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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sandeep kumar dhir is a banker by profession.

It was the month of April and the summer was at its top when rohan verma went outside to meet his friends but the heat was such that he called his friends and cancelled the plan of meeting and said today its not possible as the temperature outside was near about forty degree celcius.
Rohan went to his home and sat in the sofa turning the television on and started watching some program when his father asked do you need some coffee as I am preparing for myself and your mother, to which he said okay make for me.
After a while his father came and hand over the cup of coffee to rohan and asked to change the channel to news channel to know what today’s news is about, rohan changed the channel and the news was showing about a boy who had committed suicide by hanging himself as he failed in his tenth exams.
Rohan said to his father are you watching to the news what this generation kids are doing due to the fear of society and parents and in our times sixteen years back then in 2004 when we gave tenth exam even though we feared the failure we would have never tried to commit suicide even though our parents kill us.
To which rohan father said it’s his parent’s mistake as they are not responsible and they should have known about their child before he committed suicide.
Rohan mood was off watching such news and went to his bedroom switch on the air conditioner and started thinking about his life when he was born.
He could hardly remember his childhood memories but what he had listened to his parents he recalled and started making stories in his mind as to how his life was and what it is now.
Rohan recalls that when he was a child he was a brilliant student with a good score in exams and his parents were happy with him but he was little bit mischievous for which his class was changed from being in meritorious students to average students as it was then the rule of DPS.
Since rohan class was changed his grades started falling as most of the students in the class were mischievous and never worried about their studies due to this rohan got failed in class six and his life got changed drastically.
He couldn’t believe what had happened to him as being one of the meritorious students to a failed student and all his friends were elevated to class seven.
The new students that he met now were his juniors a year back and now he has to study with them, he was ashamed of himself and his confidence was broken and he could never get out of the lacking confidence during his school time.
Since in English medium school the rules for the failed students was very strict as no teacher will be in support of that student nor the new friends will be in the support so it was kind of torture till you get out of the school and for rohan it was not one of two days neither one or two months it was a matter of concern till he pass his class twelfth exams which was six years from now and he could not decide what to do neither his parents were in the support of changing the school so rohan had to face what was written in his destiny and it was not going to be good in those six years.
Rohan came back to his sense sipping his cup of coffee and thought what would have happened if he would have not failed in class six the scenario could have been different now but he was happy what had happened to him was for the betterment for him and started thinking about his school incidents after he failed in class six.
Almost four months have passed and rohan was struggling in his studies so his parents thought of sending him to tuition so he will atleast pass the exams but the real struggle for rohan started, the teachers never liked him and being a failed student he was in all teachers eye and everyday he was particularly targeted and was asked to show his homework which he would have not completed neither the most of the students in class but all the punishment was to be bear by him alone.
He was asked to kneel down in the centre of the corridor where there were six classes with tag A,B,C and each class had forty students so counting six classes there were almost two hundred forty students who were watching him getting punished in the middle of the corridor till the bell rang.
But rohan life was not going to be that easy as after the class he had tuition which he had to attend at sharp 2 pm and there also he would get punished by getting beatings from the teacher in front of ten to fifteen students and sometimes he was made kneel down in the road with small stones beneath the knee so that he will cry and all people will get to know about him and when he reached home after the tuition he will get beatings from his father for getting punished and putting the family name into shame.
At night his father would guide him in studies but since all this incidents rohan was lacking confidence and while studying he was unable to concentrate and would get beatings from his father and scolding that you have put the family name in the road and we as parents are unable to bear the shame that people are talking about.
This thing continued for near about a year and he got elevated to class seven but this time his life was actually going to be miserable that nobody could imagine in his life.
The torture with rohan was so severe that even his classmates started bullying him and when he went to teacher to complain about the bully he would be beaten and would be told as you are the meritorious student so everyone is bullying you and not a single teacher would believe him what he said.
This put rohan into depression as teachers were beating and giving punishments when goinghome father beath him and scold him and when he get to the tuition the teacher beat him and give him punishment and now the classmates started bullying him.
Rohan was totally out of mind what to do as he can’t complain to anybody as not a single person was in his support not even his parents so he thought to keep quiet and bear the pain that is going on.
Rohan daily life was like that and by passing of time he got elevated to class eight but the bullying by his class mates was on high.
