The Girl I Didn't Need

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Things go haywire when a fifty-year-old mystery leads Jade and Ryn on a roller coaster and nearly having them nearly band from the island, Jade is on vacation thinking over the words of her mother "Before your big change why don't you take a chance to be the man you were born as."
Ryn goes to the island of dreams for a work project.
How will things go when they start asking questions no one wants to answer.

Zooming in onto a Mountain road OVERLOOKING oceanfront hotel

Meeting between Ryn and Jade, Jade standing at the door of the hotel, Ryn at the check-in desk.

Flashes of lightning and flames.

Fifty Years earlier!

Flashback to the day of the greatest misery!

Levi (heavily CRYING) (sitting in the passenger seat)

Where will we go? This time your dad hit what next?

Jord (griping streel wheel in rage) speeding through the tunnel of the mountain,

I won’t let them keep us apart anymore, Levi I love you,

Levi (noticing the speed)

Jord, slow down we can wait a few more months I’m sure of it,

Jord (crying)

Baby tell me this is the only way, please.

Levi (nodding)

I love you so much Jord, it’s the only way out.

Jord drives the car around the mountain twists and turns, around and around until he speeds through a guard rail, Levi holds his breath squeezing Jord’s hand as the car rolls down the mountainside, stopping upside down at the bottom,
Levi (wakes up seeing Jord covered in blood)
Jord, Jord wake! Don’t leave me, please
Levi (sobs hard, kissing his hand one last time)


Fade out,

Scene, Beachfront hotel, bright with natural light white shams on the windows, wicker chairs and couch with green cushion, coffee tables, and side tables light wood colored, redness brown lamps with magazines and throw pillows, beige shaggy rug under the dark wood-colored reception desk, three women stood greeting guest. 

Jade (cheerful and HAPPY) WALKING around in circles

Wow! (walks up to reception desk) Check-in


Sure, Name

Jade (smile)

Jade Hawks
Hostess (smiles) (types on the keyboard)
Here you go Sir,

Ryn (angry)
 Are you kidding me? How is this even possible?

Jade (OVERHEARS while taking his room key)

Is everything okay with him?

Hostess (fake smiles)

I’m sure, everything is being handled Sir, Happy a pleasant stay,


Ryn (slams hand on the desk)

Fix it Now, call your manager,

I am the manager Sir, this is no mistake, your room wasn’t cleared by the end of the scheduled day Sir, you could bill another room for tonight.

Ryn (snaps heavily)
  Some fucker stole my wallet, so what do I do next?

Hostess (sympathy sighs)

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but we wouldn’t be able to bore a room for free Sir,

 Jade (listens in and THEN INTERUPS)

I have an extra bed in my room, you can bunk with me until you get your things sorted out.


Thank you, Sir,

Ryn (sighed heavy)

Thanks, Man you’re a lifesaver, I’m Ryn Parm


Jade (smiles) patting his back
Anytime dude, I’m Jade Hawks.


Fade Out,



Walking down the hotel hallway, white and brown walls with paints of the area, and hanging plants.

Jade (quiet)

What brings you here?

Ryn (mad but calm)

Work, I’m a theme park contractor and you, what brings you here?

Jade (smiles, tipping head downward)

I’m on vacation for two weeks, um… here we are!

Ryn (awkwardly scratching the back of his head)

I’ll be out of your way in two days if that’s ok, and I’ll pay you…

 Jade (interrupts opening the door)

That’s not necessary really, I have an extra bed,

Both see just one queen size bed, awkwardly and nervously. Jade smiles and blushes, Ryn gulps heavily.


Jade (shyly) (walking around the room)

I ordered a room with two beds I swear,

Ryn (smiles) (turns around a few times, looking at the bathroom.)

I’m sure you did, these people messed up my room two, it’s ok.  

Jade (shy)

I’ll order food, anything you want.

Ryn (neutral)
Scott on the rocks, no, not good, umm just anything that doesn’t have eggs ‘I’m allergic’

Jade (blush)

Ok, good to know, I’m allergic to oranges, just so you know

Ryn (grabs a towel from his bag)

Good to know, I’ll get a shower, it’s almost dark.

Ryn (enters the bathroom)


Jade (picks up the phone, holding menu)

I’d like to order some dinner trays, chicken and rice (no eggs), and broccoli shrimp with a six-pack beer and tea. Thank you

Ryn (sighs heavily wiping the steam off the mirror)

Damn it! (then leaves the bathroom)

Jade (looks up from his phone, seeing Ryn in just a TOWEL) (gulps hard)


Ryn (neutral)

What you never saw a guy in a towel before?

 Jade (blush turning back to Ryn)

‘Under his breath,’ Not really


Ryn (smiles shaking his head, teasing)

So, you’re not gay huh?

Jade (spins around get an eye full of naked Ryn)

What? Holly crap! (covers eyes)


Ryn (laughs putting on shorts)

Clear now, why are you blushing?


Jade (shakes head, interrupted by the doorbell)

I’ll get it, (rushes to the door)

Ryn (neutral, watching Jade nervously sit the food on the table)

You didn’t answer my question…

Jade looks up staring into Ryn’s eyes intently,


Are you gay or are you just feminine?


