Vansel II:Blood of the Gods

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Children of Gods

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020



Chapter 2:Children of Gods


Vansel could feel the wolf taking over as he focused all of his willpower to control the body of the Wolfion.


It has been some time since Vansel transformed and with Peter by his side,this battle should be an easy win.


“Do you know them?”Vansel asked.

“Not too clear,all i know is that they are causing trouble and that they are up to no good.”Peter says as a stream of water shot him into the sky,the Son of Poseidon raising his spear above his head and throwing it at their opponents.


The two opponent demigods ducked aside as Peter’s spear shot into the ground at blinding speeds and with such impact that the grass patch around the spear exploded,with soil flying into the air.


Peter landed onto the ground,reaching out his hand as the spear evaporated back into water and reshaped itself into his hand,allowing the hero to be armed for combat once more.


Peter changed at the lady with twin blades as Vansel turned to his opponent,a tall bearded man,muscular and ripped to the point where even Vansel was impressed.

Vansel leapt forward,throwing a punch that the demigod caught with both his hands,pushing Vansel  back a little.


Okay….superhuman strength,the normal.

Vansel roared,releasing a sonic boom that blasted the demigod back as his opponent quickly got himself standing back up,ready for another clash.


Vansel burst forward again as the bearded man raised his arm,blocking  his punch he and standing his ground before ducking under Vansel’s arm and kicking the wolf in the back.Vansel backhanded the demigod,who easily leapt backwards to dodge the attack.


Vansel roared,punching the floor and sending a massive shock wave at the demigod,which temporarily sent him off balance when the King of Werewolves charged,landing a solid punch across the bearded man’s face and sending him flying right into the trunk of a tree,breaking it in the process.


“Stand down demigod.You don’t know who you are fighting here.”Vansel growled.

“I know who you are….Wolfion.The Striker and King.”The bearded man had a deep tone and a German accent.

“And yet you dare cross paths with me.Were you responsible for the deaths of my wolves?”Vansel asks.

“I may be.”

“Then i’m afraid i will have to kill you.”


The bearded man quickly rushed to a nearby tree as Vansel charged.

“You cannot kill the son of a Titan easily!”The bearded man placed his hands around a tree and ripped it out of the soil,using it as a bat and slamming it at Vansel.


The King of Werewolves easily overpowered the tree as he punched through the bark,grabbing a random chunk of rubble mid air and slamming it right into the demigod,forcing him to close his eyes when Vansel slashed the bearded man’s arm with his claws,following up with a punch that completely knocked the demigod down.


“I warned you.”Vansel marched forward quickly for the final blow.


Vansel closed in when he smelled something.

Something in the ground was changing.


He ignored it as Vansel raised his fist up only for a red streak to appear right in front of him,Vansel hurling his fist forward and striking into something metallic,with such force that the ground around him cracked,dust flying everywhere.


Vansel felt an opposing force,pushing him back as the dust slowly settled.


It was a tall medieval Knight,his armor painted blood red and holding up his shield against Vansel’s fist:”Stop!I believe we have a misunderstanding!”

Vansel stepped back,allowing the Knight to back off who went on and helped the bearded man up.


“Are you the ones responsible for the deaths of my people?”Vansel asks.



Xitraq and the rest of the werewolf squad arrived as they surrounded the demigods,Peter himself already defeating the twin bladed woman.


“Is that?”Huntus asks.

“Yea,Peter Wave,the Deltha.”Vansel assures them.

“Pleasure.”Peter briefly introduces himself.


The Red Knight looked up at Vansel,putting down his shield and raising his arms up,showing Vansel that he did not mean to fight.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,but we can talk this through.Right?”The Red Knight says.


“Introduce yourselves.”Xitraq demanded.


“My name is Jackson Breacher,i am also known as the Red Knight.I am a demigod.”The Red Knight took off his helmet,revealing a middle aged man,unshaven and messy hair.


Jackson pointed to the bearded man:”This is Tommy,Son of Atlas and that is Heladell,daughter of Nemesis.”The Red Knight introduces.


“Titan who bears the weight of the sky and the goddess of revenge.”Peter translated for the werewolves.

“Okay,now time for some explanations.”Mika adds.


Heladell and Tommy got up behind Jackson as the Red Knight began:”We are just a group of demigods who refused to participate during the war two years back.We sided neither with the Olympians nor the Titans.”

“Why do I smell the blood of my men on you?”Vansel growled.


“We fought and clashed,your men attacked us.We were forced to defend ourselves.”Heladell explains.

“Our men will not attack unless provoked.What did you do?”Vansel asks.


“Nothing…..nothing at all.Perhaps they thought we were allied with the Titans because of the smell of our blood.You know you can smell it too now can’t you?Wolfion?”


Vansel took a deep sniff,confirming what Jackson said.

The smell of Titans on them was indeed heavy,after all two of them were the offsprings of Titans.