Now the bullying was in new style one day the class scholar manoj came to rohan and asked him to write his name in a chit to which rohan asked why? Manoj said he will show him magic to which rohan wrote his name on that chit and manoj took that chit to his friends and started writing something on it and gave that chit to a girl name sumitra and she came to rohan angrily and slapped him on his face and went to the teacher and gave that chit to which the teacher slapped rohan and asked what have you written in this chit to which rohan took the chit and read it was written I love you sumitra and rohan described everything to teacher and she said that means what you are saying is true and the manoj who is a scholar is a liar and asked rohan to go and stand outside the class and the students who bullied were laughing to his misery.
That day in the tuition rohan had to face a new punishment and that was pinching in the thighs which were very much painful and rohan started crying and after the tuition it was his turn to get punished in the home.
Rohan was totally disturbed and mentally showing problem of depression but nobody was there to know his pain which he was going through.
It was near about three days when manoj came to him and asked him to write his name on the paper but rohan didn’t write anything as he knew the consequences so manoj went and told to rajiv to which rajiv came and said rohan write your name but rohan refused to write to which rajiv said see I have written my name in this chit so rohan thought what wrong will happen and wrote his name below the name of rajiv.
Rajiv took that chit and gave it to manoj and they wrote something in the chit and tore the chit from side and gave it to another girl named prajakta and she came and slapped rohan and said what is this and gave the chit to rohan and he was surprised to see that rajiv name was tore from the chit and they had written you look sexy in this dress and gave it to prajakta for which he got slapped then rohan went to her teacher and told what had happened but the teacher told him to go and sit in your place otherwise I will make you stand outside the class.
The days were passing by and another month completed and rohan was counting when his school life will get completed, then one day in the class all were playing paper bullets by pulling it from rubber band and rohan was sitting quietly and watching when one girl named priya said why are you not playing to which she shot one paper bullet on rohan so he got some confident and started playing paper bullets and shot one to priya which hit her on her neck she came to rohan and slapped him on his face and told how dare you hit me to which rohan said you also hit me so I hit you then why you slapped me to which she said should I tell it to teacher as you know what will happen next and rohan kept silent and sit quietly in his place.
It was near about ten to fifteen days when one day while rohan was drinking water the water fell in his pants and all were laughing when one girl named rani said rohan peed in his pants and rohan kept silent and it was after recess that when rani was drinking water it fell on her skirt and rohan said rani peed on her skirt to which she came and slapped rohan in his face and said how dare you say that to me to which rohan said in morning you said to me that was right now when I said the same it is wrong, rani said keep quiet or I am going to complain to teacher so rohan kept quiet and sat on his chair.
Rohan was very much restless as no one loves him and he is being bullied from morning to night from school to tuition and he had no option left other than to keep quiet.
The days passed by and another year came to an end with rohan being elevated to class nine but the things get worse than ever when all the tuition teacher told rohan father that they cannot teach rohan anymore he is such a useless fellow and he can do nothing in his future and all the parents to whose house rohan was going to tuition they advised his father to open up a shop so that he can work and earn money for his family as rohan has no future other that grazing the cattle’s in the field.
Rohan father was very much offended but he decided to make his child a brilliant child so he thought to start private tuition for which rohan father started spending a lot of money as no one was ready for the private tuition but at last one person got ready to teach rohan.
But that teacher he used to close the door and teach rohan and his parents thought now his child will do better in studies but nothing was going as per plan and the tuition teacher seemed to be a monster as he daily punish rohan by pulling the hair near the ear or back of the neck which was very painful or the teacher will punish by putting a pencil or pen between two fingers and press it so hard or he will tell rohan to do situps a hundred times and this continued daily and rohan was unable to tell his parents.
When one day rohan parents saw that while rohan was walking he was unable to walk properly and used to sit down in between and when they inquired then rohan said the tuition teacher makes his situp a hundred times daily for which his legs got weakened up and he cannot control his walk and he fell down.
Rohan father gave warning to the teacher and said it should not happen again and to teach rohan in open room so that his parents can inquire in between but the teacher was adamant in giving punishments for which he will teach him and ask questions twisting it which rohan was unable to understand and the teacher started beating and said to his parents your son is useless he is not studying while I am teaching him better to which his parents got upset and started beating rohan.
