On Rewind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cover image: pixabay.com.

On Rewind

I’ve got to be honest here and tell you that I’m not a good driver. Hell, I haven’t even got a Driver Permit. I do, however, know enough to get a car moving, and right at this moment that was all that really mattered.

Carrie knew all about my lack of driving skills but she still climbed into the car and buckled up. “Can you see anything yet?” I asked her as I let the engine roar.

The handbrake – that was what was holding us back. As I released it, the wheels spun on the leaves and gravel before the car suddenly shot forward.

“No... Nothing,” she said. “But you heard it too, didn’t you?”

I’d have loved to say yes, for hearing something was better than feeling it. The sensation was as undeniable as sound. Something very malevolent was trying to creep up on us and judging by the increasing prickles that were running down my spine, it was doing an excellent job.

I didn’t stop to think about our parents. Neither of us did. Perhaps Carrie shared my thoughts that it was too late for them. If our parents were out there, the thing, whatever it was, had already got them.

With my foot pressed flat to the floor we were moving so fast I had to struggle to keep any kind of control. I steered one way then the other as trees loomed up on either side of us, barely missing collisions so many times.

“What about now?” I shouted. “Can you see anything?”

“No, nothing!”

I took a chance and lifted my eyes to the mirror. There was nothing, Carrie was right. Or was there? The area behind us seemed unnaturally black, making me think of some kind of gaping void. Was there some kind of supermassive black hole in pursuit of us? It was a scientific impossibility, wasn’t it? I still couldn’t shake that feeling though.

“Look out!” Carries scream breaks through my thoughts and my eyes jerk forwards. There, right in front of us, is a gaping chasm; so huge it is going to suck us straight down. There’s no time to think what I’m doing. I slam my foot hard on the brake, making the engine stall and the rear slide forwards as the vehicle goes into a skid. It stops moving as it comes to rest aganist the bough of a tree.

“It’s... it’s gaining on us,” Carrie is white-faced. So she can now see the blackness too.

There’s a void coming up behind us at a rapid pace and there’s a chasm in front. What are we going to do? No, scrap that thought: what CAN we do? If only there was some way that we could make time go backwards...

And then the strangest thing begins to happen. The car begins to move, even though my feet are now off the pedals. We are travelling backwards, following the exact path our wheels had made going forwards. I braced myself for the moment of oblivion, when we were swallowed up by the black but it didn’t happen. That darkness, whatever it was, was receding as well.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that we had been caught on film and that after the forward race it was now spooling backwards. The reverse did not stop until I and my sister were standing outside the car.

I remembered everything though; the blackness, the chasm, the lack of escape. It was like we were being given a second chance. I knew the car would lead us to nothing more than a dead end so instead I grabbed Carrie by the arm and headed off through the trees to the left. My sister has never been much of a runner so I kept a grip on her arm. We both knew what was coming for us, and it was only desperation that kept us moving. After all, if we hadn’t been able to outrun it in a car, what hope did we have on foot?

We had to keep going. There was no other choice.

“Keep an eye open for Mom and Dad,” I managed to gasp out as the ground began to slope upwards. Of the track the ground was overgrown and this forced us to slow our pace.

“Can you see it?” Carrie asked. “I’m too scared to look.”

I chanced a quick glance over my shoulder, stumbling as I did so. There was no sign of the inky blackness that had pursued us in the car. As far as I could tell it wasn’t there. But my scalp and spine still tingled; we were far from being safe.

Suddenly the trail forked in front of us. Which way should we go? The right one could possibly lead us back towards the chasm, I guessed, so we’d be better off taking the left.

“Come on,” I said, and pulled Carrie behind me. She was starting to slow, to tire, but we couldn’t give in, not after somehow being given a second chance to make an escape.

The slope became steadily steeper and that left us with no choice but to slow down. I took a look over my shoulder but there was nothing. It made no sense, not unless it had been the noise of the car that had attracted it,

Could that really be the answer? Every nerve in my body screamed, ‘no’. We were not safe, I could sense the threat getting nearer, even though I could not see it. We had recovered a bit and it was now time to start running again.

Instead of going backwards now, time seemed to slow. No matter how much effort we put into getting up that hill, our progress up the slope seemed pitiful. We pushed on. Carrie was crying beside me and my own muscles were screaming in agony.

And then we reached the top. With the sudden loss of slope our running speed picked up and the momentum sent us surging forwards. The blackness was there, laying in wait. It had outmanoeuvred us by simply staying in place.


Submitted: May 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

Spooky driving tale, Hull!

Sat, May 9th, 2020 6:52pm


Thanks for reading, Mike.

Sat, May 9th, 2020 12:09pm

Vance Currie

Since you wrote this in the first person, Hully, I have to assume that the narrator survived to tell the tale. I'm always looking for a happy ending.

Sat, May 9th, 2020 10:55pm


Thanks, Joe.

Sun, May 10th, 2020 4:47am

Sue Harris

I was hoping for a happy family reunion, but you reneged at the last moment!
As always, a riveting read expertly written.

Sun, May 10th, 2020 8:09pm


Thanks so much, Sue. I'm having a total crisis of confidence.

Mon, May 11th, 2020 11:58am

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