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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two completely different worlds clash when a mobster promises to help a nun find the parents of an abandoned infant outside his club.


Awaken by the alarm yet again to do the same thing today as every day, wake up, prayer time, taking my run, breakfast, cleaning the chapel, prayer and worship, beading time with the kids, lunch, confessions, Art and Dance class, prayer then bed. Waking to do it all over again, Lady jade was just now letting me become a Lady, I was already a teacher for some of the children here. Teaching Art and Dance was a good way to release tension and this weird feeling that I was missing something. Sighing after a long day of working, cleaning, and kids that just love making noise, I pull out a forbidden magazine staring at the beautiful ladies wear tight-fitting clothes, or even swimsuits that were barely there. I've been here nearly my whole life since I was 5 years old, my dad dropped me here saying he will come back in three hours that was 25 years ago. They took me in and that was when the Ladies started the orphanage. 
"Liza, Lady Jade..." Lady Staci gasped as she saw the book in my hand. 
"Liza Oms, you are a Lady in waiting those are forbidden to you now." she scolds 
"Please, I know just keep it between us" pleading with her as we ran down the hall rushing into Lady Jade's office, she slammed the book down before turning to me smiling. She sat me up yet again, using my curiosity for the outside world against me. Lady Jade gives me this (are you serious) look as Lady Staci leaves the room. 
"Liza how many times do I have to tell you..."
"You are a Lady and waiting and this is something that is now forbidden" I finished her sentence because this isn't the first or second time I've heard it and it was starting to annoy me to death. 
"You know what I give up, I had it, putting up with you and this I don't owe you anything, you know what give me your rosary and leave now," my jaw hit the floor
"Your out of the Nunnery leave now, here's a check to sub stain you for one month, I'll even help you land a job," she said handing me a check, gulping hard at the reality of my childish reputations. 
"Wait you're kicking me out, I don't have any family or friends, or even a place to go,"
"You should have thought about that before you thought these books were more enjoyable than the Glory book, I didn't have to take you in you know, I did my job I raised you into the Lady you are was is next is up to you." with those words she left the office, dropping to my knees saying one last prayer,
"Please Father help me on this journey, I'm lost" taking my bag and hitting the road, all I owned was three robes, three caps and one pair of black shoes my hair was pulled back in a tight bun under my cap, nightfall was quickly falling as I made my way into town, I had never been in town in the night time. It looked different, scarier, pulling the cap off the first thing to erase from my past. 
Seeing Mr. Brown at his shop I rushed to get the check cashed before he closed,
"Mr. Brown, may I cash this here?"
"Oh, Lady Liza why are you here so late?" I smiled and told him everything and not having a place or food, he packed me a few of his trays on the house, I told I would repay but he declined. Tucking the money into my robe pocket then walking out of the shop taking in the chilled air, taking in my new sense of freedom, sadden by the fact that I didn't have any family to go to. I had last track on time as I walked around the town finding myself in an area of the town I had never seen before. A strong smell of alcohol and smoke made me cough, but that wasn't what stopped me dead in my tracks. Follow the sound growing anxious and nervous finding that the sound was coming from a box laying next to a dumpster. Gasping I quickly pick up the infant that had to be barely 5 weeks old, shushing it just a bit until I found the mom. She had to be inside the club obviously looking for the father here, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind thinking against my better judgment I rush into the bar holding the baby. Looking high and low even in the bathroom I had asked almost every female here and no one had ever seen this baby.
"Hey what are you doing here? Nuns don't club" someone said behind me, turning to become face to torso with the hulk, Shockingly I fall back on my butt still holding the baby, he pulled me to me feet yanking me through the crowd before I could even speak one word I was thrown into an office. 
"A Nun and a Baby in my club two very big NO NOs," the person sitting at the desk said staring intently at this person his blonde hair comb back, he had a cigar in his mouth but those lips were plump. Clearing my throat snapping myself out of my head saying
"I believe someone inside this club left this baby outside" 
"Doubtful" he snapped laying the cigar in the ashtray then getting up, he wasn't that tall maybe an inch taller than me without my boots, wearing what looked like a very expensive suit but he was lean seeing a hint of tattoos out the sides of his jacket and on his hands. 
"Why don't you ask everyone here?" I snapped back
"Cause, I've known everyone here for years, no one has a brat maybe it's yours" he snickered running his finger down my cheek, making me step back.
"How dare you? You could be the father that the mother is looking for?" I barked nearly biting his finger,
"That's highly unlikely" he laughed 
"Fine, I'll be on my way, here you go," I said handing him the baby, instantly making it cry
"Whoa, what do you want me to do with it?" snickering at his inability to handle a baby, he wasn't even holding it right,
"I'm leaving sir, this is your baby take care of it or find it's parents"
"I have a business to run, I can't look after this thing, oh take it and shut it up" he growled I took the baby from him.
"Find I will care for it until you find the parents, but it has needs..."
"Yeah, yeah Paul" he snapped feeling nervous when the door opened to the hulk standing there,
"Take um..." he waved his hand to get me to say my name,
"Liza Oms"
"Liza to my apartment and get a list of things for the baby, have Mark set up the room before I get home," he said handing me a gold card saying it was for us. That I needed better clothes then a Nun robe, I agreed with that. 
"Um, Sir wh... What's your name?"
"Dante' Noky now go I have work to do." he smiled at me, 
Sometime later we were lead into a penthouse apartment not far from the club within walking distance.  Taking on the scenery in complete awe his modern but dark home didn't look as if anyone lived here. 
"Here," the hulk guy said as he pointed to the door on the left of the hallway. 
"I'm Paul and this is your room, everything you need for the baby will be here in two hours," he said opening the door for me. 
"There is food here make anything you wish, do not go into these two rooms," he said pointing to the two doors across the hallway, nodding in agreement before he left us. Looking down the baby was fast asleep laying it down on the bed sighing I finished off the last tray of food Mr. Brown had given me. The yummy goodness, the chapel had good food but nothing as good as this, pulling the pins out of my hair letting down, rolling all the way down my back I wanted to cut it so many times but just let it go. Jumping when the doorbell rang, 
"Miss Oms, delivery," a man said as I made my way to the door, 
"I'm Miss. Oms" I announced the man smiled handing aboard to sign.
"What room?" 
"Umm this one" he walked in seeing the baby laying on the bed, sleeping still I wondered when the last it was feed or changed, gasping that I didn't give the guy a list of things before I could say anything the guy handed me a bag full of formula and two boxes of diapers and wipes. 
"OK, all set," he said after putting up the playpen cradle. 
"Thank you"
"Boss said tomorrow Paul will take you to get clothes for you and that" he snapped giving me a dirty look before he left, rude I thought
"OK, baby just you and me, let's get you cleaned up" I whispered picking up the bag, I knew a little bit about infant care some it wasn't so hard, 
"Oh so you're a girl, little princess," I said now that I can stop calling her 'it' hating that, Her whaling filled the halls as I bath her, she had a nasty diaper rash from staying so long in a dirty diaper, growling at the thought that this baby could've died a miserable death if I haven't found, her parents didn't even deserve her now. 
"What is that god awful smell and god shut that thing up" someone screamed from the kitchen area, not even bothered with the person I finished dressing the baby in her nasty dirty sleeper, but it was all I had for her. Giving her bottle she settled down, 
"Are you trying to kill it?" the guy Dante' said standing in the doorway.
"HUh" he cocked his eyebrow
"'It' is a girl, and no! she has a diaper rash from the dirty diaper, she had spent hours was that thing on" I explained nearing in tears at how someone could give birth to her and just throw her away like that. 
"Hey why the waterworks" 
"She didn't ask for what her parents did to her" 
"Nun Lady the world is full of fucked people"
"Oh, blessing me" shocked at the words that had just left his mouth. 
"What?" he scrunched up his nose,
"Your words"
"Why aren't you at the church away?" he asked, walking into the room a bit
"I got kicked out," I said under my breathe, but he heard me and busted out laughing 
"I have to know Why?" 
"Looking at a forbidden book" the room boomed in laughter 
"OK, OK, you got your laugh haha, what are we going to call her?" his smile dropped instantly as he turned on left, 
"Hey wait,"
"NO! that is your job, you found the thing, I'm being nice in housing you until we found the parents that's it, don't get attached, I'm not a prince charming to sweep you off your feet" he snapped pointing his finger at me, 
"I never asked to find this baby outside your club, but it is also your responsibility  to help me until then" he growled saying 
"I've done enough it has a bed, diapers, food, now keep it quiet" he snapped, seeing the tiredness in his eyes, he hadn't slept in days possibly. 
"You know God did this..."
"NO!" he shouts making the baby scream 
"why not? Are you not a believer?"
"No, I'm not! Just stay in your room please." with that he walked away slamming his door in my face. Picking up the whaling baby rocking her back and forth, taking in her appearance, she had white hair, peach fuzz, blue eyes, there was a small red mark on her left eye figuring it was her birthmark. 
"Bethani" I said that was what I will call her until I found out her real name. Her blue eyes found my green ones. 


