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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here is the VERY FIRST story I've ever written. I've touched it up a bit, like grammar and spelling. I wrote this when I was eight. I have other stories, too. Runaway, Kidnapped, The Queen's Test, Kion's Cub, The Quest, and My Story of Isolation. I also have a poem, Friendship. Feel free to comment/message me. If you like, hit the like button and become a fan! Enjoy!


The first thing I remember is noise. Barking mostly. I could also hear voices. The voices went away for a few hours. I fell asleep. When I woke up, I searched for my mother’s warmth and milk. When I could open my eyes, I took in the sight of my family. My mother was a big, beautiful Siberian husky and my brothers were Siberian huskies, too. The first human I knew was named Kate. She took care of our family. One day, I learned that my family had names. My mother was named Honey. My three brothers were named Rocky, Twister, and Storm. My name is Ivy.

When I was a year old, I was let out into the yard. I saw the gate open. I’d always been adventurous. I ran out, without looking back. I trotted on the warm, hard sidewalk. Other dogs eyed me with jealousy. Some owners eyed me with curiosity and wondered if I was supposed to be out. 

By the time night arrived, I was in a small neighborhood. I was also starving. I rooted around the trashcan for something to eat. I found some chicken and bread. I ate that and went to the lake to drink. I was tired so I slept in a trashcan. 

In the morning, I went on my way. It went on like this for about a year. The only things that changed were my meals and the places where I slept. There was only one big change. Me. I looked like my mother except I was leaner.

One day, I came to a lake. There, I saw a male Siberian husky. I decided to stay away from him. “Good luck with that,” I thought. He was coming towards me. 

“Are you a stray?” he asked me. “Yes, I am. Are you?” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “What’s your name?” he asked me. “Ivy. What’s yours?” I inquired. “Tiger,” he answered. We sat down and talked for a few hours, mostly about being strays. I had to admit, he was funny, handsome, and easy to talk to. By the time the conversation ended, the sun was setting. I got up to find something to eat. Tiger followed. Secretly, I smiled, knowing I wasn’t ever going to lose him. That was fine with me. I’d fallen in love.

I stayed at the lake for a few weeks. I was having the time of my life, playing, wrestling, and swimming with Tiger. When it was time to leave, Tiger came with me.

As we travelled, we talked about our early life. Tiger was born in a litter of five. He had three sisters and one brother. “Where were you born?” I asked. “Kate’s Animal Hospital,” was the reply. I froze, knowing I was born there! “So, where were you born?” he asked. “Kate’s Animal Hospital,” I whispered. 

All of a sudden, he started talking super fast. “Oh, Ivy! I remember you, now! You would play with my sister Candy all the time! I watched, wanting to meet you, but never got the chance!” Tiger blurted. All of a sudden, I remembered, too! “And I would see you watching and wonder who you were!” I finished. 

We were so happy, now that we had met after all those years! We barked and nipped playfully at each other. We travelled happily the rest of the evening.

The next day, when we were looking for food, we encountered a strange truck. Tiger and I edged closer to get a better look. All of a sudden, a young man jumped out and grabbed us!

Before we had any time to react, we were in cages in the back of the truck. “Where are they taking us?” I whimpered. “No matter what happens, I love you,” was his reply. 

Suddenly, the truck jerked to a stop. The man opened the back and took our cages into a large building. We went into a room in the back of the building. At least I thought it was a room. Instantly, I knew. “Tiger,” I whispered excitedly. “We’re outside. We can dig our way out!” 

We went to work immediately. Dirt flew, and we soon grew tired. The only thing that kept us from stopping was the belief of freedom. Finally, my hole was deep enough! As I slipped out, the alarm went off. 

“Hurry Tiger!” I pleaded. Eventually, he slipped through. Now I realized that they had another fence. We had to work fast because the man and another man were crossing the yard. As soon as they reached us, Tiger and I had slipped through! We escaped to the bushes and ran without looking back. 

Every year of our life, we had always been in a neighborhood or a town. But now, we were in a forest, at twilight. Erie sounds made the fur on our necks rise. Finally, we decided to spend the night in an abandoned cave. 

The cave was perfect. It was huge, and comfy. There was a river that flowed about twenty yards away.  There were plenty of animals for food. There were also no humans. Because of reasons, we decided to stay. 

A few months later, Tiger and I were blessed with a litter of pups. There was five of them. They were cute, roly-poly little balls of fur. Three were boys, two were girls. 

The girls’ names were Blizzard and Everest, because the litter was born in winter. The boys’ names were Blur, Thunder, and Sky. I thought no one knew about our family, and so did Tiger. But someone did.

One day, a Siberian husky came walking towards the den. It wasn’t Tiger, for it was female, and Tiger was with me. We ushered the puppies inside and walked forward to meet the stranger. “I am no harm to you,” she said. We believed her and asked her to come into the cave. She nodded.

“Let me get right to the point,” she said. “My name is Alaska and I was once a part of a Siberian husky clan near here. Me and nineteen others were kicked out because the clan was too big. Anyway, we were wondering if we could join you and you be the alphas. The clan would live where you are now. What do you say?” she explained. Tiger and I glanced at each other and knew what the other was thinking: why not?

The next day, Alaska brought the other Siberian huskies. There were ten females and ten males, including Alaska. There were also about six puppies. There were so many huskies, I forgot their names. My favorite, though, was a couple named Autumn and Streak. They were one of the two families that had pups. My puppies immediately became friends with Autumn and Streak’s puppies.

The clan life was great! Twenty-two Siberian huskies and eleven growing puppies needed food. Tiger and I had a great hunting strategy that worked every time. First, five huskies would look for any type of meat. If they found anything, they would come back and tell what they found and where. Then, the pack would surround it and kill it. 

One day, a scout by the name of Joy came to report. She came in and Tiger and I asked her to sit down. “Ivy, Tiger, I’ve seen something. I think it’s bad,” she said. “Well, what is it?” I asked anxiously. “I was scouting and found some pawprints. I followed them to a huge cave. In the cave, there were about forty huskies. It looked like the clan who kicked us out. They were talking quietly, but I heard Ivy...Tiger...clan...attack.” she reported. Tiger and I glanced worriedly at each other. “Thank you, Joy,” I said. She nodded and walked away.

“What do we do, Tiger?” I fretted. “I don’t know, Ivy. I don’t know,” he sighed. Suddenly, I had an idea. “What if we get Alaska to help us?” I said. “Good idea, Ivy!” Tiger congratulated me. Alaska’s advice was to wait for the attack. We did. 

The attack came fourteen days after Joy came to us. We awoke to the sound of mad barking. Tiger and I hid the puppies and ran outside. Once the dogs saw us, they gave a howl and rushed forward. “Attack!” Tiger roared. Our clan rushed forward, barking loudly. 

Tiger and I went for the alphas. We snarled, swiping and dodging, swiping and dodging. Our clan was fighting fiercely. The enemy was fighting, but running out of energy. Our clan kept attacking, knowing that our opponents couldn’t handle much more. We were right. They retreated. 

“Great job, everyone!” I called. Our group started talking, congratulating each other. That night, we had a feast. 

I got up to take a walk. I walked until I couldn’t hear the sound of barking and yipping. I lifted my head and gazed at the full moon. 

Suddenly, I realized it. I had a home. I had a family. I had finally stopped wandering.


Submitted: May 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 maryleedurham11. All rights reserved.

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I am going to upload the second story I've ever written probably tomorrow.

Tue, May 5th, 2020 7:13pm

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