Blizzard's Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here is my second I've written! It's a sequel to Wandering, so if you haven't read that, please do. I also have other stories. Runaway, Kidnapped, The Queen's Test, Kion's Cub, The Quest, My Story of Isolation, and Wandering. I am trying to upload another one ASAP. Feel free to comment and message me! Enjoy!

Blizzard’s Story


My name is Blizzard. I am a husky in Alaska. My family was a family of wild huskies. Let me tell you about my life.


I was born in the winter. My mother named me Blizzard because there was a blizzard happening when I was born. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Our pack was made up of me, my siblings, a few other huskies, and my parents. Often, the adult huskies would go and hunt for food, leaving us pups behind in the cave. We wouldn’t be there totally alone. A babysitter would stay and look after us. 


All of the pups wanted to be the leader. Every girl wanted to be the female alpha and every boy wanted to be the male alpha. By the time I was a year old, I was challenged. Another female, a year old like me, wanted to be the alpha. Her name was Winter.


 We were eating a deer we had just caught. All of a sudden, I hear a growl. It was Winter! She had come to challenge me. This was going to be a fight to the death. All the other huskies slowly crept to a safe place to watch the fight. Winter and I circled each other, growling threatening growls. I wanted her to attack first. Suddenly, she leapt forward. We scratched each other’s body. My usually calm, sparkling blue eyes now flashing with rage. Then, I made a leap, trying to catch her throat with my nails. Blood went everywhere! Her eyes flashed one more time then they closed. I had won!


The pack was quiet for a second. Then all of a sudden they started howling, celebrating my win. My friends came up to me, tails wagging. Even my parents, the  alphas, were celebrating. After a while, I needed to get away from the celebration. I walked away, being inconspicuous. A male, already proven worthy to be alpha, followed me. His name was Bolt. 


I sat down on a cliff to watch the sunset. Bolt came to sit beside me. “That was an epic fight.” he said quietly. “Thank you.” I said. I got up to take a walk. “Wait.” he said. I turned toward him. Then, I saw the Northern Lights glittering in the night. I sat back down. As I sat down, he put his paw on mine. I had had a romantic time with him before. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, then stood up. He nuzzled me and I nuzzled him back. We sat back down, his paw moved back to mine. That was the beginning of my romance.


We went back to the pack, promising to meet at the cliff at sunrise. At sunrise, I ran to the cliff, the morning sun warming my back. He was already there. Again his paw moved to mine but this time he said, “I love you.”  I said the same. We nuzzled, then went back to camp. 


In order for a male and female to become mates, they must tell the alphas and live in the same cave from then on. Bolt and I told the alphas and they approved. We found an empty cave and moved in with our belongings. We were now adults.


We were hunting one day when we heard a gunshot. We started running to our caves. The pack was too late. Men were waiting for us. Bolt and I stayed together. Then, we got caught. We ran into nets then knew no more. 


I awoke in a cage with Bolt at my side. I was in a village. I barked at a man coming towards us. “So you’re finally awake, Blizzard.” he said gruffly. How does he know my name? I thought. “We are going to train y’all to be sled dogs.” he said. 


Our training started that day. We pulled sleds with 6 other dogs. Suddenly, a whip was thrown on my back. Barking furiously, I ran towards the man with the whip. He hit me with it again and I walked away, tail between my legs. 


Bolt and I got pretty good at being sled dogs. Little did I know that my work was going to pay off. One day, our owner came to us and harnessed us to the sled. “This is your day to shine.” he whispered. We walked to a strange line in the snow. “On your marks, get set, go!” someone shouted. Bolt, the team, and I took off sprinting. We were in first and stayed there for the rest of the day. 


At the end of the day, we set up camp. We ate moist deer and drank cold water. The team and I rested until the break of dawn. When the sun rose, we were on our way again. The same thing happened for the next 2 days. On the 3rd day, we neared the finish line. The team and I bolted for the line. We came in first. 


My owner celebrated. So did the dogs. We never gave up and it turned out wonderful. Bolt and I talked that night about the race. 


The next day, our owner turned Bolt and I loose. The other owners did the same for the dogs that were in our pack. Bolt and I nipped each other playfully, searching for our cave. Finally, we saw a familiar cave. We howled joyfully! Here was our long lost cave! 


Then, our pack arrived in our territory. Our tails wagged and we howled while greeting each other. We hadn’t seen the rest of the pack in a year! The next day, we hunted for a moose. Succeeding, we dragged it back to the cave of the alphas. The alphas told the rest of the pack that Bolt and I were the new alphas. Bolt and I gasped. Us, the alphas!


That night, the pack celebrated. We ate the moose, feasted on fish, and stuffed ourselves silly. The next day, we went on another hunt. This time Bolt and I were in the lead, leading our pack. All this happened in winter.


When spring arrived, Bolt and I were still the alphas. The only thing that was new was the fact that Bolt and I were 3 years old! We soon had a surprise. One night, puppies were born to us! 6 of them! Bolt and I were excited. We were parents!


Bolt and I had a job to do: Tell the pack the good news. We celebrated and the puppies were given gifts like bones, meat, and ribbons found in the woods. 


My puppies were the most beautiful puppies ever! The girls were a dashing silver with flashing blue eyes. They also had strong bones and they were adventurous. The boys, on the other hand, were a solid silver with fiery blue eyes. Just like the girls, they had strong bones and were adventurous. Each pup wanted to be the boss of the litter.


My life has been the best life a husky could ask for. Adventure, pleasure, romance, and pride are in my life. I proved myself to be an alpha, now I need to prove myself happy with what I have. 


Submitted: May 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 maryleedurham11. All rights reserved.

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