"Noks man, Get up" Paul yells from the front door of my apartment it was too early in the fucking morning for this, Jessica was stretched out on the bed naked, saggy titties hanging off the side of her chest, her dyed green hair looking like a wild birds nest, that fucking nasty smelling free fucked crotch on display. Scrunching up my nose at the thought of my dumb ass eating that shit, swallowing the bile in my throat as Paul busted through the door. 
"Dumb ass get up, time to go, Eww" he snapped seeing the nastiest piece of stripper ass ever and I agreed I put the shit in my mouth, oh No!
"Gross Man really," he jumped back as I puked on the floor, the bitch was lucky I didn't barf on her.
"Dude disinfect the shit out of this place before I get home." I order rushing to the bathroom getting in the shower before scrubbing my mouth out with toothpaste and soap, but that nasty ass after taste was still there gross. I should've been gay, damn it! Men kept their fucking dicks clean at lease, there was no telling how many dicks were in her just yesterday alone. I was too fucking drunk to think, she wasn't worth the $100, more like $10.
Grabbing two large coffees on my way to work, and eating some Micky's food. It took nearly four hours of work before I was able to actually feel like I got shit done. Running a club sound like a great idea when we first thought about it, but when it started attracting people and got out there it is now the hotness club in the city, but the work that I have to put in by myself was tiring. Todd my ex-best friend left this all to me when he overdosed last year, no one knew and I mean no one knew he was in so deep that he was stealing shit from our club and his mom, but he covered it up with stupid shit that at the time it made sense. Smiling as I look up at his pic on my desk he was my everything for a while and even my rock when I got into deep.
"D" Paul whistled waving me to the floor, 
"What's up," I asked walking down the spiral steps these bitches were going to kill me one day. 
"Were short again, three bottles short from last night and this was found under the cash register," he said giving me the look that I didn't want to see again since his brother died Paul hadn't smiled or even a small and he also learned everything there was about junkies and their trades 
"Damn it, Alan" I snapped punching the fucking wall. I had been watching him closely for nearly three months after his car crash, a fucking drunk driver killed his wife that was six months pregnant, he had a broken leg from it. Yesterday would have been her due date and he didn't want the night off, it felt kind of weird to me. 
"Bring him in" growling the order before I left, it was nearly three I had to get going to yet another appointment. Definitely getting the STD test today, shuddering at thought of Jessica then the memory of her riding my face, I had to shave my bread to get the smell out. 'Note to self, Never get a hooker again no matter how desperate you are, you dick will fall off' laughing at the thought of losing it after I finally got it working ha.

"So Doc what's the news," I said jumping off the table this was my last visit and super happy about it. Hated fucking doctors always wanted to point me,
"Test result look good, cancer-free I'm thinking this is the end of it" he smiled making me jump in the air so fucking happy to hear those words, I'm not religions of any sorts but now I was thanking God that I got to live, 
"Thanks, Doc," I said shaking his hand, 
"Sure thing I want you back here in eight months for another scan just to be sure, we will do this for the next three years," he explained 
"But your sure it's gone right?" I had to be sure this was over,
"Almost sure, let's keep up with the scans for now,"  he said giving me a reassuring smiling patting my back before I left. 
Most of the day went by quickly, walking into my office Alan was kneed down with his arms tied back and tape on his mouth, he had track marks all over his arms, shit I didn't see last night
"How did you hide that shit?" I snapped smacking him before ripping the tape off.
"Sir, please I just needed something that took the pain away" 
"Yeah, by stealing for your boss and lying to your family and friends" I was basically talking to Todd at the moment he reminded me of him so much the same shit he did just the night before he killed myself, it was like he couldn't get rid of the pain no matter how hard he's tried. Alan whimpered harder after I punched him a couple of times,
"Paul put together all the evidence you have been stealing well before Alice's death, that tells me you have been on drugs longer than before she got pregnant, meaning you sir do not deserve my pity, you can go meet her now" I growled nodding to Paul, who had to pull his gun executing Alan. 
"Piece of shit liar." he said kicking his dead body than walking away preparing the bar for opening in three hours. Sorting through bottles and papers signing off on new drink orders coming in and inventory may be thinking of having sexy uniforms for the waitress, but thinking against it. They would hate me more if I did that. I ran a pretty tight ship around here, but I can't keep guys from grabbing a jiggling ass that is walking by, Hell if it jiggled the right way I would grab it too. Standing at the window as I watched the floor filled with people and music jumping, drinks flowing. A banging headache as the walls thumbed, the glass of scotch only made it worst, Doc said the new medicine would give me headaches but this shit was splitting my head open.
"Hey, Boss we have a problem," Mick said walking over pulling me to my feet rushing to the window, trying to spot what he was panicking about. My eyes hit the most outrageous site I have ever seen in my club, my fucking club a fucking Nun holding a baby. 
"What the fuck is that?" I snapped glaring at him
"She asking everyone if the baby was theirs, dude no one here has kids, and why the fuck would a Nun be here." he rushed with fear in panic in his voice
"Bring her to me." I growled, call Paul 
Sitting at my desk when Paul walked in shaking his head as Mick and the Nun with a baby walked, couldn't really tell she was a Nun only the robe dress and pint back bun threw me.That deep dark auburn hair, her teary green eyes laid on mine, 
"A Nun and A Baby in my club, two very big No-Nos," I said snickering at her nervousness she was actually sort of cute, shaking my head Damn it! Nuns don't do that shit dumb ass, Paul laughed he must have noticed the idea popping up in my head. She shifted from one foot to the other saying
"I believe someone inside this club left this baby outside" 
"Doubtful" I snapped not saying it wasn't possible, but no one here looked nearly close to being pregnant. Most of my staff had been here years, I walk over circling her, this girl didn't belong here, but why was she here though. 
"Why don't you ask everyone here?" she snapped back, my dick hiked in my pants uncontrollably 'Fuck' I scrolled myself 
"Cause I've known everyone here for years, no one has a brat maybe it's yours"  running my finger across her soft skin, I tried to hold back the laughter, can't believe I just fucking said that one. 
"How dare you? You could be the father that the mother is looking for?" she took a step back nearly biting me, damn I want to bend her over my desk. 
"That's highly unlikely," my laughter boomed, 
"Fine, I'll be on my way, here you go" she tried to hand the baby to me, I'm not dumb I have nieces and nephews, but she didn't know that. The little devil on my shoulder had snickered hard at the thought. 

