Kara Aisling has a goal in mind.

Influenced by a former housemate she plans to sleep with ten different guys in order to hit the self-proclaimed title of 'Double Digits'. With this task in mind, she uses Tinder as her handy guide to courting different men. But along the way to completing her task, she's faced with the difficult task of protecting her secret from her friends, her family, and even her ex-boyfriend, whom she still holds feelings towards.

As she meets different guys, one begins to fancy her a little more than she had hoped for, and when he voices his feelings, Kara wonders if maybe she feels the same way. With a relationship open for her to take, is it time to move on from her past and begin her life anew?

A story about love, loss, and finding yourself in the mix of giving yourself to others.

Table of Contents


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