Daddy's Little Girl

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A poem by Nokuthula Mkhonza, written for all the people who lost yheir dads out therw!


It's been exactly fourteen years since I last saw you.

It's been exactly fourteen years since I last heard your laugh.

It's been exactly fourteen years since I last felt your touch.


"Later on tonight look up to the sky. Think of the brightest star as your loved one that you lost."


I know you're out there daddy.

I know you watch over me.


Momma tells me how much I look like you.

Momma was so in love with you, she actually still is. 


My angel up in heaven.

My knight in shining armour.

The man I think of all the time.


My favorite colour is pink.

I remember how we argued about it all the time.


I still remember the toy car you bought me.

It was red. A beautiful shiny red.

The two front doors would open and close.

A red Jeep Classic Cherokee.


I'm gonna buy that car one day

Maybe just as an art piece.


Your favorite colour? 

I don't even know. 

Your favourite quote? 

I don't even know. 


I miss you daddy. I miss you everyday. 

Every. Single. Day. 


I still remember how you smelt the last time I saw you. 

I still remember you buying me a lunch bar and it instantly becoming my favorite. 

Daddy's little girl. 


Momma wishes you were here. 

She says that I wouldn't lack anything. 

Momma says I was your little girl. 


The other day she cried while talking about you. 

She misses you too daddy

Just as much as I do. 


26 August 1965 - 23 January 2006


To my angel up in heaven, I hope you're proud...


Submitted: May 06, 2020

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