Making the deal with Liza was now looking like a bad idea because it cost me nearly $400 just for food and diapers, and then tomorrow she is going shopping a kid that isn't even mine and it's spoiled. Closing up the club around 3 am my bed was calling my name right now, just getting off the elevator I faced with this ear-piercing sound and that smell
"What is that god awful smell? and god shut that thing up" getting water, then walking to the room Liza was in, her hair was down curls for days, instant boner Damn it! I facepalmed myself, 
"Are you trying to kill it?" I played fixing my bulge before she turned facing me. 
"'It's' is a girl, and now she has a diaper rash from a dirty diaper, she had spent hours wearing that thing on her" she chokes on her words, it was very sad that someone would just dump a baby there to die when there was a firehouse just three blocks away. Looking to see she was full-blown crying, God help me!
"Hey, why the waterworks,"
"She didn't ask for what her parents did to her" 
"Nun Lady the world is full of fucked up people" the words came out before I could stop them>
"Oh blessing me" she snapped, then don't like people cursing. 
Laughing hard as shit that she got kicked out for a swimsuit magazine, 
"OK, OK you got your laugh haha, what are we going to call her?" fucking hell, she is thinking long term with this brat, I want her not the brat. I had to get out of here. 
"Hey wait"
"No! that is your job, you found the thing, I'm being nice in housing you until we find the parents that's it, don't get attached, I'm no prince charming to sweep you off your feet" I shouted pointing my finger at her, seeing the tears welling up. FUCK!
"I never asked to find this baby outside your club, but it is also your responsibility to help me until then" That's it, she had the wrong idea in her head that was for damn sure.
"I've done enough it has a bed, diapers, food, now keep it quiet" my fucking head was going to explode any minute, 
"You know God did this..." Oh hell No! 
"No!" I screamed that was the last straw 
After our fight I slam my door in her face only to regret it, after my shower, I went to her room seeing her fast asleep and the baby sleeping in the crib. getting a good looking at her she did look a lot like me as a baby, white peach fuzz, betting she had blue eyes like mine, Liza moved a little the soft snores she released made my boxes impossibly uncomfortable. Rolling my eyes as I went back into my room only to jack off at the thought of Naughty Nun lips around my dick.


Waking up to screaming from Bethanni, I understand she needs to eat and change but I'm being deprived of sleep and even showers lately. She is extra clingy and the doctor said she may have colic. 
"She OK" Dante' said standing the doorway, after the first three times he barged into the room while I was in my robe, I learned to wear nightgowns or even pj's. 
"Yea, just needing milk, and changed"
"OK, tomorrow I'll take her, you need some sleep," he said then left,
It's been that way since the first week, we've been alternating the last five weeks. We sat down and set some rules like I can't have anyone here without telling him first and he is paying me every week for caring for Bethanni, he hasn't found her parents not that I care anyways. 
"Hey sweets," Paul says walking into my room, as I sit on the chair he gives me a smile, the same smile he has been giving me for a couple of weeks now.
"What?" I laughed 
"Your beautiful, you know without the Nun dress and you know those clothes there fill you out very well," he said scratching the back of his head, he was blushing and it made me smile.
"OK, get out I need to get dress," I said pushing him out the door as I closed it.
Bethanni was laying in the crib smiling and cooing as I dressed in a nice top and shorts the heat was mercilessness here, Dante' had the air on but it was still too hot for me. 

Later I walked into the clinic, Bethanni had another appointment the doctor said she had something wrong with her hearing test and needed to do it again. Signing and waving the Amy her nurse, 
"How is baby girl today?" Amy said as I took her dress off after we reported an abandoned baby Dante' and I were giving guardianship to take care of her and so this is her second visit.
"She's doing good I guess, she cries a lot, she eats very well" she nods as she checks her heart and limps, 
"Hold her still," she asked then looking into her ears.
"Well there's the culprit" she smiled at me saying
"She has an ear infection, I'll put her on medicine for ten days then bring her back after we will do the hearing test again" after explaining everything and giving the medicine we headed out to meet Dante' for lunch it was something that we kinda fell into after the fifth day at the house he asked if I wanted lunch and it has as been every day since then. He is so sweet under the then tough manly act, smiling at the thought that I made actually like him more than just a partner helping me find Bethanni's parents. 
"Liz" he hugged and kissed my cheek as we arrived and sat, the cafe' was cozy we order the same thing as always, for him pizza french fries and me medium pizza.
"So how did it go?" he asked as he dug into his food. 
"She has an ear infection and needs medicine to clear it up, she has to go back in ten days to redo the hearing test" I explain as he picked her up, blushing at the dirty thought in my head. Thinking of what he would look like under those clothes, if he was fit and muscular as he seemed or if he was full of the tattoos I got a glimpse of the day we meet. 
"Liz you good, why are you blushing" he laughed, I shook off the embarrassing thought. I'm a child of God I need to keep myself until marriage. I may not be a Nun any more, but I still have my beliefs. 
"I'm fine, just thinking of taking Paul up on his offer"
"What offer?" he said cocking his eyebrow
"Um, a Date" I giggled watching he face change instantly. Before I could say anything he places Bethanni back in the stroller and walked away. 
Making my way back to the apartment 
"Mrs. Noky" I spun around finding two police officers standing there.
"Yes!" I was completing lost at what to do or say
"We have a few questions for you, would you care to come to the station or can we come inside the apartment" 
"Um sure," I said ushering them inside, as they sat on the couch, I took Bethanni to my room laying her down for her first nap. 
"OK, would you like some tea? Coffee?" 
"NO, let's just get to it" the lady cop said standing 
"We would like your help have you ever seen this man," she said showing me a picture of a strong resemblance of Paul, she went on explaining that the man in the photo was connected in fourteen unsolved rape cases and two women had committed suicide. Swallowing the lump in my throat I couldn't form the words, was I his next victim? Did Dante' know about this? What about the women that survived, then it finally clicked
"Do you have DNA of the suspected?" the cops looked at each other and said 
"This is the DNA profile" handing it to me. After talking some more they left, I never felt the urge to drink until now. Sending the profile to Amy to compare it to Bethanni, drinking the beer one by one, it all made sense now Why he was always wanting to help? Sliding down on the kitchen floor holding onto the phone for dear life waiting for Amy to call back, drinking every beer in the fridge, but I didn't feel any better.
"Liza Oms What are you doing?" Paul snapped standing at the doorway, my eyes widen Holy! 
"What are you doing here?" I asked trying to hide the fact that I may know he was a serial rapist, noticing the new purple and blue color under his left eye and cup lip told me he had might have seen Dante' before coming here.
"Dante' told me to meet him here," he said, but that didn't make any sense Why?
"Where is he?" 
"I don't know, Why do you want to know? Why are you drinking? Where is Bethanni?" his questions just kept flying out as he pulled me to my feet, feeling the liquor completely now everything in the room was spinning and so was Paul. 
"Let's take you to your room," he said as he tried to pick me up 
"No, I'm good, let's just sit on the couch until Dante' gets here" 
"Why?" his eyes looked different, anger flew through them, biting my lip as I backed out of his hands,
"Dante' said you wanted to take me up on my offer, have you gone in changed your mind again?" he stalks towards me as I backed into the hallway. Just as my hand hit the doorknob he grabbed my shoulders only to stop when the phone rang.
"I...I need to... get that" making my way to the phone
"Liza, it's a match, Paul Rodriguez is Bethanni's father," she said, my eye meant with him as he smiled before charging at me. 
"Ahh, NO" I screamed as he tripped me by grabbing my leg as I tried to run. 
"This is going to be fun," he snickered, taking my chance and with all my force I kicked him in the nose, 
"Fuck you bitch" he yelled as I ran into the room closing and locking the door, Bethanni was screaming, but panic had sat in I could only pray Dante' would get here in time. 
Shushing her with a bottle and changed diaper in between my prayer, I broke the changing record with that. Turning to lay her down nearly dropping her when Paul stood right behind me smiling, I didn't hear him come into the room and I locked the door. As if he read my mind he held up the keys. Gasping like a fish he stood there rubbing Bethanni's head I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He's this sweet man how could he be so evil and to his own child, 
"She's not the only one," he said ripping her out of my hands, holding her in the air by the back of her sleeper
"NO Paul don't hurt her, she's your daughter, just give her to me please I promise I won't say anything" I plead trying to the reach from this giant.
"I know you won't," he said roughly pulling her in the crib then grabbing my arms kissing me aggressively feeling the blood from my gums on my tongue. Punching his chest trying to getaway. 
"Sexy Nun" he snickered, pulling my top down revealing my breast 
"No" I grunted pushing him away covering myself only for him to backhand me so hard I fell to the floor, crab crawling away from him, he stalked grabbing my shorts. 
"Paul No, Help Me!" I screamed as he laughed straddling my naked body, he was pinching and pulling my nipples roughly. His laughter only made it worst, 
"How do you taste?" he said hooking his arms around my legs,
"No, NO Please NO" I sobbed when his tongue made contact with my forbidden zone.
"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER" Dante' stormed into the room, tackling Paul. I hurried and ran into the bathroom. Listening to the grunting and clashing of the items in the room my mind went to...
"Bethanni" I rushed to cover myself as I ran into the room finding Bethanni laying on the floor screaming, Dante' and Paul weren't in the room anymore. 
Settling her down, she laid on my bed I dressed making it my duty to take her to see Amy right away. Walking through the kitchen seeing it in disarray trying not stepping on anything, Dante' and Paul were gone. Making my way to the clinic watching my every step nervous, anxious, scared, I felt gross having him touching me. Amy checked her out and me giving us a clean bill. Sitting in the waiting room not sure where to go or what to do, sobbing silently Bethanni's father was the person that left her outside that night, Amy had found out that her mother was Melissa Joi a school teacher, she was found by her husband when he arrived from work. She had told him about the rape and when she got the results of the DNA test he told her to give her up for adoption. I was guessing she couldn't live with what happened she hung herself that day. 
"Liz" Dante' whispered touch my shoulder only for me to jump up wrapping my arms around him. He hissed from an apparent injury, 
"I'm fine," he said seeing my questionable expression. Nodding as he hugged me, getting back home three guys from the club were cleaning up as I walked by I tightly gripped Bethanni, she had been through to much for a 10-week old baby. Standing under the water in the shower haunted but the events of today knowing that my gem was nearly stolen. What if Dante' hadn't shown up? What if he didn't even care about it? What if he would have helped him? Shaking off the negative thoughts, cleaning myself a good three or four times before I was clean enough to get out of the shower. Shocked when I open the door to see Dante' standing by at the crib in just a towel, his back was tan and prefect he had a dragon the covered most of his back, licking my lips when thoughts just went haywire, 
"She was crying," he said looking at me and Holy gush, my gem had now growled begging for this man, his lean tattooed tan body dipping with water from the shower just as me. Gulping as I took in his appearance abs check, hairless check, tall and tan check, trailing down to the towel the outline of his Glory and he was holding a baby check, Oh Glory
"Fuck me!" 
"What?"  he seemed confused, wait did I say that out loud the heat boiled in my core as I slam the bathroom door close, feeling the urge I touched my gem only to find it dipping for him. 
"OH" my fingers tapped just the right place. 



