A lover from another world

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

He fell for a girl who was already dead..


How would you feel if someone you love was no more ? It is said love never dies only bodies do. The connection , the vibes , the memories always live inside us forever. But ….. What if you never had a chance of making memories with your lover ? What if you never had a chance of meeting the person while alive ? There is a strong desire to connect with the lover but how ? You don’t know her and she is no more .

Brain : “ Neil i know you are very fond of this guy Aran but sorry to tell you , he is Psycho.”

Neil : “ He is just a lover and an artist .”

Brain : “ He is just obsessed with her pic . You a great photographer , people can’t help falling for your captures. “

Neil : “ But Aran is kinda different . He really has fallen in love with her.”

Brain : “ not for very long . A guy falling for a dead girl only gives you creeps. Won’t work .”


 Aran : “ it will , just a matter of time , you will come to me .. hold my hand and tell me that you were wrong .. you were wrong to push me away,, and it will happen soon .

” Director : “ And cut . good shot Aran .”

Aran : “ thanks sir, i'm trying to get into the character as much as I can.”

Director : “ i'm sending this audition reel to the makers , its come out just the way its wanted . what were you thinking ? ( Laughs n curious )

Aran recollects the moment he had seen her pic at Neil’s studio . She was just mesmerising . Her eyes , were staring at Aran as if after years of praying it was answered. She was seated on a chair holding an elegant pose and they both looked at each other without a blink. Every time Aran visited Neil’s studio he couldn’t help himself getting drawn towards her photograph. There were many other photos but hers was the most unusual to Aran . . Her face was like a painting made with a brush dipped in rose oil. Her innocence and striking features wouldn’t leave him alone. And one day he had to ask Neil about her. 

Aran : “ you have got some great stills in your studio Neil. I just happened to notice one today.. its kinda interestingly shot.” ( he was trying to sound casual )

Neil : “ you have been noticing her since a month. ( smiles ) Photographers notice micro details you know . “

Aran : Shyingly “ was thinking if I could get to know something more about her .”

Neil : “ Her name was Roohfeen , she was I guess somewhere from Asia, I had clicked her 5 years ago. Sorry to tell you but she died in a plane crash that same year , that’s all I have for you.”

Aran that instant went blank. He had nothing more to ask or say. The beginning of a story directly jumped to the end. He was struggling hard in the acting world. Everyday long hours of auditions were draining him out. He would go home at night , keep thinking of her face till he fell asleep. It wasn’t hard for him to attract any girl , dashingly raw and handsome , his heart was kind and filled with emotions. He knew what his goals were , determined to reach there and yet at times he would find himself clueless. Roohfeen’s face was not ready to leave his mind .. or his mind was not ready to let go of her .. He was already in love with her.

 Phone rings

girl : “ Hello Aran ?”

Aran : Yea

Girl : “ i'm calling from the silver lining productions, the makers have liked your footage .. your in . We will be filming with you soon “ .

Aran :” Oo thanks a lot for the call .. looking forward to working with you guys.”

Aran couldn’t believe , he was going to work with a well reputed filmmaker. This was his chance and he couldn’t wait.

 Next day he rushes to Neil to break him the news. Neil and Brain were working in the studio. They were happy and excited for Aran , he was a hard working talented guy who deserved this break.

Neil :” hey boy u got it . i'm thrilled to hear this , congrats “.

Aran thanks Neil who gets back inside his studio to work. While Aran prepares to leave..

A Voice : “ Good luck Aran “.

Aran quickly turns around to find no one . He then looks at Roohfeen’s picture . She is staring at him like always.

Aran : “ did you just call out to me ? “ ( shocked )

He was in total shock . who was it ? Its just a girl in a picture . it couldn’t be.

Aran : “ I heard your voice .. it was you wasn’t it “?

Roohfeen’s eyes only kept glancing at him holding still.

Aran : “ This is weird.. I don’t hear voices . I know it was you . You can talk to me . “

Her picture held her silence. No response. Neil comes back outside finding Aran there.

Neil : “ hey what's wrong ? “

Aran : “ oo nothing .. I just felt I heard a voice wishing me luck .”

Neil : “ Photographs don’t talk to real people .” ( smiles )

Aran : “ maybe real people are not able to hear them .” ( smiles back )

A few months later , Aran finishes the film . It turns out to be a big success. He is a star overnight with people all around congratulating him. A little girl walks up to him as his fan and wants to click a picture with him. Aran happily agrees, greets her and asks her name.. she says “ i'm Roohfeen “ . Aran sometimes looks at the picture with his little fan and smiles .

Submitted: May 09, 2020

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