“Jackson!”a voice spoke out.


The werewolves turn around to see a young man with dyed blue hair,walking over.

“It’s cool Polordin.We are just talking.”Jackson tells him.


Xitraq demands.

“I’m Polordin,Son of Hermes.”The demigod answered.

“A misunderstanding it may be,but you still killed my men.”

“We didn’t kill them.”



“We merely ran away with them all alive.Hurt them,yes.But we definitely did not kill them,which is why i’m here.Which is why we are all here.”Jackson explains.

“Iapetus,the Titan.We received information that he is still active around this area,that’s why we came to finish him off.”Heladell adds.


“Iapetus?Wasn’t he banished to Tartarus already?”Peter was lost.

“My father is Tartarus.”Jackson confirmed.



Mt Diros

Same Time.


“You know my father will refuse.”Demi placed down his cup of grape juice,annoyed.


Grandyll sat opposite him,enjoying his own bowl of cereal.

“I agree with your father actually.You are still young Demi,you should-”

“Even you Grandyll?”Demi couldn’t believe it.


Grandyll sighed.

“Yes,even me,the old timer.Why do you want to be a warrior so bad anyway?What good will it do to you?”


“The other kids….they think i’m a monster because of my vampiric genes.Not only them,most of the people here think that.They may not say it,but their eyes tell a different story.I need to show them that i can be like my father,i can be someone for them to trust and to do that,i need to be a warrior.”Demi explained.


Grandyll could sense the pain in Demi’s words.The kid had literally been thrown into the center of the werewolf world,being the source of the new King’s appearance and literally kick started Vansel’s journey to become king,all of it unwillingly.Grandyll doesn’t blame him for feeling responsible,it merely shows his maturity.


“You know why your father feels the way he does?”Grandyll asks softly.

Demi shook his head,sipping his juice quietly.


“Your mom was a warrior too wasn’t she.He didn’t want you to end up like her….after all you are his closest family member.”

Gradnyll finished his food as he stood up,petting Demi in the back.

responsibility kid.But take it from me,enjoy your childhood when you can.You can become a warrior when you are older because what that day comes,you can’t shed responsibility,even if you wanted to.”Grandyll walks over back to the schools of Mt Diros,ready to teach another class.


Demi looked around Mt Diros,feeling many eyes on him.




An hour later.


Peter and Vansel stood on the roof of a cafe while the rest of the Jackson Squad and the werewolves rested downstairs.

The cafe was apparently owned by Xaron’s auntie,who was kind enough to lend the space for them.


“So why were you fighting them?”Vansel asks,with Peter handing him a cup of cold brewed coffee.


“I found them fighting two demigods.I don’t trust them.My father told me that all the titans have gone back into hiding.I found them with a dead group of demigods and when i found them,they claimed the demigods killed were siding with the Titans.With no proof.”Peter says,chugging down his white chocolate mocha.


“I don’t trust them either,but they weren’t lying.If they were i would be able to hear something wrong with their heartbeats.But the smell of blood….that’s what i’m worried about.”Vansel explains.

“What about Iapetus being out there?Is that suspicious?”

“I can smell Titan blood.But it's mostly from them.”


Both Strikers scratched their heads as the door to the roof opened,Xaron with his auntie at the door.

“Yea,this is him,sorry my King.”Xaron sighs as his auntie approached Vansel.


“What is it?”Vansel asks as his auntie smiles brightly,walking over.”These are pumpkin seeds,I heard that Mt Diros doesn’t have too many of those.”Vansel looked down at the bag of seeds and clenched it around his own palm.

“Thank you,i am humbled.”Vansel thanked her.


Xaron was slightly nervous about being so informal around the King when Peter smiled:”Hey it’s alright buddy.Your king is a pretty chill dude.”


“Alright i better go back and make some pies.You guys say you have a fight later on?”Xaron’s aunt checked.

“Well….saving the world.From the Titans,the same people who attacked Earth in California.”Xaron agrees.


“Well you have two Strikers here.Stay safe you all,good luck.”Xaron and his Aunt headed back downstairs.



2 Hours Later.


The Jackson Squad seemed very comfortable with the werewolves and Peter surrounding them.Both Vansel and Peter were doubtful,but they both didn’t have any evidence to support their suspicions.


The squad of demigods had a fairly large sized boat waiting by the Philadelphia harbor.Apparently the Titan Iapetus was on a nearby island,planning something.

in five.Iapetus may not be on the level of power as Oceanus,but he is still strong,this might take all of us.”Jackson briefed.


“No,we don’t.I will send part of my gang back home.”Vansel tells Jackson,who raised his eyebrow.


The four members of the Jackson squad all turned around to look at Vansel.”I don’t think you have any idea what you are talking about.We were worried that the four of us won’t be able to take him down.Now that we have backup,you guys want to split up?”Heladell questions.


“You must be joking.”Tommy remarked.