"Liz" I said placing the baby back in the crib, chuckling just a bit when I heard her quiet moan, curiously walking to the door listening to her on the other side. She made it impossible for me not wanting to tap her if only she wasn't a Nun. 
"I'm fine, just umm... just please leave." she whimpered and moaned that sweet-savory sound making me hard, gripping the doorknob slightly opening it just to see her sitting on the tub with her hand between her legs. Only my imagination could piece together what she was doing, opening the door all the way, standing there with my manhood at full attention only holding me back was that Angel on my shoulder screaming 'She's a virgin you idiot' never wanted to fuck a virgin not only did it hurt them, but I felt that junk too. 
"Dante' what are you doing?" she whispered, smiling was all I could do when her eyes made contact with below the belt. 
"I think you want the same thing I want," taking her hand leading her to the bed leaving our towels behind, her small mounds, not even a c-cup and slim hips holding her barely-there ass in place. 
Laying her on the bed, leaving lite kisses on her legs and stomach teasing her more and more. Locking eyes to eyes, I saw fear and heat. 
"Go to bed" I snapped leaving her laying there. Sitting at my desk grunting at the thought of taking her virginity and she didn't exactly want it. Looking down at my hard-on making me pissed, I needed to cum but hated wasting it. Shrugging my shoulder before I started pumping myself slowly, long intense storks. After a good twenty minutes with nothing I gave up and went to sleep. 

After the night I stayed away from her as much as possible if she was in the living room I was in the study or if she was in the kitchen I was in my room. I hated treating her this way, but it was for the best. Yesterday the social worker came and took Bethanni saying that now the case is closed she doesn't need guardians that now she can be put in foster care for adoption. I'm not going to lie it hurt a lot seeing Liza crying as she packed her things and handing her over I could tell she wanted to be a parent.
"Liz are you okay?" I said it was probably the first time we had spoke since that day.
"I'll leave in the morning, Bethanni has gone you don't need me here anymore," she said leaving me standing there like the last two and a half months didn't affect her, but I knew as soon she closed the door to her room she would side down to the floor and cry just like I did when I was told they were going to take Bethanni. 
At dinner, she didn't say anything and barely ate anything, 
"Liza eat your food"
"Why should I?" 
"Don't start, just eat" she was making me mad but I knew she was just pressing my buttons, seeing how far she can push me. Unlike Paul, I don't need to rape women to get them to submit to me.
"I don't want to eat and your not my boss," she said as she left the table, that was the last straw,
"Liza Oms On your knees now" I growled standing in her bedroom doorway giving her the I'm your Master stare, she immediately dropped to her knee looking at me teary eye. 
"Your attitude is very naughty, I've tried to give you space but you just had to push me," I said circling her, seeing a small smile on her face. 
"Do you want me to proceed with your punishment or are going to walk out that door?" she didn't answer but her eyes told me everything I wanted and needed to know, she wanted this!  Pulling her ponytail firm enough for her to whimper as I walked her over to the bed where I stood, she watched eagerly as I undid my belt and dropped my pants. 
"Dante', I have never," she said, just as my name left from her mouth I grew hard as steel. I already knew she was a virgin, but that isn't what we are going to do tonight.
"We will go over some rules, but we need to get on thing out of the way" I smiled pulling her to her feet. 
" From now on you are to address me as Master and to be ready here in this room," I said as I peeled away the layers of her clothes. 
"Yes, Master" trying my best to keep me in check just a little while longer. Taking her appearance yet again, biting my lip at the ideas floating in my head. 
"Tell me when it hurts" instructing her as I took her nipples in my between my fingers squeezing gently adding pressure watching her eyes close as she bites her lip. Letting her go when a moan escaped her mouth,
"More?" cocking my head to the side, getting her hands firmly at her side as if she was scared to move or touch me and the same sense. Sighing as I was getting nowhere with her yet again, 
"What's wrong?" she said as I walked over to my dresser getting a few of my favorite books.
"Study these if you want to really be my girlfriend, if not then you can leave tomorrow" 
"What about Bethanni?" 
"What about her?"I growled pissed that she would bring her up when I was trying so hard to get her out of my damn head.
"Are we going to adopt her?" 
"And what get married and live happily ever after, NOT!" I snapped throwing her shirt at her before I left. 

Never in my life did I think that I would actually be living in this hell, missing a fucking Nun and an infant that screamed all the time. 


That infuriating man was doing everything he could to piss me off and trust I am so ready to lose my virginity. Standing naked handing myself to him on a plater and he just walked away, I wonder if maybe he is gay. Grasping at the thought then laughing hard jumping at the sound of the door slamming shut telling me he had left for work. Getting up not even sneaking through the apartment I knew exactly what to look for. Opening the door just right of his bedroom, his office one of the rooms I was told not to go in. 
"Let's see what you are hiding in here," I said to myself as I looked through the closet and bookshelf, stopping when I spot a small box behind two books. 
"Cruiser and cruiser" I whispered as I opened this dusty box expecting maybe things of his grandparents, but what i found was old pictures of a girl she had the same eyes as Dante' and that smile,
"What the fuck are you doing?" Dante' shouted making me jump nearly two feet in the air dropping the box. 
"You were told never to enter this room" he stalked closer to me as I picked everything up
just as I stood there he was so close, looking down at the pictures. Before I could stop myself 
"Is this your sister?" I asked a little scared of what the answer may be. 
He let out a sigh as he sat in the chair holding the picture, confused more now than five minutes ago. 
"Two years ago, Changed my life forever after I tell you this I know you will leave and i have already prepared everything for you"
"Just tell me Damn it!" I cursed, nervous of what could he possibly hiding 'A dead body' my mind scrolled me.
"This is me" 
"What?" it was the only thing that came to mind. 
"I had a sex change two years ago, I was born a woman, I had a uterus and ovaries"
"Had?" standing in front of him dumbfound it. 
"A month after the first surgery, doctors found I had ovarian cancer and I had another surgery removing all female organs, now I am completely a man," he said standing up handing me a check for $20,000 then leaving. What did this mean? Was I attracted to him because of this or was I just feeling lust? Was I not good enough for him as he is? All these questions flew through my head as I ran to his room finding him sitting on the bed, 
"I don't want the money Dante', I think I'm falling in love with you," I said sitting on the bed beside him, to me he is a man. Handing him the check back then kissing his cheek before leaving him to his thoughts knowing he was going to need a minute to adjust to the fact that I'm not leaving that easily. 
Laying on my bed for what seemed like hours, but had only been five minutes when he came in 
"Why not? We make a good team and Bethanni would be happy seeing us together" I quickly covered my mouth as the words escaped.
"Do you think we can work?" he looked me in the eyes this time it was hard to hide the nervousness before I could speak his lips were on mine in the sweetest most innocent kiss we have ever shared. 
"I'm not the one though and you know it," he said then left again with this, 
"Fuck!" I snapped for the first time in my life I had said the most offensive word and it was all his fault. 