Rohan life was going miserable when one day his parents unable to bear the tuition teacher they told him not to teach his child to which he said I will see that not a single tuition teacher will teach your child and you will come to me for tuition and it came true for a month not a single tuition teacher rohan parents could get but finally one famous teacher told he will teach rohan but not in private but in group with other students.
It was with that teacher that rohan started studying well and performed good in studies as he was getting beating from the teacher but the style of studying was liked by rohan and by looking the year passed and rohan was elevated to class tenth which was a crucial year for rohan as it was the deciding point whether rohan will take science, commerce or arts or he will get nothing in life.
But the life in class tenth was not that simple as it was more complicated and worse than other years, here in the class new type of bullying was implemented by the students like manoj, ravi and other friends as they will give their Tiffin or some money to hit rohan so that they that enjoy watching him get beatings and one was raghu who was totally against rohan so what he did was he manipulated rohan to tell something about a girl in their class and used to blackmail rohan to do his homework or he will tell it to the teacher to which rohan was helpless and he used to daily do the homework of raghu and get beatings and punishment for not doing his own homework.
That year was difficult but somehow rohan managed to complete his class tenth in first class and got into the commerce stream where all the students were new and were very much friendly and his two years till class twelve got completed without any hassle or problem.
Finally rohan was a bit happy to get completed his school life from DPS and now he can focus on his graduation as it was totally a new college with new friends and he got his name enrolled in B.Com Honors.
Rohan was totally in ninth cloud as the college was near to his house for which he usually travel by bus or by scooter and he made new friends who were jolly and friendly with rohan and treated his like a friend and not a douche bag which he had faced in his school life.
The professors and the tuition teacher were very good and helping rohan to get good marks in studies and finally it was the final year of the B.Com which rohan completed with the blessings of all with first class distinction with honors in accounting and that was the time when he was preparing for his MAT exam and due to good result he got enrolled in a good university to do his MBA.
It was rohan MBA time where he got confidence to do something and he showed to the class that he is not a worthless but he managed to get himself recognised within friends for being a good boy and all liked rohan very much.
Rohan made many friends and it was that time where he find a new home between his friends who were treating him very good like a friend and brother. The professors were very good and helpful towards rohan for his growth in the college and before completing his college terms rohan had earned so much confidence which he had loosed in school to tell the world that he is something.
But the fate was not leaving rohan as he didn’t got placement from the college so he tried for the off campus but his parents refused him to get to the private company but to try for government jobs which will give him name and fame.
It was near about three years but rohan was unable to get the government job as it was very difficult to compete with lakhs and lakhs of students to get a job that is in thousands and rohan was trying his level best but could not able to get the job.
It was that time when his parents had hope as well as they were also scolding him for not able to crack a government job, but the fact was to get a government job in India is like finding a needle in grass and slowly rohan started to lose his confidence and was not able to get out of it and became depressed and was spending time lonely in his home not talking to anyone neither answering to the calls as the same question would be asked when are you going to crack a job.
It was rohan parents who were being harassed and made joke of in front of their colleagues and started telling that we had told you to send your children to graze animals or open up a bettle shop so that atleast he can earn something in his life which was very much hurting rohan parents and also the people around used to say our children’s who were the scholars of the class and who had scored ninety percent in their life were unable to crack government job and you child is some extraordinary that he will crack it.
Suddenly rohan realised that his coffee is completed and he went to the hall and started watching the news and asked to his father are you happy with me what I am doing now to which his father said I am proud of you my son and am very happy to get such son.
My readers must be in a dilemma as to what must have rohan did to make his father proud did he got the job or not.
Let me brief was after three years that the hard work of rohan had paid and he got a government job in a public sector bank as assistant manager and working there for past six years with earning a name and fame for himself in the market as people recognized him as an officer and he became an investor with investing in good places and getting good returns which made rohan financially strong than the school friend who used to bully him as they are still wondering what to do in life and some are fighting in private sector to sustain their life as well as rohan had became a small writer out of passion and operating one blog of his own and he is now a proud and successful person in the society, that is why it is said struggling in life sometimes lead you to your destiny of success.

Submitted: May 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Sandeep Dhir. All rights reserved.

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