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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here is a sequel to Runaway, a take off on the Lion King. For those of you who haven't read it, please do! This is my second sequel of the Lion King I've written. After I type this one, I have another called the Queen's Test. I hope you enjoy this one!


Early one summer morning, light fell upon my face. The glorious sun, made of gold. I felt the slight breeze. I opened my eyes. I somehow knew that I had a purpose. My name is Niara.

I was full of life. I was always happy. My mother, Kali, and father, Ekon, were very proud of me. My best friend was named Tau. He was just like me. We were both mischievous, always in trouble, and we both loved to go on adventures.

On one of our adventures, Tau and I were pretending that we were on a dangerous hunting expedition. Suddenly, I heard a growl. “Tau, stop growling. It’s just pretend,” I said. “Niara, that wasn’t me. Was it you?” he replied. “Why would I growl?” I retorted.

Suddenly, there was a rustle in the tall grass. My instincts told me we were in trouble. “Look out, Tau!” I cried. As if on cue, a strange lioness sprang out from behind the grass. “Run!” I yelled. Tau and I raced toward Pride Rock. I glanced back. The lioness was behind us, and gaining. To my surprise, I stumbled and fell. “Keep running! Get help!” I yelled to Tau. He nodded and continued sprinting.

I then focused my attention on the lioness two feet away from me. I gathered up my courage to ask the snarling a question. “What do you want with me?” I asked. She looked at me. “I will explain when we arrive.” she said mysteriously. “Arrive where?” I asked. “You will find out.” she said.

We arrived at her cave shortly. She then explained what was going on. “You are being held hostage. We will tell your parents that if they accept us, you will be released.” “You won’t get away with this.” I growled. She cackled. “I already have.”

The next day, the lioness, Thema, took me on a tour of her territory. “Since you might live with us a while, you might as well know your way around the place.” she had said. 

The Outlands weren’t as beautiful as the Pride Lands, but they did have their wonders. There was one place I immediately fell in love with. This place was the only thing in the Out Lands that was beautiful. It was by the river. There was a rock formation that looked like a star. The river, too, was beautiful. It was the only spot that the golden sun fell on. The other lions hated it, but I loved it. I named it Starry Hope Rock. 

I soon made two friends. They were brother and sister. The boy was named Mavuto. The girl was named Makena. Mavuto’s name fit him. He was always in trouble or in a problem. Makena was a lot like me. She was always happy. 

Sometimes Mavuto, Makena, and I would sneak out together and look longingly at the Pride Lands. Mavuto and Makena secretly wanted to escape. They didn’t want to be like Thema. They wanted to go to the Pride Lands.

One day, when I was a young lioness, there was a great commotion. All the lions were crowding into Thema’s cave. As I pushed my way through the crowd, I heard murmurs. “Another prisoner.” someone whispered. “He looks like a lion from the Pride Lands.” another voice said. 

When I saw the prisoner, I gasped. He was putting up a huge fight. Apparently, Thema thought I could handle him, because she said to me, “Take him on a tour. Explain.” I nodded. “Come on.” I said to the prisoner. He growled, but followed.

I immediately took him to Starry Hope Rock. I knew that if he was a Pride Lands lion, he would fall in love with it, like I did. “It’s beautiful!” he gasped.

The spell lasted for a few moments. All of a sudden, he darted, trying to escape. I blocked him. “Look,” I sighed. “I was kidnapped, too. At a very young age. I want to escape, but I can’t. Anyway, my name is Niara. What’s your name?” Suddenly, he gasped. “Niara, is that really you?” he said excitedly. “Do I know you? Your voice is slightly familiar.” I said suspiciously. “Of course you know me! Niara, it’s me, Tau!” he cried. I gasped. No wonder he had looked and sounded so familiar! We rejoiced happily. When we were through celebrating, I said, “Act as if we have just become friends. If Thema finds out, she’ll kill us.

We returned to the cave. We had arranged to meet at Starry Hope Rock for something important. I told Thema that I would take care of Tau, so she could go about her daily business. She agreed. I also got permission to roam around the Out Lands as I pleased.

