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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A violent passion. A dangerous bond. A nightmare that will change everything.

To Ava, love is about as real as fairytales. But it might be that fairytales, myths, and magic have some truth to them after all - as well as the monsters that lie in the shadows. Or she could just be completely out of her mind.

After a mental breakdown and a move to a new town, everything changes when Ava clashes with a stranger with eyes as black as midnight and a terrifying sinister air. Her wishes to feel something again become granted. But Ava soon learns that not only is he as cold as he is beautiful, but he brings something out of her, stronger than ever, like fuel to fire - something she's desperate to bury. He haunts her dreams and waking life, and staying away becomes harder than she could have ever imagined, risking her life, her humanity, and the people that she cares about. Not to mention the fate of the world.

She's fighting for life. He's fighting for death.
What does it take to live? What does it take to love?

Table of Contents

Eternity - Prologue - Part I

She could spend a lifetime searching, and looking for the one thing that might make her whole, that made the reason for her existence, ev... Read Chapter


PAPERS FLUTTERED INTO the wind from Ava’s bag. She managed to catch two of them quick enough, but the other — a drawing she had been ... Read Chapter


SOMETIME BETWEEN THE late of the night and the early hours of day, before the rise of the sun, Ava woke so uncomfortable to her surroundi... Read Chapter

Fire and Shadow

“ARE YOU OKAY?” DAHLILA ASKED again when Ava didn’t answer her. “I’m fine,” Ava replied sharply. She was still partly stu... Read Chapter

One Year Ago / Whispers

ONE YEAR AGO     HER MAKEUP RAN down her face like spilt ink across a stony surface, her skin an ashen, sickly gray... Read Chapter


ACHING. EVERYTHING WAS ACHING: her body, her mind, the presence of day as she slipped away from a deep dream… The sun was too bright an... Read Chapter

The Chase

A NOISE SOUNDED in the library, startling Ava. All the books dropped from her hands. It was late, and she was supposed to be alone. A... Read Chapter


AVA LOOKED UP, and he was gone. There was a loud crack of thunder, and the rain began to come down harder. The heightened smell of fresh ... Read Chapter


THE AIR WAS thick and moist. It moved through Ava with every jump and every turn. Every tiny breeze swept through her hair and body like ... Read Chapter

Part II: Roses & Thorns / Chapter 9: Dancing with Fire

Part II Every rose has its thorn.     Chapter 9 Dancing with Fire LAYTON BRUSHED HIS lips slowly over the m... Read Chapter


AVA WALKED THROUGH the door of the mezzanine. A concentrated smell hit her that ignited both repulsion and intrigue. Mixed with sweat and... Read Chapter

Vitality of Blood

THE SUN’S RAYS shined down on the earth outside, growing warmer as it rose higher in the sky. Inside Layton’s chambers, where it was ... Read Chapter

Come Back

“IS THAT YOUR painting?” someone asked Ava, snapping her out of her daydream. Her mind had been foggy all day, as though she was stil... Read Chapter

Night Sky

AVA LOOKED OVER to see Layton pulling the glass door open, damp from the cold rain, and yet he was still only wearing a t-shirt. Wet litt... Read Chapter

Don't Fear the Reaper

AVA WANTED TO tell her friends a little about her childhood, not everything, but something pivotal — told them she’d heard voices whe... Read Chapter

Sleeping with the Enemy

AVA RAN RIGHT out into the lightning and thunder looking for a space of comfort, and the rain only grew. The cold air swarmed her, nearly... Read Chapter


AVA PULLED ON a pair of pants and shirt which she’d be able to move easily in if needed and pulled on her black steel-toe boots, tying ... Read Chapter

Worlds Collide

DAHLILA LEANED BACK against the kitchen sink, folding her arms over her chest. “Coffee?” “Sure.” Ava stared off into the rose... Read Chapter

Part III: Down the Rabbit-hole / Chapter 18 Hate Me

Part III   Does a tumble down the rabbit hole mean we’ll never find our way home again? Does it mean we’ll come out ... Read Chapter

Silence Gone

LAYTON LOOKED DOWN at the red liquid spilling down his hand; it had come from her shoulder; his fingers began to shake. He heard Verina c... Read Chapter

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Chapter One is fantastic. I enjoyed reading the book.

Mon, June 21st, 2021 3:48am


Thank you so much.

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