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Astrid’s POV

Later that night after Ash is passed out I head down stairs and help Kassy plan her wedding more as we watch a movie. "So, what color of roses do you want?" She thinks for a few seconds, "I want white roses everywhere and we will need a Dj for music." I nod my head and write it down, "I will find one tomorrow. I have your food menu ready." I hand it to her and she reads it making sure everything is good, "Looks perfect!”

I looked up at her with a frown, "Sorry I wasn't able to help you get your dress today.” She rolls her eyes at me, “Don’t worry about it! All that matters is that I was able to find one that I liked.”  She picked out a beautiful white classic dress with a glitter mesh over the lower half, it puffed out a bit making her look like a true princess, “it really is a stunning dress.” She nods her head, “Yeah, it is. I was really lucky, it was the last one and it was just my size.”

We continued planning the wedding, making sure all the details were perfect. The next feeks weeks flew by and it was finally the day of her wedding and we were on our way to Lamoka Lake. I was sitting next to Kassy in the car, “Are you ready to get married today?” She is practically bouncing in her seat, “Yes! I am so excited.” 

After a couple hours we arrive at Lamoka lake and we all start to get ready. I start to put on my dress but I can’t zip it up. I look over at Arabella, “Could you help me zip up my dress please.” She nods and comes over, she tries to zip it up but it won’t budge. “Why won’t it zip? We didn’t have a problem a month ago when you tried it on.” she wonders

Arabella tries one more time with Kassys help and it finally goes up. I turn to the side and look at myself and the baby bump...why must lycans have faster pregnancies it makes hiding it harder. “I was hoping to surprise you after your wedding but look like I can’t hide it anymore.” I sigh, I look at them and they stare at me confused. I laugh at them, “Can you seriously not tell?” 

They keep staring at me and Kassy suddenly gasps, “You’re pregnant!!!” I watch as Arabella gets it and I laugh at both of them, “yes, i’m pregnant.” They both scream and hug me. Kassy pulls back and looks at me, “when did you find out?” 

“Mmm a couple weeks ago. I haven’t told Ash yet.” Arabella looks like she is thinking about something, “You should tell him now before the wedding.” I haven’t really thought about when I would tell him, I suppose now is as good a time as any, “you think so?”

I was surprised when Kassy answered, “yes! Now go find him and we will finish getting ready.” They basically push me out the door, I laugh and go to find Ash. After walking for a little bit I find him by the lake, I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his waist from behind. “Hey babe.”

He tried to turn around but I don’t let him, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be helping Kassy?” I nod, “Arabella’s got that. I need to talk to you.” He is silent for a second, “Is everything okay?” I nod again, “Yup, there is just something I need to tell you.”

I stay silent for a few seconds and finally work myself up to say, “I'm pregnant.”  I feel him stiffen and gasp and it makes me giggle, I let go and walk in front of him so he can see the little baby bump. He just stares at me not moving or even breathing for that matter.

I see Blayne walking towards us, once he gets to us he looks at Ash then to me and then back to Ash, “Uhhh is he okay?” he says with a laugh. “Yeah, just give him a minute.” I laugh. Blayne looks at me again, “what in the world did you say to him?”

Ash finally moves and focuses on me until he can hear the little heart beat, “I’ dad.” he whispers amazed. I smile, “Yes Ash.” It like a damn broke, he fell to his knees and starts crying and holding me with his head on my stomach.  I do my best to not start crying so I don’t ruin my makeup, after a minute he finally stands up and hugs me again, “I’m so happy!” 

I hug him back, “so am I.” We let go and Blayne gives us both a hug, “congrats guys, you are gonna be great parents. I don’t want to ruin the moment but the wedding is about to start and we better go.” I laugh at him and we head over to where the wedding was taking place. Before I could go with Ash, Kassy pulled me aside, and she looked a bit upset.

“What’s going on babe?” She looks at me, “I have no one to walk me down the aisle.” I never even thought of that! “I’m sure Ash would walk you down the aisle if you’d like.” She shakes her head, “would you walk me down the aisle?” she asks looking at me with big doe eyes.

I laugh a little and smile, “Of course!” She gives me a hug and then we heat the music start. I look at her and hold my arm out, "Ready?" She nods and takes my arm, "Yes, lets go."