Jade (nervous and unsure of how to answer)

I’m not sure how to answer that, (Jade stuttered quietly) 

 Ryn (smiles) (picking at the food)

It’s ok, I won’t press you, I thought you were a girl at first until I saw the suitcase.


Jade (takes a bite looking at Ryn)

Thank you, Ryn.

Jade (picks up beer)

Here I ordered beer too, (passes it to Ryn, hands touch)

Scene moves to past light memory of Jord and Levi on the last date together,

Levi (laughs, hugging Jord from his back)

Happy birthday Husband to be

Jord (smiles, looking back at Levi)

I love you so much Levi

 Jord’s Dad (running to Jord and Levi)

Get away from him, you fag, (pushes them apart) You are not to be with this… This thing again…

Jord (angry)

Dad don’t do this, don’t speak to him like that, let us be together, please

Levi (cries) (holds out his hand)

Please Mr. Keys please,

Jord’s Dad (smacks his hand away)

Get away from me, you’re disgusting.

 Jord (sadness)

Dad, don’t say that, I love him


Jord’s Dad (pulls him by the arm)

That’s disgusting, Let’s go

Jord (hugs Levi being pulled away from Levi)

I love you, Levi

Levi (cries weakly)

I love you too, so much just go for now. (kisses his hand)

Levi watches as Jord is drug away.

Fade Out

Back to the hotel with Ryn and Jade

 Ryn (gasps looking around the room nervous, scared, sad, angry)

What the fuck was that?

Jade (crying)

I… I… I’m not sure

Ryn (hiding his tears, runs into the bathroom, staring in the mirror)

What the fuck was that?

Jade (sits there crying with sadness)

Ryn (exits the bathroom)

I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve never…

 Jade (quietly)

Me either, or it was…

Ryn (cleaning up plates)


Jade (standing face to face with Ryn)

Who is Levi?


Not sure, let’s get some sleep, we’ll figure it out later. 

Jade (picks up a towel)

I’m going for a shower

 Ryn (nods as he lays in the bed)

Jade (covers with a towel, pulling out medicine bag, holding up a needle giving himself a shot)

 (sighs heavily exiting the bathroom seeing Ryn already asleep, lays in bed next to him turning off the light.)




Ryn (wakes to the phone ringing)

Yes, this is he
Okay, I’ll be there in the afternoon,
Yes! Todd, I got it, not like I can wake the person up to take me, it’ll have to wait, his already being too nice to me.
Yea, Yea talk to you later

Jade (turns overlooking at Ryn)

Is everything Ok?

Ryn (nods)

Yea, the police found my wallet, my assistant told me to go to the station and sign for it.

 Jade (smiles, sitting up)

So, you will need a ride, right? Just let me know. Or I could lean you my car you could use it to run errands…


Ryn (holds up his hand stopping Jade from talking)

No, I don’t want to impose, what are your plans for today?

Jade (smiles turning his head)

Nothing ready I was thinking of going into town and walk on the beach.

Ryn (smiles)

See I can just tag along with you into town to get my things while you're doing what you need to do. I’m going to get some more sleep, what about you?

 Jade (notices a feather on Ryn's HEAD) (reaching over to take it off)

Ryn (Watches his hand move closer, nervous that if they touch another vision will happen)

Don’t remember!

Jade (puts his hand down)

Oh yea, well you have a feather on your head.

Ryn (brushes his head off, laying back down)


 Jade (stares at Ryn intensely, gulping, Jumps at the sound of his phone) (rushing to pick it up)

He… hello,
Mom, I’m fine I answered the phone didn’t I (plays with the blanket looking over to Ryn)
Yes! I know, Yes, I’m taking it (turns his back)
(whispering) I have a guest please, I’ll call you later.
I love you too mom
Jade (sighs heavily, shaking his head)



Ryn (stares out the window while Jade is on the PHONE) (falls asleep)

Fade Out



Jord (sitting on a park bench reading)

Levi (shouts) Hey lookout, (Jord looks up getting hit by a ball)

Levi (runs over from where he throw the ball)

Shit, are you ok?

Jord (hissing, rubbing his head)

 Jord (smiles)
I’m good, nice throw though

Levi (touches his head, checking him thoroughly) I seriously didn’t see you there,

Jord (laughs as Levi leans in closer)

Really, I’m fine, I’m Jord and you

Levi (steps back smiling)

Oh, I’m Levi, good that you’re ok

Levi holds out his hand
Jord takes it, they shake hands staring into each other’s eyes, smiling Levi tips his head downward shyly laughing.


Fade Out


Ryn (shaking Jade to wake him)

Jade, Jade wake up, Jade what is wrong?




 Jade (opens eyes, crying, quickly sitting up hugging Ryn)

Ryn (holding Jade)
Jade (cries)



 Ryn (patting his back, holding back tear)

It was a nightmare,

Jade (shakes head, pushing him back)

No, I saw them, the version from last night, but it was different this time.

Ryn (stares inaugurated and confused)

How? We didn’t touch, did we?

Jade (wipes face, looking into Ryn's Eyes)

We need to figure this out, Ryn, How can two complete strangers how this type of connection?


Ryn (nods in agreement)
  It’s weird, but I have an idea, maybe we should hold hands and see where it takes us. Let’s eat first because I know this will probably drain all our energy.
Jade (nods)

 Fades Out

Submitted: May 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Habby Grac Lee. All rights reserved.

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