Tau and I went on a walk the next morning. I asked why the pride never came back. “I never did go back. Three lionesses started chasing me. I ran into some woods a few miles from here and they gave up. I’ve been roaming.” He explained. “How did you get captured?” I asked curiously. “I was hunting and got into their territory. And of course it was my luck that Thema was passing by.” he said sarcastically.

Later that morning, Mavuto, Makena, Tau, and I went hunting. Or so we said. We actually went into the woods to make a plan of escape. Makena suggested that we run away that night. Mavuto wanted to kill all of them. Tau wanted to run away by himself and get help. I didn’t care what we did, as long as we stayed together.

After hours of debate, we decided to run away the next night. As we returned back to Thema, we realized that we had been gone the whole morning. “What do we tell her?” Makena panicked. “Stay calm, Makena. We’ll just tell her we went farther than planned.” Mavuto replied calmly.

But it turned out, Thema wasn’t even upset or mad. She just simply told us to come home earlier next time. We were all surprised. Mavuto and Makena were especially surprised. “I think you’re her favorite.” Makena giggled. 

We went to bed that night, content with our plan. The next day, when we woke up, we realized Tau was missing. At first we thought he was roaming around. But, as the morning wore on, we became frantic. We looked everywhere, even the border of the Pride Lands. He was nowhere to be seen. Around mid-day, we gave up.

As soon as Thema found out, she got really mad, especially at me. “You were supposed to make sure he didn’t run away!” she roared at me. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I can’t Exile you, because then your family will find and capture you and get revenge on us.” she said sarcastically. In the end, she made up her mind to restrict me from leaving the cave for one week. 

That week was filled with nothing to do. Mavuto and Makena seldom visited me, and there was nobody to talk to. Finally, I could come out. As soon as Thema said, “Now, as long as you can behave-,” I ran out of the cave without giving her a chance to change her mind. 

I immediately met up with Mavuto and Makena at Starry Hope Rock. “Since Tau ran away, what do we do now?” Mavuto asked. Makena wanted to run away right then and go to Pride Rock. Mavuto wanted to sneak out that night. My suggestion was to wait for Tau to return with help. We went back and forth, thinking up the pros and cons of all three ideas. We decided that running away right then would be hard because it was the middle of the day. We concluded that sneaking out was bad because if one of the clan was roaming, they could catch us. We decided my idea was the best.

The hours waiting for Tau to return turned into days, days into weeks. Every time Mavuto, Makena, or I heard a sound we would jump and turn around quickly. Most of the time, the sound was a small animal. But one day, Tau did come with the pride.

Tau arrived on an overcast day. Thema’s clan woke up to the sound of roaring. Thinking it a dream, they drifted back to sleep. There was one lioness that didn’t go back to sleep. She ran around, trying to wake everybody up. She woke me up first. I then woke up Mavuto and Makena, then Thema. As soon as they saw the Pride Land lions, they panicked. Thema calmed them down. “We need to fight for our lives. Don’t let them win! This may be our chance to obtain the throne!” she shouted.

Ekon, Kali, Tau, and all the other lions were charging across the river now. Thema’s clan started running towards the river. Before Thema left, she told me, Mavuto, and Makena to hide. Even though we protested, we were happy that we might be able to escape. 

As we dashed into the cave, I met Tau’s eye. It said,”I’m on my way.” We waited for Tau to get us at the mouth of the cave. We didn’t have to wait long. Tau came bounding into the cave, panting. “Come on. I know where we can escape. I’ll give the signal to Ekon, then he’ll retreat.” he whispered fiercely.

We crept out of the cave, the battle raging behind us. Tau led us to a small slope that we could climb up on. When Tau, Mavuto, Makena, and I were all up, we raced to the place where the battle was taking place. Tau shouted, “Now!” and immediately, the lions retreated. When we were all together, we realized that Thema had followed. 

“Run!” I shouted. We ran at full speed towards the Pride Lands. Slowly, we pulled away inch by inch. Thema kept shouting encouraging words to her clan. Knowing that they couldn’t take much more, we strained every muscle in our bodies for more speed. We were right. In a few more minutes, Thema was the only one pursuing the chase. Then, she too, gave up. With great rejoicing, we trotted back to Pride Rock.

