Children's short stories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

This will be my short story web. You will find all types of short stories here. Some might be a little long and some might be extremely short but the length of my writing will not affect my wrting quality. I am always doing my best. Hope you will enjoy my short storys

The story of a blind girl

“ Hey, John, where are you? Bro? The party is about to start. I can’t believe you left before the party, ” grumbled Stanley. 

“ I didn’t, I just left for drinks. Anyway, I will call you back in a minute. I am rushing back already. ” John ended the call and stormed into the store. 

“ A bottle of chilled blueberry juice, please. ” John took out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the staff. John’s phone buzzed again, it was Stanley. He picked it up unwillingly. 

“ Come on, bro. It is counting down. ” Stanley screamed over the crowds. John could barely hear him over the phone. 

“ OK, OK, relax! I am running back to school. ” John slammed the door open and started to run. A few people turned and looked at John with warm coffee in their hands. 

John gasped after he arrived at school, Stanley patted his back and took John to their seat. They settled down. 

“ Boys and girls, welcome to the graduation ceremony of 2020. We would like to start the ceremony with some fun activities. Let’s welcome the first singer with a warm round of applause, ” said one of Stanley's friends on the stage. A girl came onto the stage, dressed in a light sea blue dress. Her tiny feet look strange in high heels. Even more odd, she was wearing a dark brown box on her head which covered her face. John frowned. In the middle of the crowds, she seems small and helpless. Nobody knows what she was doing on the stage. She looked mismatched with noisy party. 

“ Look, she is frightened, lacking self-confidence. She isn’t even prepared for the ceremony. She is wasting our time, ” yelled someone in the crowds. The girl's fingers curled around the microphone, trembling with fear. 

“ Get out of here. Stop wasting our time, ” more and more people shouted. The girl exhaled. 

“ Purple skies and violet rainbows and all the angles passing by.  With their words they try to break you but they can't shake you with all their lies...” 

Her voice sounded from the box. The noises stopped. John looked right back at the girl. Although her volume was small, sounding helpless, there was a bit of magic in her voice that captured his heart. 

“ Another day we will survive, another day is worth the fight. Today we will rise, we will walk the rainbows and take over the sky...” Someone started to clap along the melody. John’s hands started to clap automatically. 

“ I can’t believe you like songs like this. I thought you are a cool boy who likes rap. ” Stanley looked at John with unbelief in his eyes. John did not answer him. 

“ Cause you are beautiful, just like the purple sky. ” The girl sang. Her voice was so beautiful and unique that all the crowds indulge themselves into the song. 

John then understood the reason she put the box on her head. The box wasn’t only used to cover her face. Instead, she couldn’t see who wasn’t satisfied with her presentation. All she can hear is the applause and bravos. John smiled secretly. The girl left the stage after she sang, winning a round of applause. She did not take the box off her head, but wore it until she completely disappeared from the stage. John stood up. 

“ What are you doing? Chasing after a failure? She is playing tricks on you, John. ” Stanley grabbed John on the arm. John shook his hand off and strode away.

 Olivia W.


The story of a killer and the violinist

" Summer, it's your violin practice time. You don't want to miss it, " Summer's mom shouted from downstairs. Summer sighed. She took out her violin and was n the ready position. Her violin looked elegant and graceful under the moonlight. Unaware of her surroundings, a killer was already in his position, aiming his gun at Summer's head. He had his mission to kill every girl who can play violin. He hated female violinists. Slowly, music floated throught the strings. The music sounded peaceful and loving, creating a dream of courage and love. Music filled every corner of her room, including the corner of the killer's heart.

I will allow her to finish this piece, the killer thought, lowered his gun. Despit his anxious, he listened til the last note ended on the string. The killer pointed his gun and Summer again, aiming at her head. Summer did not move, as if she knew someone was about to shoot her. She sighed deeply. The killer furrowed, he aimed at Summer again. One, two, three, counted the killer silently. Unexpectedly, his finger moved away from the fingerboard. Every cell in his body started to overwhelm with love and peace. Summer placed her violin back into the case. Her face looked pale even in the dark, her gem blue eyes shined. Summer walked out of the room, leaving the killer alone in the dark.

Olivia W.