Waiting until later that night, I was time to get over him and the only way I how was to drink him away. Headed out on the town, sitting on the bench at the park trying to clear my mind. The only thing that shows up was him, Damn you Dante' Noky for making it impossible to find love when your the one breaking my heart. Sniffing and wiping my tears, yup sitting here crying over a man that was ever even mine and a child that wasn't mine, I was really pathetic. 
"You ok" Looking up to see Slim (Dante's new right hand)
"Oh yeah, what are you doing here?" 
"Actually looking for you, Dante' flipped out when he got home and you weren't there," he said sitting next to me, but also keeping a good distance.
"Why does he care? Not like I'm his girlfriend"
"He likes you, he's just nervous" he saying that made me laugh, like holding my belly laughing
"Not likely, just telling him I will come to get my things next week," I said wiping my face then walking away. I was done trying and I knew what I wanted from this world that meant finding Bethanni and adopting her. She didn't ask for all the nasty junk in the world and it was time I gave back a little bit. 
Two days later I had leased an apartment and made appointments to start beginning nursing school. Headed to Dante's for the first time in five days I didn't believe I was strong enough to come face to face with him. Unlocking the door so far so good, I only wanted to get the clothes he had brought otherwise everything else I would leave. Just as I finished packing up my personal items hand snake around my waist making me scream. 
"Shhh" looking to see him, he was kissing my neck and rubbing my belly lifting my shirt. I shudder when his hands land on my breast making tears come to my eyes, not like this please I silently prayed for Dante' to mysteriously appear like always. 
"Nice tits, think maybe when they are full of milk you will appreciate them more." shanking head nervously grunting trying to get free, but the more I struggled the tighter he held me. Feeling him press his hard-on against my ass causing a muffled scream. 
"Stop struggling bitch," He snapped taping my hands together, I refused to let him win. I waited till the right moment and then
"Fuck! You stupid cunt" he yelled as I snickered running down the hall as he rolled around the floor holding onto what pride he had left. I didn't even bother getting my hands free, it could wait I needed to get as far away from him as possible. Just a few steps, I could hear him storming towards me. The door was in my site, grabbing the doorknob a sudden pain shot through my neck as I fell to the floor. 
"Bitch! that hurt" he said as he yanked my hair 
"Ah, Dante', Help!" I screamed trying to fight him only to receive a kick in the ribs, rolling over into a ball coughing seeing stars, I was fighting, but no one was coming.  He picked me up over his shoulder, back down the hall closer to my doom. He will have to kill me before I let him take what I've been saving for nearly 26 years. He was humming and giggling like he had won some sick prize. 
"You know I wonder if Dante' even got my message?"  I gave a 'what the fuck' look when he put me on the bed. 
"Oh you don't know, I sent him this some time ago," he said holding up his phone to show me the picture of him at the door. Whimper and thrashing my legs when he gripped my pants yanking them off smiling this evil cruel smile.
"Oh, baby girl don't cry it only hurts for a minute" sobbing harder when his nasty hands touched my inner thigh, 
"Don't touch me you sick bastard" I sneered, only to receive a punch in the mouth, the metallic taste of blood made it all too real. Shanking my head seeing him rip a piece of tape, roughly covering my mouth I muffled scream harder thrashing attempting to run again, not getting out of the room this time he tripped me falling face first.
"You are becoming a very stubborn bitch, none of the other girls fought this hard. I'm really turned on" he laughed pulling his pants down, I'm sure he could see the terror in my eyes. 
"Now let's make this baby huh!" he dropped to his knees gripping my hips, trying crawling away was useless he had his legs over top mine. I silently prayed for someone anyone Dante', Slim, Housekeeper. I could feel his tip just as he started to enter me, a loud bang rang in my ear. Everything went black after that!



Days dragged by now, it sucked so much that all I wanted to do was go home and find Liz there, playing with the baby. Two strangers found themselves needed each other for an infant found in a dumpster. I had Slim look into Bethanni checking on her every three days since they took her from us. I was really taking on the father roles, well at least someone should've after the hell she through. Her mother was raped creating her and then the husband left after discovery the baby wasn't his. Upon founding out her rapist worked at my club my best friend's brother, she handed the baby over only to kill herself and he threw the baby in the damn dumpster. Groaning running my fingers through my hair knowing today was just another miserable day going home to not seeing Liz or Bethanni, 
A loud bang at the door forced me back to reality, Slim stood there covered in blood and breathless,
"Paul... raped... Liz" I jumped to my feet running out, 
Reaching my apartment, medics and police were everywhere, pushing my way through just needed to see her. I couldn't see her anywhere
"Liza Oms" I screamed pushing through more of the crowd, 
"Sir please stay behind the tape." the cop said 
"NO, you don't understand that is my apartment and she is my girlfriend is in there" I rushed
"Both victims have already been taking to the hospital." 
"Wait, Luentint Mict" 
He pulled me to the side and began explaining the scene
"Paul was released on bail, he came looking for Liz and she's put up a good fight, she even shot him in the genitals." I laughed knowing Slim was the one that shot that fucker, but we can't have dead bodies on us. 
"Where is she?" 
"General" He didn't get a chance to finish the sentence before I dodge to my car speeding to the hospital. A ten-minute drive took me two minutes to get there, 
"I'm looking for Liza Oms, the police may have come in with her" I nearly shout making the poor woman jump out of her sit. 
"Um, Sir," 
"I'm sorry, she's my girlfriend and she was attacked, I just want to see her." I quickly explained.
"Okay, room 116 over there" she pointed to the room that was closed off with two police officers. As I got close the officers blocked the door
"Sir, I was just told that my girlfriend is in the room" I was trying so hard to keep it together, but nothing prepared me for the response. 
"Sorry, no can enter until further notice." Sitting in the chair next to the cop calling Slim, 
"Tell me everything" he explained everything from tailing her as I asked to how he lost her while he got something to eat, and hearing screams from my apartment and finding Paul on top of her naked body. Gripping the phone hard hearing him describe the state he found the girl I love.
"Sir, you can go in now," the cop said tapping my shoulder, I didn't waste any time, 
"Liz," I rushed in gently grabbing her cheeks kissing her, not caring who was there she was alive and that was all that matter to me right now. After I kissed her I stepped back getting a good look at her and what that fucker did to her, wanting nothing more than to kill him. She had a bandage on her left hand and a busted lip, her cheek was swallowed and bruise. Under the gown, I couldn't see anymore, but one thing came to mind that scared the shit out me but I needed to know. 
"Did...He..." choking on my words as she began crying harder, shaking her head. 
"No, al... al..." 
"Shush it's ok" she studdered and hiccuped, she needed to be held and that was what I intended to do. Sitting on the side of the bed wrapping her into my blanket of warmth rocking her, when she was half asleep Slim texted and told me that Luteniat Mict had Paul and wanted me to interrogate him. Smiling at the ideas floating around my head, calling in my gang this was going to be fun. 

