My Imaginary Hiking

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A trip to my 1st imaginary hiking.

Taking a break to endure thousands of heartbreak, 
Carrying my backpack with the checklist, 
So, here I am walking and walking.
For the first time, with an objective but no plans,
Alone I am here to feel the essence of nature.
Appreciating this, appreciating that I walk through
I look at yellow Himalayan Flax on the roadside.
For I've never seen a plain flower shine so brightly, 
Crossing a valley, by stomping on the stones with the fear that I might never be able to make it if I fall
So, taking deep breathes in the mid of the valley, I'm moving ahead. 
I can see the mountains up there.
I can see my dream up there.
Calling my name, screaming my name, 
Walking ahead, admiring the running sky
Like we are competing with each other, 
For I'm sure loosing to you wouldn't be as good as winning against you.
The pretty shades of sky are changing its shade slowly.
For I can name every color I see there.
Using equipments, going a bit down, 
Because tomorrow I'll start new, 
Opening tent, lighting fire, lying down to look at the sky full of stars, 
Wondering what difference would it make if I steal one from millions.
So, this is how it feels to live a dream.
This moment, this place, 
Everything here is so satisfying that I can feel my heart smiling, 
So, closing my eyes because my dream lies ahead, 
For tomorrow I've to start fresh. 
Opening eyes to chirping birds, 
For I've never heard them sing so beautifully.
Coming out to watch a perfect sunrise, 
I feel I can catch the sun if I chase it.
Yawning big, eating snacks, I walk ahead, 
These wild primroses, these rivers, these mountains, 
Its like they are welcoming me and cheering me
So, I smile away my cold hands and shaking legs.
Resting a bit to tell the running air that I can and I will make it to my destination. 
I stand up and I start walking.
I walk and I walk.
Now, here I am at the top.
So, this is how it feels;
To talk to nature, 
To look at the world, 
To live what we love, 
To know what peace is, 
To see where the earth ends, 
Because right here in this moment I am neither on land nor in sky, 
This is what it is; life.

Submitted: May 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Nafisa Hasan. All rights reserved.

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