“ What are you thinking, Greg? Talking about money and reputation before the business even started? What on earth are you thinking? Do you know how much trouble you bring to our company? ” The boss yelled to a strpling, as angry as someone burnt fire on his clothes. Greg looked down at the floor, all he wanted was more money to take care of his family. His mom was sick in bed, couldn’t go to the hospital for surgery because of their economical problem. His son was about to graduate from elementary, his wife wanted to send their child aboard. 

“ I am sorry, Jeffery, give me another chance. I am too upset these days, ” Greg picked up his paperworks on the ground and begged. 

“ Look, I won’t fire you but you need to be suspended for a month. ” Jeffery the boss sat on his chair with anger. A month? Greg’s family couldn’t go for a month without salary. 

“ Please, Jeffrey. I couldn’t go a month without pay. ” 

“ Greg, you need to understand. If I don’t suspend you, the other staff will follow what you were doing. I am sorry but I won’t change my mind. ” Jeffery waved his hand. Greg fretted and left. 

“ What a damn week! Hell on me. ” Greg thought as he arrived home. His wife Sarah took his bag from him and put it on the couch. Greg sat on the couch next to Sarah. 

“ How was your negotiation? How much do you think Jeffery will reward you? ” Sarah asked excitedly. She wanted to send their son James to study in England. Sarah’s words burnt Greg’s anger. He stood up, staring at Sarah’s face, annoyed. 

“ Money, money, money? Can you talk about something other than money? I am already so stressed and you picked up the topic I do not want to discuss? ” Greg yelled, leaving the living room with a temper, slamming the door hard. Sarah looked at the door guiltily, all she wanted was to get her son a better education. James turned away from the tv to see what happened. Sarah stared at James, transferring her temper on her son. 

“ Video games again? Now I see why you can’t get an A on social studies. Video games preoccupied your brain. Get the hell out of here. ” Sarah picked up James’s PSFour and threw them out of the window. The PSFour wracked into pieces. James looked at his mother, shocked. 

“ What are you doing? That’s expensive. ” James ran to the window. His eyes burnt with fire as he saw the cracked PSFour. 

“ Who do you think you are? Talking to me like that? ” Sarah screamed. James went back to his room hysterically. His dog Jassy came to lick his hand. 

“ Go away. ” James threw a pillow at Jassy. The pillow hit timid Jassy hard on her body. The dog ran out of the house. Jeffery just walked past Greg’s house, singing Christmas songs in a low voice. Jassy barked at him loudly, bit him on the leg and ran back to Greg’s house. 


To John Astor in Canada

John, I am Emma Crawley. Do you still remember me? I am on my way to Canada and I need a place to stay. Ever since the victory of American Revolution, the militants started to toture and murder people like me. Canada is my only hope where I can start a new life.

My family lived a happy life in New York before the revolution. Dad joint the army in 1775 after the revolution began and suffered. Mom soon died after she got smallpox. From then on, I started to live on my own. I worked for the grocery story next to my house in order to maintain a living. One day was we were working in the grocery store; two British men went inside the store. They saw me work in the grocery store and started to chat with me. The landlady told them to leave me alone but ends up being beaten. They took me and left the grocery store; I was wondering where they were going to take me to. They took me to their house, with a front yard garden and a few African American slaves. One of the British men told me I am going to work here for the rest of my life. I started to doubt why they were so kind to me. I understood as soon as I entered the house. Beautiful and enchanting women rushed to the two men’s side and started to flirt. My eyes wild up with fear. I did not want to work as a sex slave. I tried hard not to scream out the fear inside my heart. Luckily, I get to know a young woman named Susie. She told me to work as a maid in order to avoid being raped. Fortunately, everyone treated me as a house maid. I did nothing more than do their hair and clean up the bedrooms.

One day as I was wandering through the garden, I saw an African American slave named Phil working in the garden. He told me not to worry, the American troop led by George Washington will take over here soon. I would come to the garden and talk to Phil except when

I was working. We started to talk about what the days will be like after the revolution. My days started to become rosy.

On November 16, 1776, the American troops attacked our village. The two British men and some slaves were killed. They killed the women and maids even if they were Americans. Phil and I sneaked out of the house from the backdoor and started to run. We stayed in an empty stable for the night. While I slept, the flame light outside lit up the whole stable. I was woken by the noises outside. I peeked outside and saw the American militants holding torches, persecuting one of the American. They called him the United Empire loyalist and set fire on his clothe. I woke Phil, we run away from the stable without anyone noticing.

