A boy named Yakura started serving godlike creatures called The Absolutes, for the sake of the world.
However things didn't go as he hoped. He saw the true face of The Absolutes and what he became. Now he seeks to destroy the ones who he trusted, served. But should he follow the path of revenge? Will
it solve everything that he sacrificed his freedom, his life or will it forgive all of his sins?

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Hello dear reader, Welcome to my very first story. For many years I have been thinking about this story. 2 years ago I started wri... Read Chapter

Search in Forest


Yakura: He is the main focus of the story. As I mentioned, he served The Absolutes but after learning who they really are, he abondened them and paid the price. Now he is on a quest to defeat them
but he is not so sure about what he is gonna do or is it the right thing. He hopes to find answers for all his questions. The Absolutes: They are the people who possess godlike powers. They ruled
Taeyo (Planet's name) for thounsands of years. However, like everything, their time come to an end. They became powerless throughout the years and one day they all disappeared. Kowata: The Absolute
Fear. Even though he is an Absolute, he is not like the others. A conflict between him and the others caused him to be prisoned. After prisoning him, The Absolutes forbid his name. And after many
years, his name was forgetten. Misaoshii: The Absolute Death. Big brother of Kowata. He had some love for his brother but it wasn't enough to abandon the others. After they defeat Kowata, Misaoshii
took him to very secret place of his pit (Misaoshii's Pit).Mahoo: The Absolute Magic. Sister of Kowata and Misaoshii (Mid child). She was the first one to see what Kowata might do. Despite her
carelessness, she warned Kowata about what might happen. But Kowata didn’t listened. She didn’t helped the other Absolutes to prison him, but didn’t do anything to help Kowata either. Shizen: The
Absolute Nature. In addition to her elemental powers, she has the power to control and command plants, animals and more. Because of all her powers she is a little obsessed with control. Riigoo: The
Absolute Strenght. He is the one who suggested to rule together. He is not the leader but he often gives oreders and they follow him. His powers most likely brute strenght, high stamina etc. Even
without mental or magical powers, he is still the strongest one. Shimana: The Absolute Knowledge. Wife of Riigo. After they forged a force, she became more interested in Riigoo and then they
decided to get together. She also decided the name "Absolute". It would be best to describe their eternal powers. Ikari: The Absolute Rage. He has a very high hate towards the things he sees below
himself. That hatred causes him a great rage. With this rage, he wants to wipe out all those who are weak.
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Monster in Cave

As they continued to go down  the light diminished more and more. It was no problem for Yakura. Sounds, scents, trembles on ear... Read Chapter

Tell Me a Story

A few hours passed. They reached to a hill. Shoo and others were eating, Kowata was sitting with them. A bit far from them Yakura was ... Read Chapter

Plans and Alliance

Kowata: As you know, each one of The Absolutes are insanely strong. And together, they are most likely unbeatable. So we are planning to ... Read Chapter

A Foe in Town

After a few conflicts Yakura and others finally started to get along. On their way to the next village Yakura asked them about their past... Read Chapter

Gathering Information

Sun started to rise. Shoo and Kowata went already. Yakura told everything to the people about his plans. Some agreed to join, some did... Read Chapter

Hive of the Queen

Yakura was flying straight to Shizen’s Temple at full speed. While he was flying, Kowata reached his mind. Kowata: I hope you didn... Read Chapter

Body and Mind

Yakura struggled to escape, but it was no use. In additoin to golem’s tight hand, he felt the poisonous scent, also there were thorns g... Read Chapter

Monster Hunt

Shoo pulled out a map. Shoo: While we were searching for information, we managed to learn what The Absolutes are after. There are cre... Read Chapter

Peace Before Death

Even in his condition, nightmares didn’t leave Yakura alone. He woke up with a scream. That caused Shoo to wake up. Shoo: WHAA!? WH... Read Chapter


Many years ago: Kowata was floating above humans and observing them. Reading their thoughts, understanding their feelings and learnin... Read Chapter

