The Queen's Test

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here is The Queen's Test! I just figured out how to copy paste, so I will be able to write all of my stories that I write. If you haven't read my other stories, please do. Read Runaway and then Kidnapped. That's the order. I have two sequels to the Lion Guard. Check those out too! Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment or message me for any critiques or likes! Thank you!


The Queen’s Test

Early one autumn morning, Tau and Niara had a cub. They named the cub Kacia. The morning of the ceremony, the sky was a brilliant mixture of red and orange. The sun was a bright orange. Leaves circled Kacia’s head. She pawed at them. Niara gave her daughter a stern look, so Kacia put on an angelic face for the ceremony.

Kacia’s best friend was named Khalon. They were both very mischievous. Kacia and Khalon were interested in the Out Lands. They enjoyed sneaking out early in the morning and going to the Out Lands to explore. Once it was near time for their parents to wake up, they would sneak back into Pride Rock. 

Kacia and Khalon did this for a few weeks. One day, though, Tau and Niara noticed them missing. The next day, when Kacia and Khalon made their daily journey to the Out Lands, Niara and Tau silently followed them.

Suddenly, the two cubs froze. “Kacia, do you hear something?” Khalon asked. Kacia nodded. “It sounds like a very faint laugh.” she replied. For a few minutes, they desperately tried to figure out where the laugh was coming from. When they finally figured it out, the laugh was almost upon them. “What do we do?” Khalon asked. “Just stay where you are.” Kacia said calmly.

“Now, who is this?” a middle-aged lioness asked herself. Almost instantly, she answered her own question. “Oh. I know. It’s the little princess with her friend. Do you know what we are going to do with you?” she asked. Before she could say or do anymore, Niara and Tau jumped out from behind a rock. “Oh, how nice of you to come visit me.” the snarling lioness said sarcastically. “Zena, what have you done to these cubs?” Tau growled. “Nothing. Yet.” she snapped. “I will let you go this time, Zena.” Niara said. “But next time, you won’t be so lucky.” she added with a growl. With that, Zena left. 

“Tau, take Khalon home. I want to talk to Kacia.” Niara  said. Tau nodded, and together, Tau and Khalon walked back towards Pride Rock. Niara took her daughter to a place where they could talk without anyone listening.

“Kacia, I know that you and Khalon sneak out every morning. Your father and I followed you this morning.” Niara paused. “If we hadn’t had followed you, you could have been dead by now.” Kacia looked away. “I’m sorry, Mom.” she said quietly. “I know you’re sorry, Kacia. But promise me that you will listen to me and your father from now on.” Niara said. “We are one.” she added.

“Kacia, there’s something that I need to tell you.” Niara said hesitantly. “What?” Kacia asked somewhat curiously. “I was kidnapped when I was your age. The lioness, Thema, is dead, but her clan still wants revenge. Especially Zena.” Niara explained. “Mom, can you tell me the story?” Kacia asked, now fully curious. Niara had been waiting for that. She proceeded to tell Kacia the story.

“Wow. I didn't know that was Makena and Mavuto’s backstory.” Kacia said in awe. “Yes, Kacia. But this is a secret. Khalon does not know his father and mother’s secret. You must not tell him.”Niara cautioned her daughter. “Well. I have talked long and it is near twilight. Let’s go home.” Niara added.

One night, when Kacia was a young lioness, Niara and Tau snuck out to the river where they could talk without anybody hearing. “I’ve been thinking, Tau.” Niara began. “I want to give Kacia a test.” she added. “A hunting test?” Tau asked. “No.” Niara replied. “Well, what type of test?” Tau asked, confused. “A queen test.” Niara replied. Tau looked at her blankly. “A test where she is queen for a little bit. Without us to help.” she explained. “Oh.” Tau said. They thought for a few minutes. “I got it! Maybe we could run away and pretend to be dead. Then come back.” Niara explained. “Well, come on.” Tau said as he started running away from Pride Rock. Niara followed silently. 

