My Life Portrayed By Steven Spielberg Films:

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My Life Portrayed By Steven Spielberg Movies: (My Original Idol)


Firelight = Home invasions in Farmington Hills


Amblin’ = Waving to friendly girls on the beach of West Palm Beach 2009


Something Evil = The “Ghost” Email Message


Duel = Crazy Accident right in front of dunckel in 2005


Savage = Court part of Rouse divorce


Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies = Cross country road trip to Tennessee


The Sugarland Express = Cousin Kevin in Redemption process


Jaws = Bumping into a Sand shark (maybe seeing a buck-naked blonde swimming afar)


Close Encounters of the Third Kind = Music full blast on iPad


1941 = Civil War Battlefront sketches


Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark = The white crosses discovered after a LONG plane ride to Mexico City, Mexico.


ET: The Extra Terrestrial = “The Aliens are coming!,” – Leah Hasted on home video.


Poltergeist = The Devil Attacking Me Blindly


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom = “Anything Goes!,” – sweet Melody O’Neal


The Goonies = Billy Mays is the true Superman!


The Color Purple = Winnie’s favorite color


Back to the Future = Going 88 mph on the speedway


An American Tail = Animoto Vids


Empire of the Sun = Japanese fes of junior year advanced a.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit = My entire Disney and animation collection and beyond!


Always = Jacob Cantrell’s Snazzy Airplane


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade = Drinking Holy wine in St. JF and other parishes


Back to the Future Part II = Big Brother poster in Mrs. Luna Pocahontas Belle’s class (Dodick)


Back to the Future Part III = Cousin Uta’s Farm


Hook = The Peter Pan Ride Experience at Walt Disney World


Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation = Winnie as Porky Pig and Patchy junior and senior as most notably, the Tasmanian devil


Jurassic Park = Watching Power Rangers: Dino Thunder


Schindler’s List = The Holocaust Museum of Farmington Hills


The Flintstones = A Catholic can believe in Evolution


Casper = Winnie speaking to me from afar in clouds


Balto = “You are most like Duck, Humphrey!”


The Lost World: Jurassic Park = JP mobile game


Men in Black = “This pug looks like he’s all ready to go to the beach!,” – Auntie Winnie the pug =)!


Amistad = “A Dickie?!” Daddle’s lake boat


Saving Private Ryan = Star Wars Battlefront at Nicholas’


AI: Artificial Intelligence = Furby’s! =)


Jurassic Park III = JP Rampage LPs


Shrek = “Oh, I want my baby back baby back baby backs RIIIIIIBBBSS!!!!”


Minority Report = Suspecting Creeping Menace’s Ways


Men in Black II: Alien Attack = Receiving Sparky/ Winnie the stuffed Pug


Catch Me If You Can = North Farmington slackers


The Terminal = Airplane Rides with Winnie’s Cute, Chubby face! X))))


War of the Worlds = The computer graphics of WWII in world history class


Munich = Government class and how America’s secretly betrayed us


Star Wars III = Saying good-bye to now tragic Farmington


Transformers = Witnessing Machinery made in Michigan (General Ford)


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull = Elvis shirt of mine


How To Train Your Dragon = The Jagular rubbing human pug


War Horse = Horseback Riding with Baby Piglet


Super 8 = Chicago Train rides


The Adventures of Tintin = MLP the Movie experience


Men in Black III = Paintings and drawings of pugs from FAR art therapy


Jurassic World = Dinosaurs in the Zoo!


The BFG = Henritca the VERY tall fes freshmen year


The Post = Washington DC Trip


Ready Player One = Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom = Toy avalanche with dinosaurs


Men in Black IV = Regina’s five pugs!!! X)


How to Train Your Dragon III: The Hidden World = Claudio the Jagular and Quasimodo together


West Side Story = Freshmen year musical


Jurassic World: Dominion = Costume dinosaurs in neighbors and every possible school, my 7-year-old one and Ms. Adan’s included

Submitted: May 03, 2020

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