The Last Scene

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

James woke up from a drowsy sleep and looked up at the screen. It was 3:23am and the woman was talking to a man in the black and white film again. James then turned his head and tried to sleep some more.

After the factory shut down without notice, James, who had been living paycheque to paycheque, had found himself in a difficult situation. if he was going to survive between the factory closing and him getting another job, a solution was required.

While job hunting, James saw a sign outside a rundown theatre that read Old Cinema Classics from Dusk to Dawn – $2. Almost immediately it occurred to James to pose as a cinephile and exchange his bed for a theatre chair. This would extend his savings just a bit further.

That night James approached the theatre. The warm glow of the lights welcomed him in, as he pushed open the heavy doors. A score of an old film surrounded him, echoing throughout the building.

James looked around.

The theatre was empty, except for a man standing at the ticket booth.

James hesitantly went up to the booth, handed him $2 and said “One please…. I love these films, I grew up on them”.

The man in the booth smiled, and handed him his ticket.

James walked into the dark theatre and grabbed a seat.

“I guess it’s just me tonight” he thought as he tried to get comfortable, closing his eyes.

James awoke and looked at his watch. It was 3:23am and a man and woman were talking on screen in what appeared to be a train station. James then turned his head and tried to sleep some more.

For 3 days James would return to the theatre, and every night, he would wake up at 3:23am, only to look up and see the same scene.

He’d toss and turn, the sticky floors weighing him down, as he sunk deeper into his chair.

On the fourth night the same events occurred, however this time something was different.

The man on the screen slightly turned his head towards the theatre. “Normally he just stared at the woman”, James thought to himself.

Although James was puzzled, he took it as a midsleep delusion, and sunk even deeper into his chair.

When James awoke and left the theatre, he felt exhausted.

“Not sure how much longer I can last living like this”.

On the fifth night James returned.

The booth being empty, James left $2 on the counter.

Dragging himself he sat in his chair and closed his heavy eyes.

Again, he woke up at 3:23am, but upon opening his eyes, he saw a reflection of himself sitting in the theatre.

Puzzled, James tried to move.

He couldn’t.

Suddenly James was face to face with the woman in the film.

His mouth repeating the same lines from the scene.

Trying to scream, James mustered all his strength.

Able only to slightly turn his head, he stared into the empty dark theatre.



Submitted: May 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jay Jay Bean. All rights reserved.

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