Meanwhile, a sentry for Zena’s clan, Kia, spotted Niara and Tau running. She quietly followed them to a jungle. When she found where they were staying, Kia quietly returned to her leader.

“Are you sure it was the King and Queen?” Zena asked. “Yes. I could tell by their faces. I overheard them talking. They apparently ran away to put their daughter to a test. A queen test.” Kia reported. “Perfect.” Zena cackled. “Tomorrow, we will kidnap them. Again. And this time, Niara and Tau will not escape from us.” she growled.

The next morning, when Kacia woke up, she realized that her parents were missing. She didn’t start worrying until about mid-morning. Kacia asked all the lions, including the cubs, if they had seen her parents. Nobody had. Kacia became frantic. She asked Khalon to take a few lionesses to look for the Queen and King. Even the youngest cubs help look for them. By noon, Niara and Tau still hadn’t been found. Still, they didn’t give up until twilight. “I’m sorry, Kacia, but I’m afraid they are gone and won’t come back.” Khalon said quietly. “No!” Kacia cried. Sobbing, she ran out of Pride Rock. The lions looked on mournfully. Khalon followed Kacia.

Kacia ran until she couldn’t run anymore. “Why?” she cried out. “Why now? Why now when I need them most?” she sobbed. Suddenly, the great kings of the past appeared in the sky. “Kacia.” Simba said. Kacia looked up at the skies. “Why have my parents left me?” she cried. “Your parents have not left you. They live in you.” Kovu siad. “Yes. They will always watch over you.” Ekon added. “But, since they are gone, you are queen now.” Mufassa said. “But I’m not ready!” Kacia blurted. “You have everything you need.” Kovu said. With that, the visions in the heavens faded away. “No! Don’t leave! Tell me what to do!” Kacia exclaimed. She started crying again.

“Kacia?” Khalon asked. He sat next to the golden lioness. “Khalon, why? Why did they leave? How do I rule? What if I can’t be a good queen?” Kacia blurted. “Well. You sure have a lot of questions that I don’t know the answer to.” Khalon mutterred. “All I can say, Kacia, is that they will always be with you. They live in you.” Khalon said. “That’s exactly what Kovu said.” Kacia murmured. “Maybe they will stay with me.” she added confidently. “Thanks, Khalon.” Kacia said. She nuzzled him. Surprised, Khalon nuzzled back. Together, they walked back towards Pride Rock.

Meanwhile, Niara and Tau were talking about their daughter. “I wonder how she’s doing?” Niara wondered. “I kind of feel bad for doing this.” Tau said. “Can you imagine how hurt, depressed, and scared she must be?” Tau added. “It is good practice. Good practice for what she will experience someday.” Niara said. “Still, I’m very worried about her.” Tau said. “Tau, you worry too much.” Niara said. She pinned him. “She’ll be fine.” Niara said.

She let him up. Niara nuzzled Tau. Tau looked beyond her and didn’t nuzzle back. “What’s wrong, Tau?” Niara asked worriedly. “Was it something I said?” she asked. “No.” Tau said quietly. “Sh. Do you hear that?” Tau asked slowly. Niara listened intently. “What is it?” she questioned.

“My, doesn’t this look familiar?” Zena cackled. “Niara and Tau, alone.” she added. “Tell me, why is your daughter, Kacia I believe, ruling, and you hiding out here?” Zena said. Niara and Tau looked at her in surprise. Zena grinned wickedly and nodded at Kia, who smirked. Niara and Tau understood immediately. “Oh. You spied on us.” Tau growled. Kia shrugged. “I was passing through. I was curious. Thought I’d see what was going on.” she explained.

“Enough chatter!” Zena roared. “Attack!” she cried. Her lions started fighting. Niara and Tau were no match for twenty lionesses and two young males. Soon, Niara and Tau had stopped fighting. Niara was the first to faint from exhaustion. Tau fainted soon after her. Seeing her chance, Zena called four of her lionesses. Two dragged Niara, and two dragged Tau.