I left Liza sleeping at the hospital, now I stood in front of the man that had raped 15 women and countless other women that didn't report it, he tried to take my girlfriends virginity something she held dear. 
"Paul Paul Paul," I said circling him the chair he was currently tied too. Sweat pouring off his face, bleeding from being shot in the hip close enough to his dick to know it probably won't work again. That gave a bright idea, 
"Strip boys" laugher erupted as they yanked him to his feet riping his clothes as he struggled and huffed screams when Slim punched him in the wound. His muscular body stood naked in front of me, the man  I had grown up with turned into a monster, he was one of the reasons I left for three years and returned a man, seeking him and Todd just to because I trusted them and this was the payment, this is thanks in return. 
"Everyone leave," I order, seeing the questioned look, but no one spoke, and when the door closed. 
"Paul Timothy Abart" I said and his eyes grew wide, there were only three people in the world that knew his real last name, Todd, him, and Christina.
"That's right, Christina disappeared three years ago, you know why?" he shook his frantically huffing at the tape on his mouth. 
"I left because of you, at Joe's party you, Todd and I got so drunk none of us could stand or even think and Todd dared us to kiss me, but you went too far and did things I didn't girl could do until that night, so scared and freaked out I packed up and left town." 
"So for what you did to me and Liza my members have a treat for you, Enjoy" and with a sinister smile, I left the room. 
"Make sure he's alive for his hearing in two weeks," I instructed Slim and the guys as I left headed by to the hospital to see Liza. When I got her room the cops were gone and she was sleeping, peaceful, I thought I could save her from all the bad in this world when in the end I'm the one that exposed her. I made a vow to never leave her side again and after I told her the truth and she wants me, then she has me. I fall in love with a Nun and a baby could it get any better. 
"I love you" I whispered in her then left to sleep in her peaceful state, it was time to go get my daughter back as well. 



Waking up with a serious headache looking around to find that I'm in the hospital. Then it comes back Paul nearly stole my virginity, and Slim shot him.
"Mrs. Oms, hello I'm Dr. Z and officer Lucy is here that a statement and swab for evidence," she said sitting a clipboard down, after taking my statement and letting Dr. Z look me over I heard Dante' outside the room
"Don't let him in yet, not until we are finished. " I pleaded the last thing I wanted was for him to see me this way. I wasn't scared for him seeing me naked, he's seen me many times, just now I felt so dirty and used. Looking down at my now bruised covered body, seeing the mirror on the other wall painting the picture of my strength and weakness in one. She helped me dress in two hospital gowns to make sure everything was covered and two blankets across my legs up to my chest. 
"You can go in now," I heard the officer outside curtain say to Dante' shivering as he rushed in only to grab my cheeks that welcoming feeling he always gave, I felt at home in his hands. Our kiss last a few seconds but filled with so much heat. Looking into his eyes as he took in all my injuries, blushing just a bit at the intense situation between us. I wanted so much for him to be the one that takes me to the ends of the universe. Him to be the man I marry, have children with, grow old and gray with. Never had I thought a kiss and hug held so much promise, his silent promise to stay forever be by my side. 

Waking to Dr. Z checking my vitals, the sunshine was blinding, 
"Where is?"
"Your boyfriend said he will be here in one hour to pick up" she explained quickly seeing the questionable look on my face. Boyfriend? when that become established, feeling the heat in my core the things this man does to my body without even touching me. Standing in the shower looking over myself touching the purple and blue blotches on my side, the handprint around my neck, my busted lip was nearly gone already, my swollen sore breast even touching my nipples made me jump, period pain was nothing compared to this. Knocks at the door interrupted my thoughts, opening to see Dante' standing with clothes and the heart-thumping smile. Handing me the bag then turning his back the sweet gesture was making things more difficult. 
"Yes" he answered but didn't turn it only gave a chance to wipe the tears, he probably saw me differently now. I'm not the same as I was yesterday and he maybe didn't want me anymore. 
"What?" he said growing impatient, 
"Uh nothing," I said rushing to put the clothes on so I could get out of his hair. 
"Liza, You know I hate when you do that, What is on your mind?" he spun around before my shirt was all the way down, seeing the handprint bruises on my hips from Paul holding me in place and the boot bruise from the kick to my ribs, I watched his Adam's apple bobble as he came close grazing his finger over the finger marks, a man with so much to say was now speechless. 
"I'm so sorry" he engulfed me in a tight hug. 
"I'm never letting you go again." crying escaped at the sound of his voice vibrating against my face.

Two weeks had passed since the attack, Dante' had contacted the social worker telling her we wanted to adopt Bethanni and Jenson, he is another one of Paul's kids, his mother gave him up being that she was barely out of high school when he attacked her.  His birthday is next week hopefully he will be here by then. Dante' and I have gone to the center three times playing with them and getting classes for Bethanni, after serval tests doctors found she is nearly deaf. We were there for the fitting of her hearing aids and for Jenson to have his feeding tube taking out. Everything with going so well, except for Dante', he's not exactly the same as he was, he doesn't sleep in his room anymore, in fact, he doesn't sleep at the apartment anymore. I've tried talking to him, but only getting "later" we haven't actually spent any time together since the last Bethanni was here. 
"Slim meet me at the cafe'" I snapped then hung up the phone, 
I waiting for about twenty minutes before he came bobbing in the cafe' smirking at the tall lanking man everyone called Slim seeing exactly why too. 
"What's up chicken?" he squealed as he sat in the chair across from me. 
"I need some advice. Men advice" if anyone needed help with guys he was the man to ask, the only man in this town thought doesn't give a damn about sexuality, straight, gay, bi, trans, pan it was all the same to him even though everyone obviously knew he was gay. Saying he would hump a girl into next week on a dare. Silently laughing at the joke. 
"Awe... Wait" he nearly screamed scaring the crap out of me. 
"You want it," he said gesturing to my body, confused until he did the finger in the whole acting, Facepalm right there it not changing anything the redness in my face set off a chain reaction. 
"Oh MY," he squealed flatting his hands making not less than an utter outburst of laughter. 
"OK, OK, sweetheart you need to go home and take a shower, shave EVERYTHING, and lay in bed spread eagle for him" my eyes were close to popping out of the socket. 
"NO, you know what maybe lay on the kitchen counter with whip cream as a cover that will send the right message" Jesus I'm going to die of embarrassment.
"Maybe I could just tell him" 
"No!" that is the last time to do. 
"Well, I'm not doing any of that, " 
"Oh maybe because of 'the change' he likes a little bit kinkiness, shower, and dress in a lace nighty with a collar calling him Master" he winked as he looked at he phone, smiling 
"Oh look it's my boss 'Master' gotta go," he said as he made is way out the store. I could feel myself becoming heated at the thought of him holding a leash linked to me wearing a collar on my hands and knees crawling on the floor at his command. Rushing to home hiding the embarrassing feeling that was beating in my core, after the lady at the adult store asked me if it was for me and my partner. Slim had better be right I hope he doesn't turn me away tonight, I've seen him naked all men look the same naked, but Dante' felt different when we almost a few times and just walked away because I used to be a Nun. Well, I'm not anymore and I hope this shows him that. Giving myself one more check over before the ding of the oven went off, I had dinner fulling prepared, and just on time, the door opened to Dante' standing there. His eyes instantly filled with flames. 
"Welcome Home Master" I beamed. 


