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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

"In the past, nature has seen fit to end life on Earth and begin all over again. Humanity is nature's only creation having the power to make that decision for her."

Paul Randston, president of the Futurist Society, meets Dr. Vishnu Rahman at a symposium on technology where he’s giving a warning about the global risks of atomic power and nuclear weapons. A spate of incidents around the world having the potential to spread low yield dirty nuclear weapons induce Paul to join Prometheus, a secret worldwide group of well positioned government, military, and institutional personnel who take it upon themselves to destroy and/or diminish the nuclear capabilities of the ten nuclear and near nuclear powers.
They plan on and test means to render un-useable or in-accessible the nuclear arsenals, land, sea, and air-based delivery platforms, development facilities, design data storehouses, and lead nuclear scientists. Throughout the process, Paul faces a fundamental conflict within, arising from the clash of his ethical principles by which he’s lived his life with the knowledge he’s participating in a worldwide illegal activity that will result in casualties, and perhaps deaths.
When Prometheus is put into action, the governments of the ten nuclear states are stunned by the degree of damage and access that allowed the unknown participants to severely impact their nuclear capability. Political enemies point fingers at each other, but none have the proof that any were involved. Not until the leaders of Prometheus broadcast their objectives to the ten nuclear states, and the world, do they fully comprehend the lengths that some of the world’s population will go to stop the mindless plunge into the nuclear abyss.
Demonstrations begin to occur and the world’s nuclear powers take note. But how will the ten nuclear nations respond to the attacks? And will the enormous cost and time required to return to pre-attack inventory levels be enough to change the dialogue? The big three – US, Russia, and China – open the conversation, but it remains unclear how far they will go toward disarmament and if their actions will affect the remaining nuclear and near nuclear club members.

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History is replete with mankind’s inability to foresee the outcomes of its deeds beyond the immediate purposes for which they were inte... Read Chapter