Join Me

Next day. Shoo and others got a good rest. Yakura and Kowata’s powers were close to complete recovery. They all went to a house that the doctor have told them to come. The doctor and a few more
people were there. Chief: Welcome. I am the chief of this village. Have you all got enough rest. Kowata: Yes, we indeed have a good rest. Thank you for your hospitality. Yakura: Well actually I
could have gotten a little momhhmpp... Chief: Then we can start. First take this map. We have marked the location our doctor have told you. There are a lot of capable people there. It might be hard
an expensive to convince them, but they will be really usefull. Also we have marked some more locations. There are villages that I have contact with. They are also not pleased by The Absolutes.
Bring these letters to them and they will help you. Kowata: You have no idea how much I am gratefull to you. I will not let down these generous favors. Shoo: I don’t know how we could ever thank
you enough. Yakura: One thing... Akira: Uh-oh! Shoo: Maybe this isn’t a good ti- Yakura: Last time we got some information didn’t go well, so I still think this isn’t really a good idea. Even so, I
will not look what is inside this letter. But if something bad happens because of that, I will come back to this village. Now I ask you: Is it okay for us to take these letters to them? Chief:
Y-yes, Mister Yakura. Yakura: Good then. Doctor: This is all we could do for you. But please never tell anyone about this. We can’t handle another attack. Yakura: Like you handled the first one
yourselves. Shoo and others turned to Yakura. Yakura: What? Kowata: Please excuse his rudeness. He is not a bad person, but he has seem a lot of... misguided people. So, he lacks trust towards
people. Chief: It is alright. We were not really nice to him when you came here. So, we kinda deserved that. Doctor: Now have a nice trip. Make sure you save us all. Kowata: We will. Kowata took
everyone and flew to first target: Hired Muscle Tavern. Kowata: They have told me about this place. It was a simple tavern at the start. One day someone got attacked and came to that place to ask
help. A few customers helped him. Later the person who was in trouble gave each of them a gold as thank you and asked them if they wanted to be his bodyguards. They agreed. This made people to come
to tihs place when they need help and also more people who are looking to make money came as well. It is a high chance that we can find people to help us... With a price of course. Yakura: But this
is a bit different situation than beating up bandits or hunting. I don’t think people would put their lives on the line in this. Especially knowing the enemies. Akira: You and your negativity.
Yakura: I am not saying none of them will join us, I’m just warning you to keep your expectations low. Akira: I’m sure it will be fine. Kowata can convince them like he did to the villagers.
Kowata: I did not try convince anybody, they were curious and I showed them who I am and what I have been through. Trusting me was nothing but their free will. Akira: Oh! Shoo: Why were they
curious? Kowata: I protected them even though they were willing to sold me out. So I showed them what I know. Yakura: Let’s hope we won’t be needing to do that. Shion: I can’t believe it, that
sentence had no negative part. Yakura: I will never be able to understand humans completely. They either terrified of me or make fun of me. Why there is nobody in between. Shoo: Might be because of
your character. You are either lovable or hateable. Shion: Yeah. Your sulkiness, moodiness, negativity... Yakura: GET TO THE POINT! Shion: Your personality is so annoying from outside, but ones you
get used to it, it is really nice to have you around. Yakura: ... Kowata: We have arrived. Yakura: FU**ING FINALLY! Shoo, Akira, Shion: HAHAHA! They landed. Yakura: Alright, who wants to go in
A UNION WITH THE PARTICIPATIONS OF RELIABLE COMPANIONS! WHO WILL JOIN ME?! Ten seconds later. Akira: I don’t get it. Why did they kicked me out of there? Yakura: If you want something done, you
gotta do it yourself. Let me handle this. Yakura entered the tavern. Yakura: HEY, RIOT! Crowd: YEAAAAHHH!!! Some of them threw fireballs. Akira: Impressive. 25 people and Yakura came out. Hunter 1:
Alright Scar Boy, what do you have for us? Hunter 2: You made a big talk. I hope it is not just beating up someone. Yakura: Well... Basicly it is. But I’m sure you’ll like it. Kowata, your part.
Kowata: Greetings fellow hunters, assassins and all others. We have come here because we are in need of great assistance. I will not lie to you, it is neither safe, nor safe, but I can assure you
that your hard work will be awarded greatly. Hunter 3: I’M IN! Assassin 1: Let him talk first. Hunder 3: Didn’t he? Assassin 1: Please, just go on. Kowata: You must aware that our world right now
is in big grief. At the very least some people are not happy about who is in charge. We are working hard to make this world a safer place for all. However we are lacking in numbers. Now, hear me
out. You ll have someone you love, someone you care. Join us to protect them. Make them never worry about their safety anymore. Worker 1: Are you talking about... The Absolutes? Kowata: Yes. Worker
1: Woho, I’m not even someone who can fight, but even if I was I wouldn’t go that far. Worker 2: Yeah, I’m with him. I’d be dead in 2 hours. Assassin 2: Sorry, but I can’t join you. 11 people left.
