The Pride of Arkaan

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Erik is an ordinary smith, trying to work his way through life in a world constantly plagued by monsters, bad-mannered street urchins and silver-tongued merchants. But one day a mysterious client arrives, turning his world upside down.

The Pride of Arkaan is a book about a fantasy world. It's a book about love and camaraderie. About unbearable uncles, drunk warriors and dropdead gorgeous wizards. It's a closer look at the lives of a few people: likely and unlikely heroes, and how their actions shaped the future of their world.

Table of Contents

A Smith's Love

Erik loved smithing. He had been doing it as far back as he could remember. Weapons, clocks, jewellery, anything you could think of reall... Read Chapter

Up the Hill

Erik woke up with the sun. A smile was on his face. Then he remembered the scolding Gray had given him yesterday when he had heard about ... Read Chapter

The Regular

It took Lorelei a week to escape her teachers again. After she had lost them in the small back alleys of Urheim she happily started strol... Read Chapter

Old Friends

Frustrated, Erik threw his design into the bin. He picked up a piece of parchment and began anew. For months he had been waiting for Kabu... Read Chapter

The Chase

While Erik descended back down to the lower parts of the city he noticed the sun had passed its zenith. Gratefully, he took off the cloth... Read Chapter

Come Marching Home

Lorelei watched as the column approached the city. The army was returning for the winter. She was sitting on the battlements, her feet da... Read Chapter

Birthdays and Promises

"And then as punishment Arturius made me write a twenty-page essay about fungi. Fungi! Out of all the things to make me write about he ch... Read Chapter

A Study on Boys

Lorelei was pacing up and down the library, cursing herself. She had promised him the best present ever. How could she have said that? Sh... Read Chapter


Erik and Gray looked at the desk in front of them. It was completely covered with sketches. One more ambitious than the other. On one sid... Read Chapter

The Climb

Erik cursed. He wouldn't be defeated that easily. Under Bertha's burning gaze he left the plaza. As soon as he turned a corner he stepped... Read Chapter

The Festival

“Off we go then”, Lorelei said, standing next to Erik, “Hold on tight. Care to see my newest spell?” “Will this spell hur... Read Chapter

The Morning After

A cold breeze flew through the corridors of the college. The place seemed completely deserted. The students that normally brought these h... Read Chapter

A New Me

Lorelei breathed in deeply. Concentrated, she looked at the anvil in front of her. With a fluent motion, she drew two runes on it: one fo... Read Chapter

The King's Council

  “The king”, Aurelius said coldly, “is late.” Arturius looked across the round, oaken table. Aurelius wasn’t the ... Read Chapter

Worries in the Night

“Lorelei?” Lorelei’s eyes shot open. It was the middle of the night. “What is it, Beatrice? Did you have a nightmare?”,... Read Chapter

The Conquerer

“Hm”, Gray grunted loudly, stuffing a chunk of bread into his mouth. “Bad news?”, Erik asked. His uncle was staring at a lett... Read Chapter

An Outing to Remember

The sun shone brightly, the grass smelt delightful, everywhere birds were singing their songs. Summer had arrived in all its glory. Lorel... Read Chapter

The Battle for Urheim

Arturius looked at his students. Lorelei had done her job perfectly. Now it was his turn. He walked up the stairs to the walls. Even thou... Read Chapter

The Strength of Arkaan

“Attention!”, Varek roared at his troops, loud enough to be audible above the bestial sounds coming from the plains. He held the atte... Read Chapter


“Alright children”, Bertha said softly but firmly, “Everyone off to your room until Master Marcus or Master Arturius returns.” ... Read Chapter

Honourable Men

Erik didn’t utter a word. Just like everyone around him he stared in disbelief. They had all been shocked by the explosion at the wal... Read Chapter

The Chase

Erik was one of the last people outside. A feeling of relief passed through him as the gates slammed shut behind him. The furious bellowi... Read Chapter


“Erik!”, Lorelei screamed as she ran to the bleeding smith. A Boroian was hunched over him. The man seemed worried yet calm, as if ... Read Chapter


Erik slowly opened his eyes. Slowly, he realised what had happened. His city had been sacked, many of his childhood friends killed and ... Read Chapter


Lorelei walked towards the large tent, serving as the temporary army headquarters. Only minutes ago she had woken up, surrounded by the... Read Chapter


“Well Erik, young friend”, Kabul said calmly, “It’s important to never give into despair. That’s a pit you climb out of with ... Read Chapter

Friend or Foe

Lorelei looked at the kneeling men in front of her. Forty-seven soldiers who had barely breathed a few hours ago. Their bellies had been ... Read Chapter

Unexpected Visits

Lorelei ran a hand through her hair. She was exhausted. Since their move to the inn, her life had not been easy. In the early morning, sh... Read Chapter

The Bodyguard

Erik looked at the construction sites in awe. Entire new districts were being raised to house the enormous flow of immigrants. As the n... Read Chapter