When the small party reached the Out Lands, they placed Niara and Tau in Thema’s old cave. The four lions that had towed them stood guard. Soon, Niara and Tau came to. “Wh-Where are we? What happened?” Niara groggily asked. Kia was one of the guards. “You fought until you fainted. We took you here.” Kia explained. “Thema’s old cave!” Tau and Niara muttered together. “Is this some kind of joke?” Tau growled. “No. You are being held hostage.” Zena’s voice answered. “The same words.” Niara murmured. “Huh?” Tau asked blankly. “The same words Thema said when she kidnapped me.” Niara explained.

“Exactly.” Zena said. “And I have the same purpose that my mother had for you. The only thing different is that we will not tell the Queen and King.” she explained. “King?” Niara and Tau said together. “Why, I am surprised that you do not know. Kacia knew that she needed someone to help her rule. Early this morning, she chose Khalon for her King.” Zena explained. “Oops. Didn’t think of that.” Niara whispered to Tau. “It’s fine, Niara. They were betrothed anyway. She made a good choice.” Tau answered. “She did the right thing. I hope they can manage.” he added.

It was true. Kacia chose Khalon for her king. Kacia suggested a morning patrol. Khalon thought her idea was brilliant. They hired Jevin, a bird with fast wings and keen eyes. The morning that Niara and Tau were kidnapped, Jevin had been flying over the Out Lands to make sure everything was normal. He had seen Niara, Tau, Kia, and Zena discussing something. Flying closer, Jevin had discovered that Niara and Tau had been kidnapped. That was all that he needed to hear. He swiftly flew back to the Pride Lands to tell Kacia and Khalon.

After he told the Queen and King, they were silent. Kacia’s face was a mixture of joy, fear, disbelief, worry, and relief. Khalon was just plain dumbfounded. “Are you sure, Jevin?” Kacia asked, trembling with joy. “Positive, Your Majesty.” Jevin replied. “Thank you, Jevin. You may go now.” Kacia said. 

As soon as he left, Kacia burst into tears of joy. Khalon just sat, gaping, apparently still shocked. “Can you believe it, Khalon?” Kacia shouted. Khalon didn’t move. 

“Oh, come on. Snap out of it!” she said as she slapped him gently. “Did that just happen?” Khalon asked. “Yes!” Kacia said somewhat angry. “So what do we do now?” Khalon teased. “Tell the pride, of course!” Kacia said.

Soon, every animal in the Pride Lands knew that Niara and Tau were alive. “Uh, Your Majesties, aren’t you forgetting something?” Jevin asked. “What?” Kacia asked. “Your parents are being held hostage.” Jevin said. “I know, Jevin.” Kacia said. “I don’t think you heard me correctly.” Jevin said, somewhat annoyed. “Your parents are being held HOSTAGE!” Jevin screamed into her ear. Immediately, Kacia fainted.

When she came to, Khalon was peering worriedly over her face. “I totally forgot about that! I was so overjoyed that they were alive, I didn’t hear the bad news.” Kacia said, embarrassed. “It’s fine, Kacia.” Khalon said. “Well, I guess we’d better think of a rescue plan.” she said, getting up. “Let’s arrange a meeting. First with the pride, then another, maybe, with all the animals.” Khalon suggested. “Good thinking.” Kacia said. They nuzzled, then walked out of the cave.

Niara and Tau were allowed to walk around the Out Lands, with an escort. Soon, without an escort. They did not make a plan for escape. This was because they believed Kacia would somehow find out and rescue them. 

Kacia and Khalon decided to have a meeting with just the pride. “Can we speak, please?” Khalon’s mother, Makena, asked. The King and Queen nodded. “Mavuto and I have a plan. We were thinking, maybe we could get ourselves kidnapped, tell Niara and Tau our plan, somehow signal you, then you attack Zena.” Makena explained. “Yes. We are willing to risk our lives for our best friends.” Mavuto added. Kacia and Khalon asked the pride what they thought. Everyone agreed. Khalon and Kacia gave their approval.

