Very Respectfully

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


I wonder if you've gotten yet
a job you told your "friend" to get.
Your pedestal: appears it's crumbling,
and all your followers hear is grumbling;
what you've lost in mass -
though, right on par with crass,
you've gained in ego, here.
It's never been more clear.
And a lass with no class,
delivered on a dash...
Perhaps DoorDash?
Or WhoreDash -
who can really keep up
with new names and such?
Drive-bys leave me
feeling heavenly indifferent, see.
Still alive? Cheers.
Dead? Sure, I'll drink to that too.
No memories askew
Only the
truth here.
So bare your
teeth and
come at
me dear!
Don't kid yourself,
you're no wolf.
Just a cowardly bloody sheep,
who was never more cheap;
I make myself smile sometimes,
with these words that I rhyme
on a dime or in my mind.
Healing is never a waste of time.

Pen in my hand?
Consider yourself damned.
Personality exposed -
the subject's closed.
Can't charge
a nonexistent crime,
and you don't get a say,
trifling boy.
It's only a
matter of time
till you're bartering
for a new toy.
25 quid
for a priceless bid...
How despicable can you get?
Though I doubt she'll fret.
She doesn't know what she's worth,
and that's what you count on. Bet.
She's naive,
but give it time.
Silent and trapped, she;
the dance of a mime.
Fickle; I always knew.
And now
I'm done

Very Respectfully,

Submitted: May 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 LostSisterGrimm. All rights reserved.

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A lot of feeling in this, mostly of the hating kind, and justifiably too. Those last six lines - perfect!

Fri, May 8th, 2020 7:21pm

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