The Boy Next Door (feat. Quinton Tebogo Makunyane)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

a tragic love story between two teenage neighbours

Title : The Boy Next Door (feat. Quinton Tebogo Makunyane)
By : Tumelo Mathibela
He was the sweet boy next door
Always keeping his curfew
Only had one friend
"Good morning ma'am! ",he'd greet my mother.
Then he'd court me.
I fell in love with the boy next door .

We went to college together .
He promised me a forever.
We moved in together.
"I love you ", he said.
"I love you more ",I meant it.
He proposed!
I said yes.

Our wedding day was one to remember.
He was drunk.
It was our wedding night,
when he first laid his hands on me.
Busted my lip,broke my pelvis,
and my will to live.
He even went as far as calling me barren.

Five miscarriages,
four hospital admissions,
three protection orders,
two murder attempts,
and one dead body later.
I write this from my makeshift grave in our backyard.
i was the sweet boy next door
spent all my time working towards
nothing else but perfecting myself..
i always greeted your family with love
you decided to fall in love with me
i hid all my flaws from you
promised you that I'll never leave
we moved together after high school
our love story grew more sweeter
filled with endless "I love yous"
i promised you the whole ocean
but all I ever gave you was a pond
i proposed to you and you accepted
i felt my temperature rising
i was ready to give you everything
our wedding day was one to remember
witnessed by all our friends and family
i got drunk due to the wine
i lost my mind after that..
i walked inside the room and everything
just took a turn for the worst
you asked me to stop but I couldn't
i was so frustrated, kept beating you..
i guess I wasn't sweet anymore hey..
we lost 5 of our kids
everything got too much to bare
three protection orders against me,
two more murder attempts,
then one dead body later on
i guess I lost myself again
now I'm filled with nothing but pain
as I write this from my prison cell..

Submitted: May 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Quinton Tebogo Makunyane. All rights reserved.

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