Their journey began the next day. Mavuto and Makena guessed at where Zena would keep Niara and Tau: Thema’s old cave. They were right. The sentries kidnapped them and took them to Zena. Makena and Mavuto told Zena that they were rouges. Secretly, they were worried that Zena might recognize their names, but, luckily, she didn’t. Zena ordered them to stay with Niara and Tau. Discreetly, Mavuto and Makena were happy. 

The guards happened to be out at the time that Mavuto and Makena arrived. When Niara and Tau saw Mavuto and Makena, they nearly cried out in joy and disbelief. “Sh!” Mavuto and Makena whispered fiercely. “How-?” Tau began. “We’ll explain everything later.” Makena whispered. “Pretend that you don't know us.” Mavuto added. Niara and Tau nodded.

Later, when the guards had left for dinner, Mavuto and Makena revealed Kacia and Khalon’s plan. “Well, how do you signal them?” Niara asked. “Kacia organized a morning patrol. Before we left, we asked Jevin to fly over every morning. If we are looking for him in the sky, he will tell Kacia and Khalon.” Makena answered. Niara and Tau nodded in approval. “Looks like she’s learning fast.” Tau praised. “Hopefully, though, Kacia won’t think highly of herself. Hopefully, she will let the pride praise her.” Niara replied. “Tell me, why did you two run away knowing Kacia would be queen?” Mavuto asked. Niara and Tau revealed their conversation.

Mavuto and Makena just gaped at them. Finally, Makena spoke up. “You two are the worst parents ever!” Leaving your daughter without any wisdom or guidance! All this time she’s thought you dead! You deserve to be!” she cried. Seeing the hurt look on Niara and Tau’s faces, she ran, sobbing, out of the cave. “Niara, Tau-'' Mavuto stuttered. “Just leave us alone, Mavuto.” Tau said slowly. “But-” Mavuto began. “Please. LEAVE US ALONE!” Tau roared. Mavuto ran out of the cave to find Makena. 

“Makena?” Mavuto asked. “What do you want?” Makena replied with a sob. “Well, Niara and Tau wanted to be alone. Why did you say that?” Mavuto asked. “I don’t know. I was upset for Kacia. What else do you want to know?” Makena snapped. “Sorry.” Mavuto said. He sat down next to her. He nuzzled her. “Do you forgive me?” Mavuto asked. “Of course.” Makena answered as she nuzzled him back.

“Why did we leave her?” Niara asked quietly. Not giving Tau any time to answer, she continued. “Makena’s right. I’m a horrible mother. And you were right, too. Kacia was hurt and depressed.” Niara burst into tears. “Hey. It’s okay.” Tau said. “You have to remember, I was a part of it, too.” Tau added. “Yeah, well, not as much as me.” Niara replied sarcastically. “Well, it was partly my fault because I didn’t try to stop you.” Tau retorted. They were silent for a few minutes. “It’s a good thing Kacia still loves us.” Niara said. “Yeah.” Tau added. Not angry anymore, they nuzzled.

“I guess we’d better apologize to Niara and Tau.” Makena said quietly as she stood up. Mavuto nodded. Together, they walked back towards the cave.

“I’m sorry.” Niara blurted as Mavuto and Makena walked into the cave. “No. I’m sorry.” Makena said quietly. Before Niara could say anything, Makena continued. “I shouldn’t have erupted like I did. It was just that I had thought you dead for a long time, and hearing your reason for running away, I broke down. Will you forgive me?” Makena said, tears welling up in her eyes. “Of course.” Niara said, as her eyes started to tear up, too. They smiled at each other. Makena ran towards Niara. “You’ll always be my best friend, Niara.” Makena sobbed. “I know.” Niara whispered. Tau and Mavuto saw that they needed to leave the two lionesses alone. They quietly snuck out of the cave. “Makena, I’m sorry I left without telling you.” Niara said as she pulled away from the lioness’s embrace. “It’s okay.” Makena replied. Together, they went to find Tau and Mavuto.

