In spite of the fact that schools have been closed for more than an entire term, the government is still persisting in wanting the Leaving Cert exams to go ahead. Pre-exams were held in exact conditions of the real thing. Students, parents, and teachers want them cancelled and a three option plan has been put forward. For the sake of the mental health of the Leaving Cert 2020 students, of which my daughter is one, I strongly feel this is the only fair way to proceed.

Playing Political Games


Another day where a meeting has been held,

with the tantalizing promise,

the carrot, if you will,

of the making of a ‘final decision’.

The result -

No Decision Has Yet Been Made.’

Do any of these people have even the slightest clue

of what they are putting these students through?

Always the most stressful year,

this one, well it’s becoming unbearable when nothing is clear.

We don’t want predictive grading,’

that’s what they say, on repeat, on repeat...

But schools have been out since March

with well over a term of learning lost.

Please have some sense,

some compassion and empathy -

go with the triple plan where the students can opt

for one of three.

There’s an option for everyone -

no argument against it that I can see.

Or make this the year where students are punished

because a pandemic stole their classes,

make them sit the exams that they have had no chance

to prepare for.

It’s only their future you’re playing with, right?

Wrong, for these are the future of the country too!

Stop playing games with their mental health,

let the students have a voice

and for God’s sake give them that triple choice.


Submitted: May 06, 2020

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Mike S.

Totally agree, Hull, it's a bizarro world right now, excellent!

Wed, May 6th, 2020 5:49pm


Thanks, Mike! It's becoming ultra stressful and is so unfair.

Wed, May 6th, 2020 11:10am

Sue Harris

It's so unfair, and hard on these pupils. I feel for your daughter, hope things work out, Hully.

Wed, May 6th, 2020 7:26pm


Thanks, Sue. They are still dithering, although supposedly they'll decide something tomorrow. I won't be holding my breath though as I've heard this before.

Thu, May 7th, 2020 12:25pm

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