I had no idea where we were fleeing, it was some place in the north which Phil called Canada. This Canada is where we can start a brand-new life. To me, Canada meant a new life. To Phil, escape meant a journey of hundreds of miles through unknown country, where he was usually easy to recognize. Sometimes we sleep in other people’s backyards, in the woods and in the stables. We starve if we did not find foods. Even so, none of us intend to give up.

I am asking you for help. Please do not contact me before I send you another letter.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Lawrence



Claudia lied on her soft, puffy bed. Her room filled with pink, rosy things. Little pinky note on her wall, light pink pillows piled next to her bed. She looked through her instagram, trying to discover something new. 

“ Confess to your love, buy our perfume, be romantic and be loved, ” said the advertisement, promoting its products. Light blue bottled perfume appeared on the screen. Her eyes were preoccupied. Sample names such as Tina, Jason were engraved on the perfume. Claudia furrowed. 

Twelve days left until the graduation ceremony. Claudia wasn’t prepared to face the truth. She was not going to graduate this year but a boy who was going to graduate, Robin Kim. They have been friends since Claudia first met him at school. Their friendship wasn’t obvious, they did not scream over the cafeteria to see each other, they did not even talk to each other. All they did was a little look. Robin raised his eyebrows as he saw Claudia but Claudia never looked back. She was too shy to look back at him. His perfect face shined with handsome and joy, his dark brown eyes appear to be gems engraved in the dark blue sky. Everything about him was perfect, perfect grades, perfect characteristics, and a perfect family. But her normal grades, normal look, and disorganized locker, too easy to be transformate. 

Claudia sight. 

It was in the music room where they first met, Robin as a second violin, and Claudia as the third violin. She dared not to speak or look at him when Robin glanced at her. One day after a tough string practice, Claudia laid her violin in her case and intended to go. A piece of music stopped her, she glanced back at the piano practice room. It was Robin who was playing her favourite piano song- “Flower Dance''. 

“ That’s beautiful, ” Claudia exclaimed. Robin stopped and looked at her. Claudia blushed. 

“ Thank you. This is my favourite piece, ” Robin smiled a handsome smile. 

“ Same. ” 

The scene appeared again and again in Claudia’s head. She did not know what the feeling was but she felt different when she met him.

Till then, she knows he is going to graduate from high school, she felt a part of her is missing, emptiness filled up the corner of her heart. 

“ That’s love. You should tell him, ” Claudia’s best friend Cecilia told her when they walk back home together. 

“ I can’t and it is not love. I am sure, ” Claudia denied. Cecilia shrugged. 

“ This is the only chance. He is going to graduate, confessing to him is no harm to the both of you, ” Cecilia said. Claudia thought for a moment. True, no harm, but if she does not tell him, the seed of pity will grow inside the soil of her heart.

Just as Claudia was about to nod, two people came into their view. A girl in silver was wandering around Robin, laughing as if she was the most happy girl on earth. Robin smiled at her too. The smile struck Claudia’s heart like a meteorite. Claudia turned her head away from them, tears welled up in her eyes. Cecilia looked at them, shocked. 

“ That’s not his girlfriend. You misunderstood them, Clau? ” Cecilia shook Claudia’s shoulder. She did not have the courage to look at them again. The girl next to Robin looked gorgeous, they look so matchy together. Claudis remained silent until she got home, and saw the perfume on her instagram. 

The next day, Claudia still met Robin in the cafe. Robin still smiled at Claudia when he met her. Claudia smiled back.


Sound of the ocean (Play)

Threatia: (sounding angry) How dare you disobey your father’s will? 

Gelena: (looking at her mom in the mirror) I have my own right to follow my heart and marry the one who can make me happy. 

Threatia: You know perfectly that David is the one that can reign your kingdom. We are running out of money, and if you marry him, our kingdom will become wealthier than ever. 

Gelena: (provoked) How can you be so selfish? 

Threatia: How can you be so selfish? Your wedding will be scheduled on the day after tomorrow. I hope you will not disappoint your father and me. 

Gelena: (sigh) I wish I shall. 


(Gelena did not sleep during the night. She wished Joseph would appear somewhere in her palace, asking her to elope with him.) 


