Men lie, women hide in the hope behind the lie...this man finds a woman he's fallen in love with watching fall in love with him. She has her suspicions and changes direction...turning the tides against him in the end.....or does she?

Who are you?
The way you make them feel?
Tell me what's real.
Are you the man they say you are?
What lies beneath the hood?
An engine, or a hollow shell?
Tell me of your Heavenly Hell.
I heard a rumor about you.
In fact, two.
An abuser, one.
You chose her, but did you choose her Son?
Will you lose her?
The screaming demon,
Your ears ache,
Your hands shake,
Your body quivers,
At night you drown sweat from deathly cold shivers,
Regret circles the space in your mind,
What did you find?
A molding heart,
Passing time watching the screenplay in your iris,
You can see the mistake unfolding,
That hideous violence,
Turn one cheek,
Leave another open,
Submerge her head in deep waters,
Let her float in the ocean,
The hope of a future in this bleak time,
Leaves marks across the neck where the rope does the crime,
Invades your skin and makes a wretched sound,
When they let you loose,
your feet hit the ground,
It was then God sent angels to translate you,
Leaving her to find another liar to replace you. 

Submitted: May 05, 2020

© Copyright 2023 artfulsteph. All rights reserved.

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