memories of "The Lion King."
Very sweet that Ekon was reunited with his family and fell in love with Kali.
Looks like they have lots of adventures ahead of them
Great start.

Tue, May 5th, 2020 8:21am


Thank you so much! I have other stories called Kidnapped, The Queen's Test, Kion's Cub, and The Quest. Check those out if you haven't already.

Tue, May 5th, 2020 5:17am

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