“I’m not.If we are on a suicide mission here,at least i should send some people back home to report.At least if we fail,someone else will carry on our mission.”Vansel explains.


“You are-”Polordin opened his mouth when Jackson stopped him.

“The King is right.A man must always be continuing the legacy at all times.”


Vansel dragged his werewolf squad aside while the Jackson squad began preparing for sail.


“Peter told me he found them fighting other demigods.He has sources that we may be led into an ambush,i want you to take Mika and Xaron to be our cover.Follow us,but keep your distance.”Vansel hands a phone to Xitraq.

“What about me?”Huntus asks.

“You are our sniper,we need you to scout.”

“But we don’t have a boat.”Mika whispers.

“We don’t need one,werewolves can swim at high speeds in water.”Xitraq corrects.

“I can’t swim….”Xaron admits awkwardly.


Vansel looked at Huntus,who was simply waiting patiently.

“Okay,Xaron,you come with me.Huntus,with them.”


Vansel,Peter and Xaron joined up with the Jackson Squad as they began setting sail.

“Does any of you bozos have a sniper?”Heladell walked over to Xaron.

“Sorry i don’t think chimps can use snipers.”Xaron provokes her as Heladell drew her blade:”What the hell did you say to me?”


“HEY HEY!STAND DOWN!”Jackson roared as Vansel walked over as well,both leaders holding their men back.Vansel nodded to Xaron,holding his palm up to stop Xaron as he turned to Jackson.


“We are supposed to work together here right?Get your crew to show some respect.”Vansel tells Jackson who nodded.

“Oi guys,keep it together.”Jackson held his fist up as his men nodded.


Thunder boomed in the distance as the sky became darker.

Peter was scrolling through his phone,looking at instagram before stopping,placing his hand out and feeling the moisture in the air.

“There’s no rain in the area,all this is unnatural.He is here.”Peter confirms.


Vansel could smell the heavy stench of blood and sorrow in the distance as a mist began forming around their boat,the sea water becoming darker along with the clouds above their heads.

“I’ll scout ahead.”Peter leapt off the boat,diving into the waters below.


 sniper in front of the boat,looking at a shadowy island directly in front of them and a bulky figure,standing right at the harbor of it,awaiting their arrival.


”Xaron muttered.

“All right,my squad and I will go in first,you two flank them is that alright?”Jackson turns to Vansel,who nodded.


Jackson waved his arms as the water in front of them erupted,a large arm made up of rocks appearing as the Jackson squad jumped into its palm.The rocky arm closed its palm,hiding off the Jackson squad as it sunk back into the water,transporting the squad away.


“Wolfion!”Xaron yells as Vansel saw a spear,one the length of a lamp post shot directly at the boat as he and Xaron quickly jumped out of the way.The spear smashed right through the hull of the vehicle and instantly burst right through it,slicing the boat in two before flying away.


“What was that?”Xaron roared.

“A titan’s weapon probably.Come on,we can jump to the island in our wolf forms.”Vansel says as he takes off his coat,closing his eyes and allowing the Wolfion to come out.


Vansel reopened his eyes,now in the body of the King of Werewolves as he turned to Xaron,who had also transformed.



Both werewolves burst into the air,jumping straight for the island as Iapetus glared directly at them,his body glowing with a faint gold aura.He was tall,now that they were closer he was actually almost 4 meters in height,a giant.His arms,muscular and wearing ancient greek armor and a eagle design gold helmet.


He was holding his spear as he raised it up above his head and shot it right at Vansel,who was approaching fast.

“I got you!”Peter yells as his own silver spear slammed right into Iapetus’,knocking the Titan’s weapon aside before charging at the entity.


“WHY WON’T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!”Iapetus yells as he slammed his spear into the ground,releasing a gold burst of energy that knocked Peter away.Xaron landed and charged first,throwing a massive rock at the Titan who simply backhanded it away.Xaron charged,about to land a hit when Iapetus kicked the wolf away.

Vansel landed,unleashing a roar.


“The Wolfion.I’ve heard about your role in my brother’s demise.”Iapetus tightened his grip on his spear.

“Then you should know how dangerous i am.”Vansel burst forward and unleashed a barrage of blows onto the Titan,who held up a defensive posture,tanking the attacks.


Each blow pushed the Titan back as he attacked back,dodging one of Vansel’s strike and launching his spear at the King of Werewolves only for Vansel to grab the weapon’s hilt,stopping it.

“They call me Iapetus because of the cruel way i love my victims being piked on spikes.You will be no different.''The Titan burst forward,pushing a very surprised Vansel back.


Vansel summoned more strength to himself as he buried his feet into the ground,pushing back at the Titan.The King of Werewolves could feel the ground itself shaking from the sheer power both of them was exerting.


Both warriors roared at the top of their lungs as they pushed further,breaking the island apart.



Next Chapter-Earth Manipulator

© Copyright 2020 Max Lkc. All rights reserved.


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