"Just send me the files I asked for you fool" I snapped at my accountant who fucked up my orders yet again for the fifth time this year and it was only June. Grunting and stretching I needed a release more than anything Liza was surely making that harder to resist everyday going home to that plum jiggling ass laying in my bed. I refused to let her in the other room, her surprise is waiting in there. Just thinking about her made me pitch a tent, Damn it! 
Cursing at myself for thinking about her ass slapping against my stomach as I pond that virgin nun. 
"Sir" snapping my head to the door finding Dick holding the files I just asked for, he obviously saw my issue because he rushed to drop the papers on my desk and left. Well, nothing else better to do, pulling out my phone xnxx had the best videos for what I was looking for. Hard as a brick and painfully wanting to fill her to the brim. Growling as I jerked faster, nothing was working I had to have her it was like my dick refused anything else. 
"Hey boss" startled by Slim rushing the office
"Don't you ever fucking Knock!" I growled knowing the answer because we go through this every day. He grew up without doors in his house, I hurried to fix my pants and turn my phone off. 
"Dude, go home," he said at first I jump up scared 
"It's not anything bad, just both of you need this" he whistled pulling out of my chair, 
"What are you talking about?" I yelled yanking my arm back. 
"Ok, I'm not going to tell you anything other than Liza asking advice on how to get you inside her." he wiggled his eyebrows telling me exactly what I had already known. Running by him headed to my car hearing him yell
"Don't forget Condoms dude, two kids is enough" fucking fool

Trying hard as hell not to break any driving laws it was nearly impossible, reaching our apartment taking a deep breath this was it. I was going to make love to the first virgin since my surgery hopefully my dick doesn't break. 
"Welcome Home Master!" Liza said standing there in a naughty nun outfit, holding a plate of cool whip covered strawberries, I'm a dead man. My pants nearly busted at the site, that glorious site, she set the plate down then dropped to her knees crawling to me. Holy hell the sexy ginger without a soul was slowly sucking mine from me. Smiling at me as she handed me a leash, I didn't notice until that moment she had a fucking collar on, that's it I couldn't hold back anymore. I pulled her to her feet growling into her lips, 
"You have no idea what you have just unleashed" I beamed backing her as far as I could, eyeing those strawberries, Prefect! Taking one 
"Say AHHH" I instructed, she complied eagerly 
"Good girl, take the whole thing" smiling at the idea of she losing all her virginities to me tonight. Making it my mission to be in all her holes. Watching her lips wrap around the strawberry as her eyes gleam, 
I purposely dropped cream on her chin, just to lean in and suck it off,
"Oh God" she sighed 
"No, Dante', " I smiled, she will be screaming that very soon, but first we need to lose the barriers of clothes and I want nothing more than seeing her ass jiggle walking into our room. I knocked off my shoes and jacket, she unzipped the tight dress releasing her god giving melons they bounced at the freedom, poor babies I cupped each taking in her pink nipple harder from the cool air. Her hands tangled in my hair as I helped her the rest of the way out of this dress.
"No panties, Good Lord No panties" she is killing me, kissing her thigh she bends a bit sucking in air, kissing higher and higher the cave of wonders was just a kiss away. 
"Soon," I said taking her hand leading her to the room. 
She stood patiently naked for my viewing pleasure as I stripped down to my boxers, biting my lip not scared or anxious about this just not sure if it will work. Liza looks so beautiful and strong, smiling at how lucky I have gotten by the end of this week we will be raising 2 adorable children. 
"100% ready for this?" I question, she wrapped her small hand around my meat, that's it I couldn't take it, pushing her back onto the bed. Her chest heaving as she giggled all my fears escaped that second she wants this just as much as I do and it was just the beginning. 
"You tasted delicious Liz" I nuzzled my face into her sweet cave, nipping her clit 
"Dante'" she rasped 
"Let's see how you like this?" I snickered sticking my finger in her ass, she shot up wide-eyed 
"Ohhh" yes oh sweet thing likes it. Licking and nipping endlessly trusting my fingers in her caves, she swarms panting and moaning, rocking her hips against my lips.
"DANTE'" she screams smashing my face farther into her as she came, sucking her juices had me in heaven I didn't even need to get off as long as she did. Locking eyes crawling to her mouth letting taste how delicious herself is. 
"Still ready baby," I said nudging her entrance
"So ready" taking her leg pushing them wider as I sat on my knees, the moment of truth she leaned up on her elbows looking at my dick entering her, grinding my teeth together as I broke her hymen she was so tight, my eyes stayed on her as she dropped down clawing at my arms, 
"This was a bad idea right?" I question, but she wasn't crying she was laughing 
"You fit perfectly Dante' I love you" she answered pulling me down into her arms as I rocked back and forth, getting into the right rhythm even found that she like the twisted position. 
"I'm cumming" she moaned for the third time, I also was emptying my nut deep inside her. We parted I laid there panting for a go five minutes before I could speak again. 
"Baby, let's get married?" with no answer, I thought maybe she regretted when I looked over to see she was sleeping peacefully. After cleaning her up a little (not in a creeping way but in a generous way) I went to my office, sitting butter ball in my chair, clothes were never my friend anyways. Laughing and geeking hard I still have my dick. Looking down touch my tender meat that was just beat into submission by a virgin and now to make her my bride.


Waking up the pounding on the door, and screaming babies 
I shot out of the bed ignoring the sharp pain in my core grabbing my robe, it was not a good or bad feeling. 
"So that is the house until June" Dante' spoke to the person standing there, from the outfit and the kids in the stroller I guessed it was our social worker beginning my babies home. Smiling as I made my way to Bethanni. She had white curling hair with a bow and a blue flower dress the one I dropped off two weeks ago. Not paying any mind to Dante' who stood there smiling as he had just won the grandest prize. 
"Oh Bethanni, you have grown," I said holding her, noticing she is wearing her new hearing aids and they are green like her eyes. Jenson walked out from behind Dante' smiling, my babies are home life is great and I'm finally whole. 
"Liz, your awake" Dante' smiled then kissed my forehead. 
After we spoke to the worker some more and after breakfast, a walk in the park was a good idea. 
"Ok, I'm off to work. Kids are good" Dante' gave a kiss then left. Meeting Slim at the cafe' with Jenson on my hip and Bethanni in the car seat, 
"Good grief you were build to be a single mom" Slim played as he grabbed Jenson.
"So did it work, I'm dying to know all the juicy details sweets" he beamed waiting for me to get settled, explaining everything he just sat there quietly with his mouth while open. 
"Oh umm Damn, the naughty nun is the house" he squealed jumping up dancing. 
"Sit down" I sneered last time I needed was everyone eyeing me over this. 
"Ok, OK How are my babies?" he laughed picking up Jenson
rocking him side to side, 
"Next week's appointment with the Hearing specialist and Pediatrician, Can you believe they're almost one already?" my world was all smiles and happiness. And was how every day went meeting at the cafe chatting up a storm, Dante' coming home to me at night and our new night rival, dinner with touching and giggles, then bath with kisses and bed. Finally Dante' was all mine and starving for him inside me every day made it worst. I became addicted to his taste and touch. 
"I love you, Liz," he says as he empty's his seed inside my convulsing hole. I was the last night we will spend together due to his business trip I will spend a week away from him, but I'm not alone. Laughing at Bethanni at her doctor's appointment to ensure that Bethanni's hearing aids are working well enough to have the best care for the future. 


Waking up to Jenson crying, as I rolled out of bed a wave of dizziness hit me it was a good thing Slim was with me for our safety which we didn't really need because as far as I know Paul is in jail. 
"Slim" I choked covering my mouth holding in the nastiest taste every. 
"Oh lordy, you ok" Slim ushered in rubbing my back, 
"Fine, check on Jen"
"He's good, I give him a cup" He keeps rubbing as I continue puking everything under the sun, ugh how did I get so sick, Slim giggles from behind me. 
"I told him to use a condom, but No pikcu no listen" Slim made a weird face that had my face crinkled 
"What are you?..." I didn't finish the sentence when another wave hit.
"Sweetheart, men, and women have sex to create babies, duh" the thought hit me, he doesn't know about Dante' so after cleaning my mouth and drinking my coffee I explained everything to him, 
"Oh, well then how do you think you got pregnant" 
"Ok, one I'm not pregnant and two it's impossible, and to think that when we have two kids already thank you very much." I snapped not wanting to the think of it, I have a cold and that is all. Moving on will my day, the next day was the same, and the day after that until Dante' came home on Friday. Laying in bed feeling like a building had fallen on top of me, Dante' was in the kitchen talking to Slim and the kids, it didn't take long for him to rush to my side, smiling excited to see him, but too weak to move. everything hurt and Slim had coroutine me. 
"Slim, call Doc" he snapped picking up, I did I really look that bad. Maybe I should have taken a shower, maybe I smell bad. 
"It's ok baby" he whispered as he buckled to the seat belt. I felt comfort in his words so I fall asleep.
Waking up to the white walls and beeping, seeing Dante' standing next to me, but the look on his face was worried and tired.
"Why Liz?" what was he talking about, unable to move made my heart rate speed up what was going on? 
"I'm not enough for you Huh?" he snapped louder knocking the chair over then leaving the room, Sobbing as the doctor came in to check me,
"How are you feeling?" she asked, but my lips were sore, cracked and a mouth full of sand. 
"Mr. Noky will come around I'm sure. My wife did the same thing and she realized my feelings, we worked things out" HUH? completely lost at what she was saying shaking my head trying to sit up and clear my throat, not even sure how long I've been asleep or what's wrong with me? 
"Oh, Mr. Noky didn't tell you" she gave me a questionable look as I shook my head. 
"Mrs. Noky you're pregnant and by the looks of it about three months, congratulations" she smiled the left with the machine. What? I covered my mouth and wailed like a little baby lost their mother, placing my hand over the bump I didn't have yesterday Gasping and the realization of a life long dream, that I had come to terms would never happen with Dante'. 