A New Calling

Erik threw his hammer away. Frustrated, he stared at the formless piece of iron in front of him. This wasn’t working. The rhythmic cade... Read Chapter

The Glorious Dead

  For the third time in two minutes, Lorelei straightened out her uniform. She looked at the large redwood doors in front of her... Read Chapter

The High King

"King Manos has called for a meeting of monarchs in his capital of Suna. The dwarves, Arkaan, Bor and all the other kingdoms will be repr... Read Chapter


“Ah, there we are”, Fargrim sighed with relief, “I was just starting to get a bit peckish.” In wonder, Lorelei stared at the ... Read Chapter

The Council of Kings

“Welcome, honourable guests”, the herald said, “Take a seat, please do take a seat. Help yourself to the fruit, it has been fresh... Read Chapter


In the dead of night, Marbarath’s eyes shot open. He rolled aside, just in time to dodge the axe. His heart pounded as he looked at t... Read Chapter


Lorelei patiently waited besides Marbarath’s bed. She watched his chest rise and fall peacefully, unlike earlier that night. When Eri... Read Chapter


Defeated, Lorelei looked at the body in front of her. She had lost count of the number of spells she had tried to heal her friend. Today ... Read Chapter


It was dark when Erik and Marbarath returned to the inn. Silently, Erik opened the door, making sure not to wake any of the children sl... Read Chapter


The next fewweeks Lorelei slowly regained her old cheerfulness. It had started with simple things. She would wake up less tired, and fall... Read Chapter

His Rebirth

About an hour later, Marbarath and Lorelei arrived at the northern gate. Erik was waiting outside, checking their weapons and armour on... Read Chapter

The Rebellious Son

Erik was certain. It wasn’t his imagination. It wasn’t just the wind. There was rustling in the bushes and trees around them. Whoever... Read Chapter

The Plan

Erik groaned as he got out of bed. He had barely gotten any sleep after yesterday’s events. For crying out loud, the prince had blata... Read Chapter

The Last Bath

“Ah! Welcome back!”, the old woman said enthusiastically as Marbarath and Erik entered the bathhouse. At this point, they had become ... Read Chapter

To Urheim

The three of them arrived at a large oak tree, split in two by a bolt of lightning. They were three miles from the northern gate of Ass... Read Chapter

The Dynamic Duo

Marbarath looked below him as they crossed the river Bargól. There was something mesmerising about seeing the roaring water flow under... Read Chapter

The Library

“Forward!” With enormous speed, the horses burst forth from the forest. Already, the ring of hills around Urheim was visible. F... Read Chapter

A Night in the Forest

Exhausted, Erik hung over his horse. He had not slept for two nights in a row. They had left Urheim around noon, when the sun had been hi... Read Chapter

The Holy Mountain

They rode for another full day and night. The ever warmer ash of dwarven settlements told them they were nearing the hordes at a quick pa... Read Chapter

The Feast

“I’m telling you, Friend Erik, Friend Lorelei”, Cyrus said, “You are about to experience the delight and the horror that is a R... Read Chapter

A Step Forward

Marbarath left the couple’s room, silently closing the door behind him. He walked over to his own room. There, on his bed, lay the bag ... Read Chapter

The Hordes Arrive

The first drumbeat resounded through the dark valley. Erik felt his breath quicken slightly. He changed his grip on his maul, as if tha... Read Chapter

Fight to the Death

Marbarath spun his axes around in his hand. The tower was only twenty paces away. Even at point-blank range, the dwarves kept nailing i... Read Chapter

The Ancient Enemy

Marbarath groaned as he felt axes and swords smash into him. They felt blunt, as if his chainmail was blocking every attack. He opened hi... Read Chapter


The army halted only a few hundred paces from the enemy. From their ranks, a large man strode forward. He turned to face his army, ignori... Read Chapter


In silence, the troops stood around the funeral pyres. From inside the mountain, solemn songs could be heard, bemoaning the fallen and ... Read Chapter


Lorelei’s men rode through the gates of Assara, welcomed by cheers and trumpets which sounded across the entire city. Word of the victo... Read Chapter


Erik stood beside a small river. Its water rippled across the pebbles, creating a serene sound that soothed the mind. It didn’t calm ... Read Chapter

The Pride of Arkaan

Lorelei looked across the plains around Urheim. Around sixty thousand men and dwarves stood ready to advance, their banners fluttering ... Read Chapter

The Forest

Marbarath roared as he cut another braruk’s throat. He was beside himself with bloodlust as he slaughtered himself a path through the... Read Chapter

A True King of Bor

Marbarath watched as Manos removed the heart from his spear with his foot. It looked like any normal heart, save for the purple cubes t... Read Chapter

A Game Between Gods

Erik was in trouble. He had taken Manos by surprise and managed to land some hits. But his wounds had healed in an instant. Even with a... Read Chapter


Marbarath lay in the town square. It was snowing. Despite the thick, fur-clad clothes he was wearing, he felt terribly cold. Of course ... Read Chapter

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