Becoming the Author

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Why is it important to write your story and not follow someone else's? Here is my point

Becoming the Author

In noisy cities and slowly living towns, near mountains and seas, in frosty winter and sultry summer, millions of eyes of lost in their minds people are eager to find, see, be able to: gain the career or personal growth, improve life or change their surroundings, find themselves, and achieve their goals.

It doesn’t matter how full the life is and how much one is loved, how happy within the walls of his home and successful. Each person hopes to receive certain opportunities: get a raise or change jobs, meet the love of all life or new friends, learn something or bring his thoughts to others. Whatever the desire of a man, there will always be a possibility for him in the world. The universe is so arranged that it will always give the answer to any question, suggest a solution or path, reveal all the secrets and possible options. But it will never make the very one thing: the universe does not choose.

The story of a person is not written before he hits the road. It exists only from the moment of his birth until the moment in which it exists. Plus, a split second which is the very moment when a person makes a decision. Karma is nothing more than a credit of the universe that we can earn or spend. Our future is the story we write on our own.

There are several irrational reasons for the omission of opportunities, among which there are the fear of failure, lack of self-reliance, dependence on the opinions and actions of other people, lack of understanding of oneself, one’s real desires and needs.

Learning to see opportunities is easy enough: you need to rely less on the patterns of your thinking, not dwell on stereotypes, and develop your creativity to notice ways, solutions, and ideas that are different from public ones. Learning to use all the opportunities opened for you is much more difficult. The roots of self-doubt and fear of failure grow from a common source. It is deep inside, and a person will have to work with it personally and for quite a long time. It is worth starting with drawing up an honest list of your strengths and achievements, after which you will have a long and sincere conversation with yourself, the basis for which will be the following questions:

- what I’m afraid of

- why I’m afraid of it

- why this fear is most likely meaningless

Answers to these questions will show you that nothing can prevent you from going the desired path. Chapters and characters may be added to a human's history, sometimes unexpectedly, but this story will end only when the person ceases to exist.

Ignorance of oneself, one’s desires and needs (and not those imposed by society), will make a person too dependent on the opinions of other people, on their expectations, and prejudices.

If a person does not write his own story himself, going through chapters one by one, along with mistakes and failures on the road to success, then why be surprised that all the possibilities go to outside "authors", and not to him.

Before looking for opportunities, become the Author of your life.

Anastasia Kis

Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Anastasia Kis. All rights reserved.

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Practical and sound advice, t’would appear to have come from someone far beyond your apparent years!!!

Fri, June 5th, 2020 8:58am


Not an advice but something I realized while reflecting on my life, dreams, mistakes.

Tue, June 16th, 2020 12:24am

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