Old Fool

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Virginia Worthington was attending to an urgent matter. Rushing towards the train station, she held her briefcase close to her chest. In it she held the one materialistic thing her mother Petunia had valued most in her life before she passed it on to Virginia herself. Now came the time she too wanted to part ways with it and give it to her beloved niece Beatrice. The heirloom had been in the family for years and it was said that it was gifted from Queen Victoria herself.

They wanted Virginia to go with her brother Arnold. It was hardly necessary, she could manage her affairs herself. “They think I'm an old fool,”she thought.

The family thought her stubborn. She heard them say it many of times. But Virginia was sharp and fast. All her life she had been independent, she could mend the barn fence herself and no one talked when she retired early. No one said a word back then.

Caught up in her mind, she bumped into a man head on. Her briefcase falling on the floor along with herself.

“Goodness me! I am so sorry madam, allow me please,” said a man in a voice as smooth as her most expensive whiskey.

In one hand he grabbed her case and in the other he pulled her up. Only now was she able to get a proper look at this stranger. He was dressed smartly in pressed slacks, a bowler hat, and had an upright authoritative posture.

“George Flounders” he reached out his hand.

“Virginia Worthington” she exchanged .

“How can I be of any help to such a proper lady as yourself?” he asked.

Virginia felt her cheeks redden. “Well...I suppose you could help me find my train,” she announced as she showed him the ticket.

“Why certainly!” he exclaimed. “As a matter of fact... I'm going there myself”.

“Ah well, how convenient,” she acknowledged in a tone of voice she didn't often exchange with strangers.

When they reached the train platform, he helped her up on the train steps, following suit. Once they found her seat, he turned to her.

“Excuse me dear, I must go to the gentleman's room” he pronounced.

“Off course,”she nodded.

The train started and she waited for him to come. But then ten minutes had passed, and then fifteen, twenty. By this time she had long since realized that she did not have her briefcase with her. When the train conductor came by she asked him to check the toilet room and check for a George Flounders.

A while later the conductor came by again to her seat.

“I 'm sorry mam, I checked the toilet no one was there. I looked for a Mr. George Flounders no one on the train like that mam, are you sure you have the right train?”

She felt her face grow hot and her palms moist. “Old fool”she thought to herself.



Submitted: May 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Gabby12345. All rights reserved.

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