Yakura: Not bad. You finished your speech and almost half of them left. I expected worse. Hunter 1: You are not joking, right? Or do you know who they are? Kowata: More than you can imagine. Akira:
If you don’t think we can do such thing, just let me tell you who hemmmhhpp. Shion and Shoo closed his mouth. Yakura: It is alright. They will learn it eventually. I am Yakura. The one and
fortunately only. Crowed started to whisper and 5 more people left. Akira: Well 9 people eh... Yakura: Don’t make any joke related to cats. Akira: How di... Not fair. Assassin 3: Yakura, eh? Always
wondered how you looked like. One of the hunters came in front of Yakura. Hunter 4: You Yakura, have spirit. But you Yakura not convinced me. Yakura: How Yakura convince he? Hunter 4: Fight! Prove
you me. Then me will join you. Yakura: Fight? Are you sure? Hunter 1: I think he is wondering if you are telling the truth. Besides, I also wonder your strength. Prove us that those muscles are not
just for show. Yakura: Okay, I’ll fight. They both took a few steps away from each other. The hunter charged to him, Yakura dodge him easily and with a little hit, he put him down. Yakura:
Convinced? Hunter 4: One more! Yakura: Fine. This time, the hunter moved more carefully but the result was same. Hunter 4: Again! He was in a defensive stance this time, but he couldn’t react to
Yakura’s movements. Hunter 4: Again! Yakura: How long is this gonna take? The author is having a hard time, trying to write it interesting. Can’t say it is, but still... Hunter 4: Me accept defeat.
Me am Akimoto. Yakura: Yeah, yeah, glad to meet you, but we don’t really have time for introductions. At least for that many people. Assassin 4: What do you want us to do then? Kowata: Our first
priority is to gather as many people as we can. Then we will plan on how we will attack. Hunter 2: Wait, wait, wait. We will head on to The Absolutes as soon as possible? Don’t we need like, a few
years of preparations? Kowata: Have nno worries, my friend. We seek people to deal with their armies. Yakura: Me and Kowata will be doing the boss fights, you all will do the dungeon clear stuff.
Hunter 3: What the f*** is he talking about? Akira: I still can’t figure it out. Kowata: Right now what I want you to do is let me go through your minds. That way I can sense where you are and come
when you need me. Now Let us all find more people for our victory. A victory that doesn’t just have glory as it’s reward. There will be riches more than you want. All: YEAAAAH! Yakura: They still
have all these treasures, right? Kowata: I hope so. Or you have to do some treasures. Yakura: Oh boy. Hunter 1 come front of Yakura. Hunter 1: Well, Scar Boy. You are not just look, I’ll give you
that. She put her fingers on Yakura’s neck, slid them to his lips. Then she put her fingers on her lips. Hunter 1: I hope we will have some more time too... spend with each other. See ya. Akira:
WOW! Never thought you would be petrified like that. Yakura: I was actually waiting for her to go further. Shion: Ugh. Didn’t you said we don’t have time for talking? GET MOVING! Akira: YES, MA’AM!
After talking with Kowata, all of the hunters and assassins went seperate ways. Yakura: Alright, our club got bigger. So, what’s the plan now? Kowata: We agreed to meet here after 5 days. Until
then, we can deliver the letters to the villages. There are 4 villages, Akira and Shoo will go to the same village and we are gonna go to the other ones. Akira: HEY! Why are we going together?
Yakura: No offense, but I don’t think you are good at convincing people. Shion: Sorry buddy, but you will end up making them angry and they will start to hunt for us. Akira: ...I hate this plan.
They determined who will go to which village. Shoo, Akira and Shion will go to the close villages. Yakura and Kowata will head to villages far away from the tavern. They will meet here the same day
the hunters will come. Yakura started flying without losing time. Others stayed a bit longer to gather supplies and plan the thing after the meeting. Shoo: By the way, Kowata. Is it really okay to
send Yakura alone? Shion: Yeah. He is not like Akira, but it is still risky. Akira: I also am conce... Wait a minute, that was not a compliment. Kowata: I am not gonna lie, even I have concerns.
However, he is aware of our situation. First you joined us, then the hunters. Things he did not expect to happen are becoming reality. He does not show it, but he is happy inside, even if it is
little. And I am not saying this because I know him, I am saying this because he can not really hide his emotions from me. Now he has allies to help him on this journey. That was a feeling he
forgot long time ago. Now he wants to never forget it again, so he will try his best to find more people. Afterall, no matter how strong you are, you need someone on your side. Shoo: I guess we
shouldn’t worry about him. We also have our worries. Akira: Oh, right. We also have to convince people. Shion: By we, you me... Akira: ALRGIHT, ALRIGHT! I GOT IT! LET’S JUST GO! Each went their own
ways. After a few hours of flying, Yakura reached to the village. He landed near the village. Yakura: Well, here goes nothing.
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Yakura entered the village. He looked around and then looked to the map. Yakura: <To himself> Alright, they told me where to go... Read Chapter

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