Joseph: (whispering) Gelena? Gelena? 

Gelena: (wake up from her sleep) Joseph? 

Joseph: Come to the window. Let’s run away. I will take you away from this miserable family and elope from this terrible disaster. 

Gelena: (run to the balcony, saw Joseph standing under her balcony with his arms opened wide. She hesitated.) My mom is probably right. I need to save my kingdom from being raped by the elderly and sovereigns. 

Joseph: Gelena, don’t allow your mom to preoccupy your emotions. You know coherently that you love me, not David. 

Gelena: You are right. I do love you. 


( She runs back into her room, dresses in her fine clothes and ties her bed sheet into a chain so that she can escape from the window. Joseph waited. ) 


Gelena: (jump off the rope) Where are we going? 

Joseph: To a better place, a place without the rural and immortal. My homeland. 

Gelena: To the nunnery? 

Joseph: (furrow) How shall I correct you, my dear Gelena? I can offer you living security even though I am a nunn. 

Gelena: Let’s elope. 


(After a night riding on the horses, both of them are exhausted. They find a plain land, and settle for a short nap.) 


Fairy One: Who are they? 

Fairy Two: A nunn and a princess. 

Fary Three: Forbidden love? 

Fairy Two: Looks like. 

Fairy One: Shall we report to the queen? 


(They return to the cave, report everything to their fairy queen, Corsica.) 

Corsica: Interesting indeed. I understand them with all my heart, but shall not allow them to ruin their lives, and the kingdom of Sinisy. Find the royales and tell them their daughter, the princess is eloping with a nunn.

Fairies: Yes, your highness. 


(Joseph and Gelena wake up, fearing Gelena’s parents will discover them. They run away quickly.)


Threatia: What? 

Fairies: They are in our kingdom right now. 

Threatia: What foolish girl. You shall bring her back, David. 

David: (determined) Yes, I will bring her back safely. 


(After a whole day of eloping, Gelena and Joseph stop by the water.) 


Gelena: So, tell me about your country. I dare say it is a lovely and wealthy kingdom. 

Joseph: Yes, Gelena, a lovely and wealthy kingdom. No pain, no worries, no debts. 

Gelena: But death. 

Joseph: Death is something everybody will face one day. 

Gelena: Not us. 

Joseph: You are right, not us. Our love is eternal. 

Gelena: This is the water of truth. Whoever drinks from this ocean shall receive eternal life. Go for eternal life, Joseph. Drink the water. 

Joseph: (unwillingly)You know I love you. (Gelena watches him drain down the whole shell of water.) 


(Far under the ocean, the sea fairies are in rapture. They finally receive a guest from Sinisy.)


Sea Fairies: Go, Alenia, test the couples with your beauty. Bless them if the nun did not change his heart. 

Alenia: I shall test their faith. ( She swims up to the surface of the water.) 

Gelena: Look, it’s a mermaid. (She points at Alenia who is under the water. Alenia sticks her head out of the water. Her diamond-like skin glows under the moonlight. Joseph can't help staring at her gorgeous face.)

Gelena: Are you the one to prove our pure, innocent love? 


(Alenia starts to sing her heavenly tunes with her sweet voice. Joseph is preoccupied. He soon forgets about Gelena. David came out of the woods, exhausted, discovering Gelena and Joseph by the water.) 


David: There you are! 

Gelena: Joseph, we need to go. Joseph? 

Joseph: You foolish, ugly woman, leave me alone. ( He pulls out his hand from Gelena. Gelena collapses on the ground, groaning in pain. Meanwhile Alenia is singing, David walks next to Gelena and kneels beside her.) 

Alenia: I am here to prove that the man next to you is the one who loves you. 

Gelena: But I don’t love him. 

Alenia: You foolish princess. (swims away)

Gelena: (turn to David) I might be mistaken. If only you forgive my foolishness. 

David: I shall forgive you. Drink the water of truth, and prove to me you love me. 


(Gelena drinks the water. No mermaids appear.)


David: Is this love? 

Gelena: Thou shall not dare my faith. 


(They return back to Sinisy, married on the second day. Joseph waits and waits, but Alenia hasn’t appeared again. The desperate make him suffer. ) 




Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Olivia Radcliffe Vey. All rights reserved.

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