Chance Missed & Fate Entwined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Can the past follow you in your footsteps?
Leah Smith had started a new life two years back, throwing her past out the window. She had friends, a family that supported her from afar but past caught up to her the day she decided to help her friend. and this little favor dragged her to the place she ran from.
Leah has always been strong, witty, confident, and creative but the moment Michael Evans came in front of her, her strong, independent self-shattered.
Michael Evans a strong, successful businessman. his intimating aura would make him hard to get along with but just a touch from Leah would break him in a million pieces.

They both had an impact on each other that none of them can deny or put it in words.

Table of Contents


I tucked my white shirt in my black pencil skirt, pulled my hair up into a bun, and took one last look at my reflection in the mirror jus... Read Chapter


Chapter#2: ‘You don’t have to worry love you do know that right?’ he hugged her from behind holding her in a gentle but firm gr... Read Chapter


Chapter#3: Michael I frowned the moment my flight landed at the airport, I was never a big fan of the weather of UAE but I had to... Read Chapter

chapter# 4

‘Leah’ the moment he said my name I wanted to throw myself in his arms and wrap my arms around him and not let go. Of all the things ... Read Chapter

Chapter# 5

Once they reached back at the office Leah went her way to her office as the driver drop Michael off at his home. A luxurious apartment on... Read Chapter

Chapter# 6

Work got hectic as the COO and CEO both were back and would soon be resuming their places, the week ran by and Saturday came up the welco... Read Chapter

Chapter# 8

Michael grabbed his coat and car keys and Leah walked him to the door, he kissed her ‘how about we have lunch tomorrow?’ Leah shook h... Read Chapter

chapter# 9

Matthew went home to Renee’s as he picked up dinner for her and some other baby stuff that he thought she might need. He opened the... Read Chapter

Chapter# 10

The next morning Leah got up her hair a mess and the moment she got up Michael frowned ‘we can go in late Leah’ but Leah got up yawni... Read Chapter

Chapter# 11

Leah was woken up by little feather kisses until she opened her eyes to find Michael leaning next to her. ‘Good morning’ Leah smi... Read Chapter

Chapter# 12

Two years back It was the start of summer at the end of February, the morning was a bit windy and Leah was waiting at the airport for... Read Chapter

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