It had been three days since Mavuto and Makena left. Every morning after Jevin came back from morning patrol, he gave a negative report. “I’m getting worried, Khalon.” Kacia said to Khalon. “Don’t worry, Kacia. Maybe Mavuto and Makena haven’t found a good time to signal. There are so many other possibilities.” Khalon reassured his queen. Kacia knew that Khalon was reassuring her, but that he was beginning to worry, too. 

The next day, Jevin reported that Mavuto, Makena, Niara, and Tau were ready for the pride to attack. Kacia could barely contain her excitement of seeing her parents. She lost no time in assembling the lionesses.

With Jevin’s directions, they found Thema’s old cave. There they rescued Niara, Tau, Mavuto, and Makena. Not uttering a word or rejoicing silently, the pride snuck over to Zena’s cave. Apparently, Zena or one of her sentries must have seen or heard them, because the first thing that Kacia sawa was a long row of snarling lionesses.

“Attack!” Kacia roared. She sprung forward, ready for a fight with Kia. Niara jumped to Zena. Tau and Khalon leaped to the lioness closest to them.

The battle raged for a few minutes. Zena saw that her clan was badly losing. She knew that she needed to spare her lionesses, so she roared, “Retreat!” Immediately, the Outsiders stopped fighting and retreated.

“Wow. That was the shortest battle ever.” Tau said, amazed. Kacia started giggling. “They’re so weak.” she chuckled. “They always have been and always will be.” Niara said as she tried to hold back her laughter. She couldn’t. Niara burst out laughing, causing the rest of the pride to do the same. “Let’s go home.” Khalon said.

Everyone was talking excitedly, all except Kacia. She stayed away from the pride, even Khalon. Mostly, though, she avoided Niara and Tau. Khalon could see her anger, sadness, and uncertainty rising, so he went to talk to her. 

“Kacia, you can’t hold a grudge against your parents forever. They want to talk to you, apologize, and listen to what you have done as queen.” Khalon said firmly. “I’m not ready to face them yet! How can I, with what they did to me?” Kacia snapped. “You have to let go of the past.” Khalon said as he walked away. Kacia remained by herself as the rest of the pride headed back to Pride Rock.

Kacia sat, thinking, as she stared into the sunset. She truly wasn’t ready to face her parents. Kacia was afraid that she might lash out and hurt them with her words. As she sat thinking, two images appeared in the sky. Kacia gasped. She recognized them from stories that had been told among her family. King Kion and Queen Rani.

“What are you doubting?” Rani asked gently. “Rani. Kion. I am doubting if I can face my parents. They ran away, pretended to be dead, without even telling me!” Kacia blurted angrily. Kion frowned. “That does not sound like something Niara or Tau would do,” he said. “Well, they claim that they ran away for my own good. To give me practice for being Queen. Without them to help.” Kacia explained. “I see.” Kion said. 

“I say, give them a chance. Express your feelings calmly.” Rani suggested. “Rani’s right. Being angry won’t solve problems.” Kion added. “Talk to your parents, Kacia. They love you.” Rani added. Kacia looked from Kion to Rani. “Thank you.” Kacia said. Kion and Rani nodded and faded away.

“Kacia?” Kacia turned around to find Niara and Tau standing behind her. “We’re so sorry, Kacia. We didn’t think before we acted.” Niara said. She burst into tears. “Yes, Kacia. We didn’t mean to hurt you. We’ll always love you.” Tau added. “Mom. Dad. It’s okay. I love you, too.” Kacia said. She ran forward to nuzzle her parents. “Kion and Rani were right. I hope I can talk to them again.” Kacia thought. 

