The Scroll of Surtatican

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

TWO young inhabitants of a world still in the tribal stage of development meet on a journey to the mountaintop domain of Suratican where they hope to be received by the mysterious Grand Vizeer, rumored to be from an advanced society with the power to provide answers they cannot obtain within their own villages.
MORGLISEC, a young Banishanti, lives in a rigidly controlled culture that he can no longer tolerate. Garek, a young physically deformed Fincalistan, wants to explore the world beyond and comes to ask about the nature of his god.
ON the strange island of Ashantic they discover an awe-inspiring futuristic world within the walls of Suratican, gain knowledge that will turn the Banishanti’s rigid society on its head, and develop a deep mutual respect and affection despite their obvious differences.
IN a gesture of friendship, Morglisec invites Garek to visit his homeland where they discover deeply buried secrets about his tribal ancestors. They uncover shocking proof that ancient Banishanti were contacted by the advanced society within Suratican long, long ago.
TO learn more about his friend, Morglisec travels to the Fincalistan homeland where Garek gains the respect he never had from his knowledge of their god and the astonishing history that he and the young Banishanti uncover within his village. The Fincalistans’ rudimentary delving into astronomy reveals a strange object in the night sky with shocking results. Only then do they learn the jaw-dropping truth about those who dwell within the walls of Suratican.

Table of Contents


Many tribal enclaves inhabit Zylecor, living in isolated valleys with little contact outside their respective domains. Cautious toward ne... Read Chapter