The pride was silent when we arrived at Pride Rock. No one knew what to say. Finally, Kali broke the uncomfortable silence. “We missed you.” she said quietly. “Tell us what happened.” Ekon said. With that, I proceeded to tell my story. When I finished, everyone was silent. “I never dreamed something like that would happen to you.” Kali said, amazed.

For a few weeks, I stayed at Pride Rock. I wanted to find out what had happened while I was gone. I learned that Thema had never told my parents that I had been kidnapped. Ekon and Kali had looked for me for weeks, but gave up eventually. They thought I had run away with Tau as a prank, and had gotten killed somehow. When Tau returned, they thought he was a ghost. Their fears quieted when they heard his story. They believed that I was alive and were willing to do anything to get me back. With Tau’s directions, they found Thema’s cave. The plan was to attack Thema to distract her. When her clan was busy fighting, Tau would sneak out and rescue me. 

The pride was wary of Mavuto and Makena at first. They thought they were spies and would send a signal for attack. Their thoughts were pushed away by Mavuto and Makena’s eagerness to become friends. Soon, everyone was friends. 

Everyone was jumpy. Everyone knew Thema would attack soon. The problem was, they just didn’t know when. Even Mavuto and Makena were anxious. As the hours turned into days, days into weeks, the anxiety slowly died. All the lions went back to their normal lives. They soon forgot Thema. Ekon, Kali, Tau, Mavuto, and Makena were the only ones that remembered. We soon became angry. We wanted to get the battle over with. We were all tired of the anxiety in our stomachs. But one day, the attack did come.

I happened to wake up early one morning. I had a queer feeling that something was about to happen. I quietly crept out of the cave. As soon as I stepped out, I froze. The sunrise was gorgeous. I hadn’t seen one since I’d been kidnapped. It reminded me of the day I was born. The wind quietly blew. I had a feeling someone was watching me. I turned around quickly. “Oh, it’s just you.” I said with relief. “You have the queer feeling, too.” Tau said. “Sadly, yes.” I sighed. “I wonder what it means.” Tau said curiously.

We got our answer. Tau and I heard a roar. We looked, and nearly fainted. Thema was coming! “Ekon! Kali!” we shouted. A few seconds later, they appeared at the mouth of the cave. “What’s wrong?” they asked. “Look!” I cried. When they saw Thema and her clan, they ran to wake up the rest of the pride.

As soon as the pride realized what was happening, they snapped to attention. Ekon immediately began barking out orders. By the time Thema arrived at Pride Rock, we had a battle plan.

Our pride hid behind behind rocks, trees, and bushes. Thema was apparently confused. When she wasn’t looking, Ekon gave the signal nod. Our pride quietly surrounded Thema’s clan. Ekon gave a second nod, the signal for attack. As we sprung, Thema’s eyes opened wide with terror and disbelief.

Mavuto and Makena immediately teamed up on Thema. “You!” she cried.”You-you traitor!” she roared. Mavuto and Makena kept her in her place until all of her pride was either dead or wounded. Thema watched with grief and terror.

Ekon made the other lionesses block off any exits, except one. Mavuto and Makena knew what to do. They slowly backed her up to the edge of Pride Rock. “Please, no.” she pleaded. “I’m your mother.” “No, Thema.” Mavuto and Makena growled. “You are a false queen.” Thema made an effort to show some courage. “What are you going to do?” she taunted. “We’ll show you.” Mavuto and Makena said lightly.

Mavuto and Makena took one more step forwards, Thema one step backwards. That one step was enough. Thema fell, screaming, off of Pride Rock. When the screaming subsided, there was an uncomfortable silence. “I’m sorry you had to do that.” Kali said quietly. “She wasn’t a good mother, anyway.” Makena said somewhat sadly.

During my kidnapped time, to that present time, Tau and I fell in love. After all, he was my best friend. He did rescue me. He did love me. And I loved him.

We were married four weeks after Thema’s death. That morning was like my first on earth. The glorious, golden, sun beamed down on me and Tau. The breeze blew. I knew now what my purpose was: to be ruler of the Pride Lands with Tau. To raise a family. To protect my land.


Submitted: May 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 maryleedurham11. All rights reserved.

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