Arabella goes up to the altar first, soon after Kassy and I  start to walk down towards the Altar. We reach Blayne and I hand her over, “better take care of her, even me being your sister won’t save you if you fuck up.” I say with a smile. I hear him give a nervous laugh as I go to stand beside her. 

 Standing at the altar they say their vows to each other which were magical, and then seal their marriage with a kiss. Everyone starts cheering and clapping for them as they walk back down the aisle.

 Later that night at the reception party.

"So, what did you think of your wedding?" I ask her as she sits next to me. "It was amazing. It couldn't have been more perfect." I smile and hug her, "Good, I'm glad." Ash comes to join us after getting us drinks,  "Where do you plan on going for your honeymoon?"

" We are going to see Niagara Falls and then go to Hawaii for a few weeks." Blayne answers. I was kinda jealous, it should be a blast for them. "That sounds like it will be great." Ash congratulated them. 

I look over and see Arabella and Nelo coming over to us. “Hey guys. We are going to head home to pack up our stuff and head out to start our traveling.” I was a bit surprised, I thought they weren’t leaving for a month or so, “already?”

Nelo nods, “we thought there wasn’t really a point in waiting since we can come back whenever you need us.” I nod, he makes a good point. Arabella walks over to me, “you better call me when that baby is ready to be born and when you learn the gender.” she warns. I laugh at her, “you know i will call you, don’t worry and have fun on your travels. I expect presents from every place you go.” She laughs and nods, “I know, I Know. We will see you guys in a few months, don’t forget to call every once in a while.” She waves and they both walk off to start their own adventure. Kassy turns her focus back on me, "So, what are your guys planning now that you are having a baby." 

"While i think it is time that we get our own house." Ash answers. Blayne turns to him, “Why don’t you stay with us. The house is plenty big enough and has a ton of land.” 

I shake my head, “we actually had an idea we wanted to discuss.” Blayne looks at me and waits for me to continue, "Right now we all have been staying at Arabella house because it is so big and has a shit ton of land.” He nods, “very true.”

 "Arabella has given Ash and I the house because she is going to be traveling for a long time.” Kassy looks a bit surprised and it makes me laugh, “ "Yeah. So Ash and I had an idea to demolish the house and build three separate houses on the property, that way we'll always be near each other but also have our privacy." 

Blayne thinks about it, "I really like that idea!” Kassy agreed with him. Ash put his hands together, "Then it's settled, we will do that. We should build our house first so we have somewhere to live with the baby." That is a very good point, "I’m assuming Kassy will be staying with Blayne while the houses are built.” 

She nods her head, "Yup, sounds like a plan." I yawn and lean against Ash. He looks down and smiles at me, “time to head home?” I nod in response causing them all the laugh, we pack up and head home.

 A week later, at Blayne’s House

 "Look at you! You're showing so much already!” Kassy squeals when she sees me. I laugh at her. "Yeah i know! I am excited. We are finally getting our lives together." She smiles at me, "I think we will have a bright and happy future."

 "You and Blayne leaving soon?" She nods, "Yeah, we want to start our honeymoon. Call us and let us know how it goes with the house."  I watch as she looks around for stuff.  "I will. We will tear it down today and thank you again for letting us stay here while we build.” She looks at me and smiles, “ Girl we are family! I’m not about to let you stay in a nasty hotel.” I laugh, “they really do suck and are alway nasty.”

Blayne walks over and wraps his arm around her waist, "You ready sweety?" She nods after double checking everything. I almost forgot to tell her something important. "Oh and one more thing." She looks at me, “what is it?”

I smile and put my hand on my stomach, “we are having a girl.” She screams and rushes over and hugs me. Ash walks outside, “I’m guessing you told her.” he says with a laugh. “Yes she did tell me! Do you have any name ideas?” Ash looks at me and I nod, "We were thinking Luna Persephone Iver." She squeals again, "I love it! Don't forget to tell Arabella." I laugh, “I know! I am going to call her after you are on your way.”

"Well we actually have to go now so we don't miss the plane. We will see you guys in a few weeks." We give final hugs and they get in the car. I wave as they start to leave, "Bye. Have fun."

 Ash and I head inside and relax, "I can't wait to see what the future has planned for us." I say as I curl up next to him. "No matter what it is, i will always be by your side." I give him a kiss, "I know you will, I love you." He smiles at me, "I love you too."




Submitted: May 04, 2021

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