Best Friends Jonathan and Jennifer

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Life-long friendship between two siblings. The younger sibling (the sister) helps her brother throughout their entire childhood years. And the brother finally gets his chance to repay her kindness by saving her (and himself) during a deadly snowstorm.

Table of Contents

Childhood Years

Best Friends Jonathan and Jennifer Third Edition By Hong, Seung Geel © 2020 by Hong, Seung Geel ... Read Chapter

After Graduation

Chapter 2:  After Graduation 2a. Jenny Two weeks before graduation, Jenny applied for work at the Zimmerville State Bank, wh... Read Chapter

In the Hospital

Chapter 3:  In the Hospital When Jonny awoke in the hospital, his head was throbbing with every heartbeat, and his stomach was q... Read Chapter

Jonny's First Job Rejection

Chapter 4:  Jonny’s First Job Rejection When Jonny awoke at 5 o’clock on Monday morning, he felt somewhat refreshed, and he ... Read Chapter

Jenny's Romance

Chapter 5:  Jenny’s Romance While Jonny was having difficult time staying employed, his sister Jenny was enjoying a successful... Read Chapter

Jonny Employed Again

Chapter 6:  Jonny Employed Again (Continued from Chapter 4) Two hours after returning from the construction company, Jonny p... Read Chapter

Jon and Sandy's First Date

Chapter 7:  Jon and Sandy’s First Date After being contacted by Black-Shaw Assembly, Jon’s confidence returned immediately, ... Read Chapter

Jon and Jenny's Bond

Chapter 8:  Jon and Jenny’s Bond On returning home from his date, Jon turned on the television to watch the latter part of the... Read Chapter

Sandy’s First “Paying” Job

Chapter 9:  Sandy’s First “Paying” Job About a week after Jon began his new job, Hamill Manufacturing Company, a maker of ... Read Chapter

Jon and Sandy as Friends

Chapter 10:  Jon and Sandy as Friends Ten days after Sandy began working at Hamill’s, she and Jon made a date to celebrate her... Read Chapter

: Sandy at Work

Chapter 11:  Sandy at Work (Continued from chapter 9) After working at Hamill Manufacturing Company for 3 months, Sandy felt... Read Chapter

Sandy’s Dinner-Date

Chapter 12:  Sandy’s Dinner-Date On the 2nd morning after the Hamill workers’ gathering at Briscoe’s, Tim approached Sandy... Read Chapter

Jon at Work

Chapter 13:  Jon at Work (Continued from Chapter 6) Black-Shaw Assembly was a “sub-assembly” plant that assembled small ... Read Chapter

Jenny the Contriver

Chapter 14:  Jenny the Contriver In the fall of 1972, Jenny heard a rumor that one of the tellers at the west-branch would be le... Read Chapter

Jon’s Second Handicap

Chapter 15:  Jon’s Second Handicap Two weeks before Christmas of 1975, after Jon had worked nearly 3 years at Howard Furniture... Read Chapter

Sandy’s Decision

Chapter 16:  Sandy’s Decision As Jon was experiencing health and employment difficulties, his relationship with Sandy suffered... Read Chapter

Winter Drive to Halo

Chapter 17:  Winter Drive to Halo At 10 o’clock on the first Saturday of March 1977, Jenny telephoned her brother Jon to see i... Read Chapter

The Snowstorm

Chapter 18:  The Snowstorm As Jon and Jenny began their return-trip to Zimmerville, they wondered just how much worse the weathe... Read Chapter

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