I've spent most of my days at this bag, but today seemed more intense obviously anyone would be pissed and ready to kill, fighting Paul was right she wasn't a true virgin and I fell for it. The evidence doesn't lie, the only reason she pressured me to fuck was that she needed to hide the truth. Feeling like a right fool right now, how the hell was she pregnant? and by me 'bullshit'.  I delivered punch after punch into the bag thinking of another man touching her, doing things we have done the way we did. Anger welling up harder, she was getting greater pleasure from someone else. Growling as my punched intensified feeling someone behind me throwing a punch to miss Slim by an inch. 
"Damn, Are you seriously mad?" he said, 
"It's not my kid" I growled throwing another punch
"Are you kidding me?" 
"Maybe you fucked her, huh, I don't know what goes on in My house when I'm not home" fury growing more but the second
"Do you hear yourself right now, Dude, I take dicks in the ass, there is no way I'm fucking a girl, a 'NUN' at that" that was gross to know, but true
"How else did she get pregnant?" 
"Umm... I don't know maybe Because you fucked her raw, stupid" he slapped me on the back of the head, leaving me standing there like a fool, I don't by it. I'm not a man, I can't make kids, Can I, shanking of the idea, it was impossible. 

After hours of draining my energy on that bag, I showered and headed to the office finding a box on my desk. Reading the note attached 
I left with the kids obviously you haven't grasped the severity of this situation. I've taken one hundred thousand dollars, I will pay it back if necessary, I will also set up a DNA test in three weeks, seeing that you don't believe this child is yours. This I believe was God's doing giving us a baby of our own. You apparently didn't get that message. 
Liza Oms 
Opening the box to find her rosary, Jenson's binky, and Bethanni's earmold. A card saying Remember only the good between us. 
"Fuck" I snapped throwing the box, rage flew through me nothing couldn't hold me back, flipping my desk yanking everything off the shelves glass scattered all over the floor. Throwing my laptop out the window ripping the couch apart. Breathing heavy, gasping for air seeing Slim standing in the doorway leaning on the door frame. 
"I want to see Paul" he nods, taking me to see him, 

Arriving at the cells that held Paul, he had a bit of a change. Seeing him sitting on the bed rocking back and forth crying, I had set him up with a good package deal, daily anal care by Mr. Monster and I had Doc cut off his prize possession. Smiling at the man I use to look up to it now endure the torture that he had given to so many women.
"Chrissy Please get me out of here, please I'll do anything, just don't let him come in here" I snickered that he would call me Chrissy after all this time. 
"How does it feel having a done to you what you did to so many women?" 
"You took my dick I can't do it anymore, just make him stop please I'm begging you" he got done on his knees crying, 
"Did you penetrate Liza?" 
"What?" I was growing impatient with this whole situation 
"Did you break her hymen?"
"NO, I swear that guy shot me before I broke it" he sobbed holding himself, turning to face Slim, he had a look of 'I told you so' I punch Paul and few times before sending in five guys to take him, watching as he screamed for mercy as they held him in place taking turns on him. Sweet revenge. 
"Now you know she was still a virgin" he snickered, part knew she was but I still can't believe the possibility, call me doc setting up an appointment I had two weeks to wait for. 

I had been dreading this moment all day, opening the door to my apartment hit in the face by silence, not just the silence of sleeping kids, but the quiet of emptiness. Laying in bed trying to wrap my head around this whole ordeal. Thinking back to my last night as a female, laying in my bed nervous and shaking at the time, Paul had stolen my innocence at a drunken party it was something he didn't remember, but it hung over my head throughout the time I went through gender therapy being asked a million times why i wanted to change my gender, I would only answer, I'm more comfortable as a man than women. The truth was I didn't want that night to ever be repeated, didn't want to have to endure that type of pain. I made my choice and lost both of my best friends doing so. Todd was my boyfriend he was supposed to be my first love, first everything, not his brother. That night I left ten weeks before I had my surgery I made the choice to leave that life behind me, taking those abortion pills and becoming a man to seek revenge, but never did I think it was possible to become a father. I tossed and turned all night nothing helped, I call Liza multiple times, only getting voicemail my only option was to wait and see. Three weeks was when she said we will do the DNA test, I had that long to choose. 


I have laid in this bed for nearly four days crying and raking my brain as to why he would think I cheated on him, that fool he's so scared of a good thing that he doesn't realize it. Slim came to check on me and reassured me that Dante' didn't know where I was or what school I was working at. It's been three months since I've seen him and I made sure the DNA result went straight to him, I personally put the envelope on his desk while he was out for lunch, thanks to Slim.  I was able to land a good job with the school being a pre-k teacher is the best thing ever, little Oscar has picked up on my belly growing and has been asking questions it's adorable. After class I headed home to my own bundles of joy, watching them grow makes my heart swell with joy. Bethanni has her first word and even picked up on signing, Jensen is officially cleared of all medical devices that were a blessing. As for the bundle in my belly, overwhelming joy seeing the ultrasound picture, two heartbeats both strong and steady from the scan point of view they have no abnormalities. I even started taking the kids to church every Sunday, if I couldn't save my relationship with Dante' I was going to learn to raise these kids alone, it was for the best. I wasn't going to beg at his knees again, and I wasn't going to be that mom that fought for help from the father. As far as I'm concerned he made these babies with no intention of helping to raise them. Sighing deeply because I knew deep in my heart it was wrong, he didn't know I would get pregnant and I can't really hold a grudge for something both of us did willingly. Currently sitting on my rocking chair watching Bethanni and Jensen crawl through the grass magical moments like this amaze me. 
"Hey, Sweets" Slim smiles holding up donuts for me a craving that has caused me to gain twelve pounds, 
"Yummy" taking a bite as he sighed rubbing his hands together, making me a bit nervous he only does that when he was unsure of the next move. 
"What?" I snapped, before he could speak, the man standing there behind him, he had a long bread and messy hair, those eyes told me he hadn't had a good night sleep in mouths, his clothes even looked unkempt. 
"Dante'" whispering unsure if it really was him. 
"Liz" he smiled, just a small grin giving a hint of his sadness
"What are you doing here?" 
"I couldn't do anymore, it's been long enough, I'm sorry I said all that shit and I miss my kids, Please Liza come home, let's raise these kids together, I should've trusted you from the beginning I mean come on you're a fucking Nun can't even no more honest than that right?" he said seeing the glistening in his eyes. My eyes welling up as he dropped to his knees, 
"I'm not perfect, I'm only human and my heart now and forever belongs to you, Liza will you do me the honor of being my wife?" he opened a box blinding me with the ring, but that didn't matter. Noticing tears in his eyes, my smile stretched across my face as I shook my head. 
"You hear that kids Mommy and Daddy are getting married." Slim cheered as Dante' jumped to his feet engulfing me in a hug, kissing my neck sending those every so sweet shiver down my back.
"I like this," I said, running my fingers through his beard 
"I love this," he said rubbing my belly,
"They're healthy and quickly growing"
"They?" he raised an eyebrow, I looked up meeting his eyes as I held up two fingers
"Fucking hell, four kids in one-year holy shit" he cheered running over to Bethanni and Jensen playing with them as I sat back in my chair. Life was going back to normal and I had it all thanks to Dante', looking at the ring on my finger I'm not a single mom anymore but a wife and mom of four.

The End


Submitted: May 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Habby Grac Lee. All rights reserved.

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