Because of You

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Sometimes those in some of the most important positions go seemingly unnoticed until tough times. But these heroes work to protect us each and every day, whether they be doctors, nurses and emts caring for the sick, police officers keeping people safe from crime or firefighters helping people trapped to safety. This poem is dedicated to those who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keep our communities safe and healthy in order to keep the fire of hope burning brightly.

Your alarm clock interrupts the stillness of the morning,

announcing the beginning of a new day.

You turn it off,

get up

and get dressed.


You are up before the city awakes.

Headed to the front line you go unnoticed.

As you walk out the door before your children stir.

To the hospital,

to the station,

to work.


Because of You.


The streets are silent as you make your morning drive.

They are empty as angels watch over you from above.

As you put on your uniform and slip on your gloves.

You serve in the care of others.


You never begin a normal day.

You never know what is ahead as you walk in each morning.

What sorrow,

what heartbreak,

what frustration,

what joy.


Because of You.


You respond to the call.

The call from the sick,

from the wounded,

from the trapped.


You work sunup to sundown.

Hustling from room to room.

Building to building.

Street to street.

Moving like angels in the dark.


Because of You.


You bring a calm with your touch.

You bring children to safety

And go to where there is no safety.

You are there.


No matter the time of day,

You are at the bedside of a stranger, now a friend.

No matter the person,

You help them.

No matter the life,

You try to save it.

No matter the call,

You answer it.

No matter.


Because of You.

There is hope for the hopeless.

There is joy amongst the sadness.

There is light in the dungeon of darkness.

There is breath for the breathless.

There is a brighter future.


You get home after a long day.

You are tired and worn down.

As you lay your head on your pillow

And turn off the light,


A fire of hope continues to burn in the darkness.


Because of You.

Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Rappwriter59. All rights reserved.

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