The Seven Gems of Cree- Tidal Wave

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A boy by the name of Thallon Lives an ordinary life on the island of Pandora. One intimidating night, he discovers that a dark force has entered the island. He must protect his home by defending it from one of the realms fiercest warriors. Follow the story of a boy... turning into a man.

The 7 Gems Of


Book 1-tidal wave

Chapter 1



Thallon meandered through the heavy haze. A lion leapt towards him. Thallon shot it down like a sly fox, stalking its prey. As Thallon ventured deeper into the perilous fog, something glimmering caught his eye. The mist seemed to grow heavier. The whispering trees spoke to him. At that exact moment, a turquoise gem appeared in front of him. He was in danger. Grave danger.

Wolf-bane hurled himself to an ancient stone of the realm passer. He chanted the passing of the realms chant and…. thick green fog slowly elevated. The god of storms had emerged from hibernation.

Thallon rugged up for the vast rain that had come from the gorgon sea. The tsunami-like waves crashed ashore. Then, a colossal wave swiped over Thallon. On top was he himself. Wolf-bane, the god of storms. “I’ve come for the gem of tidal wave. Thallon was assured to die.

“ARRR” Thallon bawled through the howling wind. Blood was flowing from his wounds like lava pouring from a volcano. Then, Thallon was next to the sword of wolf-bane, alone on an intimidating night.

Hungry for revenge, wolf-bane kept thrashing at Thallon while on the other side, Thallon was holding back the pain of a thousand man-eating piranhas. He suddenly realised a boy was standing right beside him, helping him fight wolf-bane. They both still swarmed like bees at wolf-bane when suddenly, a mammoth wave crushed Thallon as he was left alone in the wind and sea. Not even the boy was there…….

Thallon was on land now. Sand staking to him like glue. The grass swayed in the motion of the breeze. It was quiet. Too quiet. Town lights were flickering in the darkness. Cows ran astray. It had seemed the whole world was idle.

Dawn had started to peak over the dark Curtin of the night when he saw two feet next to him. Wolf-bane. He drew his sword, gleaming in the light.

Chapter 2


Thallon realised that the sea blue turquoise had entrenched itself into wolf-banes sword. Suddenly, the world seemed silent. A tender, hush voice spoke to Thallon in his mind. It was a woman’s voice. Then, Thallon saw the sword next to his next. But to his surprise, the gem started to glow….

The sun was beaming through the darkening clouds. Thallon, astonished, sat up. He was free from wolf-bane. Next to him were a black robe and a worrier’s sword. Wolf-banes sword. Evil had vanished, but not for long.

 Thallon grazes the fields of talon flame. The dragon monument lay shiftless on the hill. Thallon laid down on the soft grass. Then, the breeze turned to an icy chill.

 Thallon’s joyful expression turned to a less happy one. S now started to sprinkle down on Pandora. He could feel the presence of a woman. The woman in his mind. The wind started to whirl more violently until a snow storm came to be.

Katniss frozen. Queen of Icey palace. A Dimond appeared in Thallon’s hand. Thallon was fond of diamonds, but not so particularly when The Queen of the northlands was standing right in front of him.  Thallon was ready for the next adventure!!


The End

Book 2 Coming Monday 11th May 2020


Submitted: May 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Aly Ross. All rights reserved.

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