Mississippi Drunk Nights

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

a poem about how we spent a night together in the city of Mississippi sipping on alcohol

Title : Mississippi Drunk Nights
By : Quinton Tebogo Makunyane
Like the thunder that strikes at dawn
With no room for pitiful memories
What we used to do as the rain showers
Still precious memories to my heart
Stuck in a hotel room sipping on
A few alcohol beverages, hugs and kisses...
Back in that hotel in the centre of Mississippi
We held hands and exchanged vows to each other
You made me feel like I was nothing, made me believe that I was difficult to love and like a fool I kept trying to be enough.. Uncontrollable I know..
Lifting a feather, now where my mind goes
The unfortunate stance,
Upon I must prance,
Is something I ponder in every which way
We can hold each other forever and kiss as the Sun sets.. Mississippi Drunk Nights with you..
I want to know what horrible ghosts haunts us,
That manifest themselves as old thorn flesh
And ruptured veins and hard seems
Festering like open wounds beneath our
Decomposing epidermis.. Mississippi Drunk Nights..
I couldn't let my past define who I am
Nothing that happened can be changed
So instead of wallowing in what could've been
I have decided to live for what we could be..
I won't lie but I'm feeling a bit tipsy
Your hands keep skimming all over my body..
Paired with your conditioned polite
And charming personality, I knew
I had reached my weakest point
Mississippi Drunk Nights with you..

Submitted: May 08, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Quinton Tebogo Makunyane. All rights reserved.

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