The Lady by the Lake House

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

this short story is based on the suspense , thrill and something unexpected waiting to reveal at the end.
the story is about the search of parents by the lady by the lake house whom she lost at a very age.
hind to the mystery is the lake. it has something very shocking to lets begin reading.....

Mountains, valleys , tress and a beautiful chalet with a frozen lake on the backyard. Doesn’t that sounds like a perfect wall hangings which is easily available in the market?
Well , I am talking about a young lady in her twenties now , who is just the perfect example of elegance and eternal beauty.

At the age where other kids play and have fun , this young lady named Caroline was struggling the battle to survive. She was just six, when her parents died in a car accident, when they headed to this lake house .This chalet belonged to her grandparents who perished long years back.

Caroline was five when she came here to this house with her parents and maternal aunt. Now the only guardian she has is her maternal aunt Jessica.

Caroline was terribly traumatized by her parents loss and it became really miserable for that young champ to survive without them. She was a very sweet but salty kid, who was a combination of kindness with naughty factor in her. In short , a happy kiddo. The accident changed her completely and she was no more the Caroline she was to be. It took her long 15 years to cope up , move on  and start a new life.

Caroline started to paint. Paint what she saw , she felt or dreamt. Jessica had no child of her own and after her sister's death she loved Carol as her own kid. Jessica saw Carol’s painting and sensed her interest in it, decided to take her to a painting school, located down the valley. Caroline accompanied by her aunt started going to the class everyday. After a month and so, Carol started visiting the place on her own. 

There was a dream which haunted Carol day and night. Soon she stared hallucinating her dream and one day……

It was spring season , the trees overloaded with fruits , flowers bloomed, beautiful fragrance
 of the freshness of the valley . The lake was not frozen , and it was the favourite place  of Caroline in the entire chalet. This was because her parents loved watching her play here and skating on the frozen lake. After they left , the lake became her family.  
 The dream which haunted her and followed her everywhere was ,she saw her parents . Yeah, her dead parents. Earlier, it was only in dreams when she saw them , but, now  she saw them everywhere.
 She tried to have conversation with aunt Jessica , but, she did not believe her words. She believed that Carol still had not moved on. She neglected this .
 Caroline started spending more time by the lake side because she felt her parents presence there. Spring was gone and winter started to fall and soon within a week the entire valley was covered with snow everywhere. Carol still was spending time here, by the lake side. Now , she started having a lamp with her . 
 Carol had now stopped painting. Day and night sitting with the lamp by the lake she thought about the dream. Well, seeing her dead parents was not all she dreamt and hallucinated. There was something more to reveal.
 There was something which her parents wanted to tell her. But what was that? 
 One day , when Carol was sleeping in her bedroom woke up suddenly. She felt very cold and sensed someone presence in there. She looked around her bedroom but, could find nothing. She went  back to bed, and this time alert and her eyes wide open . She could hardly make out what was it that she suddenly woke up for, that, she felt the same presence again. This time it did not vanish.
 It was there and the presence became denser . Caroline followed it and she was standing in her roof top. 
 She saw a lady with the lamp sitting by the frozen lake. It was Caroline. YES, she was dead too . It was all her hallucination that she saw of her being alive and aunt Jessica looking after her. after her parents death she jumped in the lake and died. Her parents presence was all what she dreamt of. 
 A dream of getting her parents back.

Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Shivani singh. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Awww i didn't expect that ending!
Poor Caroline, unable to deal with the loss of her parents... even after her own death.
Good story Shivani.

Tue, July 7th, 2020 7:32am

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