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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

An anthology by Ordained Ink's Haven's Tebogo Mogashoa about a being who's lost and feels like she's been punished by the universe for what she doesn't know either
She's treated like an outsider by human beings so she constantly locks herself in her thoughts that she calls "her own world " because she feels it's much better there than the real world
Pain and Hatred is all she has ever received.

Table of Contents


Boom! Car crashed,sirens wailed Left alone in a makeshift house  Trying to make it on their own   Going to scho... Read Chapter

bastard child

Being brought into life is what I wish never happened  Being told you were a mistake  Being told you came unexpectedly&... Read Chapter

My Antidote

Weird is how it Started Just when my soul scattered I saw you and my feelings rose like a tornado  The scary part is me ... Read Chapter

Life Isn't A Bed of Roses

Brought to life Voted mostly to succeed  But stabbed with a knife    How could reality be so cruel? Th... Read Chapter

depression is real.

Ever came across a point whereby you feel the world is closing up on you? When the state of your mind changes? When colours turn ... Read Chapter

Turn A Blind Eye

We ignore the important  But rather take in the unimportant  We see starships They face hardships    ... Read Chapter


It has never been fair It has never been kind It has never been gentle  By it I mean LOVE   See love is tox... Read Chapter


Let me crawl into your veins Let me destroy you  Let me build you only to shatter you  Let me promote you only to d... Read Chapter

He is Gone!

He came into my life and promised to stay  But all he ever did was just to play  Walking on a road of thorns alone and ... Read Chapter

Response to Antidote

Remember when you said you'll stay  Where are you now? Gone! You left like they all did   Not only did you ... Read Chapter

My Greatest Fear Is Fear Itself

I feel like doing it again  But then wonder what will I gain Take pills and join the dead   It hurts so much th... Read Chapter

what is love (feat. bella simpsons

[Tebogo] I spent so much time trying to look for the best definition  I observed people around me trying to see this emotion... Read Chapter

Karma Gone Wrong

When will this end? Happy face is all they look forward to But I'm just Lonely  They see me as Holy  But I'm ju... Read Chapter

I'm a Slave

I'm a slave to the dead I'm a slave to the alive  I'm a slave to the past I'm a slave to the future    ... Read Chapter

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Very hard-hitting! So well-written!

Tue, May 5th, 2020 6:31pm

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