That night, Kacia took a walk. “Kion? Rani?” Kacia beseeched. The two figures instantly appeared in the sky. “We’re here, Kacia.” Rani answered. “You were right.” Kacia said. “It wouldn’t have worked without your consenting to talk to Niara and Tau.” Kion remarked. “Yes. It’s your victory.” Rani added. “Thank you, Kion. Rani. For all that you’ve done.” Kacia said. “Just remember. You can talk to us anytime.” Rani said. They disappeared.

“Kacia?” Kacia looked around to see Khalon. “Khalon, I want to thank you.” she began. Khalon sat down. “Thank me? But for what?” he asked. “For encouraging me. Helping me through my queen time.” Kacia explained. “Oh. It was nothing.” Khalon shrugged. “I did it because I love you,” he added.

Kacia’s eyes widened. “Really?” she asked. “You haven’t noticed?” Khalon teased. Kacia nuzzled him. “Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I love you, too.” Kacia admitted. They nuzzled. “Come on. Let’s go home.” Kacia and Khalon said together. 

The next morning, Kacia and Khalon decided to go on patrol, to make sure that everything was in place. They had a feeling that Zena would attack soon, for revenge.

As Kacia and Khalon stood at the watering hole, Kia and a few other lionesses were prowling in the tall grass. Kacia saw Kia’s reflection in the water, and whispered to Khalon. “Kia and some others are here. Follow me.” Kacia whispered. Together, they ran towards Pride Rock. As Kacia expected, Kia and all the others sprang after them. But Kacia and Khalon were faster. Soon, seven panting lionesses retreated back to the Out Lands.

“Mom? Dad?” Kacia cried as she and Khalon raced into Pride Rock. Seeing the winded look on her daughter’s face, Niara frowned. “Kia and six other lionesses just chased us to Pride Rock.” Kacia said in one breath. “Can you repeat that?” Tau asked. Kacia repeated what she had just said, slowly. “Where are they now?” Niara asked quickly. “They retreated. Apparently, Khalon and I were too much for them.” Kacia teased. “I think they’ll attack later.” Kacia added.

She was right. Around mid-day, Zena’s clan stood in one of the clearings, ready for a fight to the death. Nothing was said as the two prides stood facing each other. “Attack!” Zena finally cried. Her cry shocked all of the lions, but they still ran towards each other. 

Kacia went for Kia, Khalon to Zena, Niara and Tau to the two males. Kacia pinned Kia, who begged for mercy. “Why?” Kacia snarled. But as Kacia looked into the terrified eyes, she remembered something she had been told when she was young. “We are one.” “I never really liked Zena. She promised us food, and a home.” Kia was saying. Smiling, Kacia let Kia up. Kia joined the fight, once more, this time on Kacia’s side. They joined Khalon, who was in a tremendous fight with Zena. Gasping for breath, Khalon staggered, and almost fell. Zena, seeing her opportunity, sprang. 

“NO!” Kacia cried as she lept to tackle Zena. Tumbling, Kacia managed to pin Zena. Zena kicked Kacia off. All of the other fighting had stopped. As Kacia and Zena tussled, Kacia managed to kick her opponent in the stomach. Zena frantically tried to recover her breath, and feet. She was slow. Kacia kicked her off the cliff.

Seeing their leader killed, the Outlanders, all except Kacia, retreated. “Nice job, everyone!” Niara and Tau called together. Kia approached them. “May I join your pride? Can you forgive me for all that I’ve done?” she pleaded. “Of course, Kia.” Tau said. “Let’s go home.” Niara added.

Niara and Tau decided to let Kacia and Khalon begin ruling the next morning. Kacia went to talk with Kion and Rani on her last before being queen. “Well done, Kacia.” Kion and Rani said together. “Thanks, Kion. Rani.” Kacia grinned. “I’m ready!” Kacia cried. 

Kacia became the Queen of the Pride Lands and Khalon became King of the Pride Lands. Niara, Tau, Kacia, and Khalon roared as one. Kacia had passed the Queen’s Test.


Submitted: May 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 maryleedurham11. All rights reserved.

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